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Cuba Offers Free Eye Surgery For Poor In U.S.

Let's see if Bush lives up to his (empty)promise "to do
everything I can do to help and protect the American people."
Castro offers free eye care for poor in America.

The president of Cuba, Fidel Castro has made an offer of free eye surgery
to poor people in America, and he has asked the Bush administration to
allow them to fly to Cuba.
Cuba's doctors and medical personnel are considered among the best
around the world, and their hospitals have all of the necessary equipment.

"We will send an airplane to Florida to pick the people up," Fidel said, "and
Cuba will pay the costs of the flights, accommodations, and the surgeries."
During a national address on Jan. 22/06, Castro made the offer to the
American public, and he also criticized U.S. government policies concerning
Cuba. "Refusal by the U.S. government to allow people to travel to Cuba
for treatment will condemn them to permanent blindness," Castro said.
A protest march was held outside the U.S. Embassy in Havana on Jan. 24.

U.S. government sanctions against Cuba makes it illegal for most Americans
to travel to the island nation. Fidel Castro asked the Bush administration to
allow Americans to fly to Cuba, but this will be very unlikely as the U.S.
government's irrational attitude toward Cuba is worsening rapidly.

Cuba has already provided free eye surgery, and other medical care to
the indigent people of Venezuela.

Earlier, the U.S. government refused an offer by Venezuela to provide
less expensive heating fuel to indigent Americans.

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