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Sold Out Peak Oil Lecture Webcast

Hundreds were turned away from this lecture and now it will be webcasted on KLCC.
Below is an announcement for an upcoming webcast of Richard Heinberg's recent lecture in Eugene. A capacity crowd of 600 people attended and several hundred were turned away. Peak Oil is becoming an unavoidable topic even for the really jaded. There is a lot of hype and a lot of discrediting swirling around the topic.

My recommendation is to get as much information from as many sources as possible. The first part of this lecture is a factual presentation of information that can't be easily refuted. The second portion gets into opinion about what it all means and what we should be doing about it. In this area there is some contention but the facts remain and there is no questioning that all things we know about transportation, globalism vs regionalism and the american way of life are due for a fairly drastic change.

Here's the announcement:

Subject: Richard Heinberg "Peak Oil" webcast on KLCC-FM's "Sunday at Noon"

Also broadcast at the same time, noon, Sunday on KLCC.

This program can be accessed live as it's broadcasted, at
 http://www.klcc.org/listen/listen.html. If you were not there for his
presentation on Peak Oil(we turned several hundred away) a DVD
recording will be available by early February. For more on the DVD,
please visit:  http://www.postcarbon.org/group/eugene

Check it out if you have an interest and opportunity,