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"Ground Zero" and "Oustide the Box" Radio Online Presentations

Ground Zero Radio may not be on Commercial Talk Radio in Portland, but it's spirit lives on through a Florida online radio Network.
Omnisound Radio One, an online radio network of Miami Florida is now generating a mountain of interest in Portland based Radio and television talk shows. Ground Zero Radio hosted by Portland Talk show host Clyde Lewis is gaining momentum online and was featured in the September issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. The program was taken from the Portland air in April of 2005 when Entercom communications pulled the plug on the independent show. Ground Zero Radio, a nationally recognized show that reports stories that are considered to be fringe also was featured on the Penn and Teller show BULLSH*T just prior to going dark in Portland. Ground Zero Host Clyde Lewis moved his talk and his rants to Public Access television and has appeared on "Mad As Hell TV" with Courtney Scott and "Outside the Box" with Alex Ansary. Omnisound Radio's founder Jeff Byrd has now included the audio from these Portland based shows on his network and has also included a radio version of Ansary's "Outside the Box" for regular broadcast.

The response to these shows has been overwhelming and people all over the world have enjoyed listening to a new way of delivering compelling stories about a government run amok, and its new parapolitical action in the United States.

Omnisound Radio invites listeners to go their website  http://www.omnisoundradioone.net and listen to the shows that are being offered online. They are also looking for other shows for consideration for their line up. Online radio is growing and Omnisound believes that they are at least breaking new ground with compelling and enetertaining radio shows on the net.

homepage: homepage: http://omnisound.mypodcasts.net/index.php?cat=GroundZeroQuicktakes