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Elk Hunt Cancelled!

Community in action...elk hunt has been cancelled.
After we wrote to the Port of Portland, we got this email...just a few minutes ago......

Thank you for your interest in the Port of Tillamook Bay. The hunt was cancelled yesterday.

Port of Tillamook Bay



Keep the calls and letters going, and keep an eye on them!
Celebrate Victory 26.Jan.2006 13:35

Concerned Citizen

Hello All,

Thank you so much for coming together and saving the lives of the Tillamook Elk herd. I will keep an ear close to the ground to see what futher plans the Port has regarding the Elk population.

This was truly a time when a small group of people came together and changed the world. (This is a butchered quote from Eleanor Roosevelt).

Thank you.

Sleep well tonight knowing that you were a part of this.

Concerned Citizen

congratulations 26.Jan.2006 14:48

celebrate yer victories wherever you can dig them up

This might make a good feature if it were written up comprehensively and concisely. Unfortunately, the three or so posts on the wire are in a conversational format with a bit of info here and a bit of info there and a link to a corporate source. I might do more research myself but frankly today I don't have time.

thank god 26.Jan.2006 17:39


im so glad to hear this. although it was only postponed, its still great those elk get to live at least a little longer!