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The Sad State of Politics in America

The vast majority of Americans don't care about politics. And most of the rest don't feel like they can do anything about it.
A typical day in the life of an American does not include time or energy for politics or activism. When they get off work, all an American wants to do is unwind, usually in front of the television. Is there any serious political discussion, news analysis, or activist media on TV? No. Things simply aren't going to change in this country until people's money, health, or safety are threatened. People are just too comfortable in the US right now for any major leftist politics to have hold. Anyway, I've given up.
tired of apathy 27.Jan.2006 13:07


I can totally relate to the way the author of this piece feels. It's disheartening the level of apathy which exists in our society. The average person can't get any 'real' information on the crisis our nation is in because they mostly rely on MSM sources; 'The Boregonian' & crap infotainment so-called news. It really does seem like we're fighting a losing battle. Is there even any hope????????