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Stop the Elk Slaughter

The senseless slaughter of Elk to enable the meat murdering cattle farmers to have unfettered access to our coastal forests and fields must be stopped, and here is how to do it:
Letters to the paper ( jhapp@orcoastnews.com) and to any other papers, to the chamber, to the cheese factory, letting them know how you will boycott their area, and their products (as if you are not already doing so)will go a long way toward stopping this insanity now! Must react quickly, as the publicity allowed no time for public input. Make certain that you make them aware of just how much you will not patronize them. Do it now! The original article in the coastal news will follow.

BOYCOTT all of Tillamook if this is not stopped 26.Jan.2006 08:44

Friends of the Elk

Friends of the Elk is orgaizing a boycott of all Tillamook businesses unless the hunt is STOPPED. PLEASE help. Don't expect others to do it, because they won't. If you love animals, please take the time to do this with me.

PLEASE take a few moments to make some telephone calls to Tillamook businesses and public officials, and let them know that you will support a boycott of Tillamook if the hunt goes forward. Let them know you will do everything in your power to ensure that people do not buy Tillamook cheese, gas, motels, groceries, or anything else in/from that city if this hunt is allowed.

Please start by calling the Tillamook cheese factory, and ask them to be an ally and not an enemy. Let them know that we will not be buying their cheese, milk, cream, or anything else unless they speak out now for the elk. I actually like them, since they stopped with the rBGH. But they have a very powerful voice in the community, and can make a difference. If they choose not to make that difference, then they will be my enemies. Their number is:


You can also email them by going to their website, found here:


Finally, please take some time to find other contact numbers for Tillamook businesses and public officials, and post them here. We will do the same.

Here are a couple more:

Port of Tillamook (iin whose name this hunt is apparently taking place): (503) 842-2413, email them at:  info@potb.org

Tillamook Air Museum (right next to the property where the elk graze): (503) 842-1130 email:  info@tillamookair.com

Please call and email both, as both have an impact.

Great Idea 26.Jan.2006 09:09


Let them know, by whatever means, that we will boycott them and their products if they allow this killing field to happen. Share any links or phone numbers here, so we can all spread the word. Time is essential, as the killing is due to begin this weekend. Call your friends, call your enemies, get on it!

Chamber of Commerce 26.Jan.2006 09:18


The Chamber's web page is pretty slow, but here is their email addy for all to notify of the intent to boycott: