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Notes on a two party System

Looking at funding sources and significant staff of the neo-liberal groups that currently control democratic party policy to demonstrated a clear connection with the neoconservative movement to expose the reality that the US has no opposition party.
Notes on a two party system. " Has Karl Rove taken over the Democratic Leadership Council? I can't think of another explanation for the centrist clique's destructive guerrilla war against fellow Democrats. Tuesday's New York Times outlines the latest assault: a DLC conference this week devoted to blasting the party's presidential hopefuls for their "far left" critique of President Bush's budget-busting tax cuts and his dishonesty in leading the nation into war. If hitting Bush on those blunders really makes Democrats unelectable, the nation is in worse trouble than the DLC thinks." Joan Walsh writing for Salon.com in July of 2003 Back in the late 50's and early 60's Harry and his brother Lunde, would invite Robert Walsh, founder of the John Birch society to come speak at the sales meeting of their Allen-Bradley elctronics company. Harry would help distribute the birchies red scare literature that attacked the civil rights movement as a communist plot. Harry was one of the first funders of the grass roots machine red scare, he supported Fred Schwarz, founder of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade a group that today cooperates with the brutally represive Salvadoran military. Allen-Bradley was one of the last major employers in Milwaukee to racial integrate, forced to do so by public and legal pressure and for 48 years paid women less until a judge ruled against them in 1966. In 1948 Harry and Lynde formed the Lynde and Harry Bradly foundation, funding a broad spectrum of philantropic interests locally, but also right wing groups like Morality in Media. The fund would grow to being the nations largest right wing funding source. Funding the National Association of Scholars The foundation played a major role in the successful 1996 anti-affirmative action referendum campaign. In 96 the Bradly foundation also started funding the Progressive Foundation inc., which in 1999 changed it's name to the Third Way foundation, whose chairman Al From also founded the Democratic Leadership Council. In 2000, through the Third Way foundation The Bradly foundation began funding the Progressive Policy institute, President Clinton neo-liberal idea mill, which shares office space with the DLC and whose president Will Marshall is editor of Blueprint, the DLC's official publication. Mr Marshall has also signed statements produced by PPI "rival" think tank the neo-concervative Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and sit's on two PNAC related committee's including the US committee on NATO whose website proclaims itself "the e-gateway for supporters of further NATO enlargement ". The Democratic Leadership Council program is reflected in government by the Senate (20 members) and house (40) New Democratic Coalitions making it the single largest block within the democratic party. The DLC is and has supported the war in Iraq as put for in Mr Marshall 2004 article in Blueprint "Stay and Win in Iraq" which critised the Bushh administration for not going far enough with the war. Marshall Wittmann, formerly of the Hudson institute a think tank created to promote the concept that a thermonuclear war was winnable, has written extensively in support of George Bush's unconstitutional use of wire taps since being a senoir fellow at the Progressive Policy institute. Another senoir fellow to note is Fred Siegel, who now helps shape democractic policies around urban issues, was once a campaign advisor to New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani whose harsh policies toward the homeless included driving the poor from shelters on freasing cold nights. I think Joan Walsh may have been closer to the truth than she imagined in asking who controls the DLC. sources progressive policy institutes http://www.ppionline.org/ source watch http://www.sourcewatch.org media transparency http://www.mediatransparency.org/ Elizabeth Parenti Soba

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God bless the exceptions 26.Jan.2006 12:08

g.d. dem

There are progressive Democrats -- even a few old-style populists -- who are opposed to and by the DLC. Similarly, there are maverick (meaning patriotic) Republicans who are opposed to and by the BushCo/Rove political money machine.

The exceptions are far too few -- so for that very reason, we should treasure and support them.

For the complicity of corporate media, see article by Patrick Martin on recent Al Gore speech -


Also my comment at that article, outlining the causes of the shameless complicity of corporate media in the DLC/RNC take-over of the U.S.A. public mind.

Good article and links by Elizabeth Parenti Soba