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March Destinations for JAN 31 Released

East Side Marchers -- Lucky Labrador Brew Pub 915 SE Hawthorne West Side Marchers -- Kell's Irish Restaurant 112 SW 2nd AVE
At 7PM, Northwest and Southwest marchers will converge for food, beer, and community building at Kell's Irish Restaurant & Pub at 112 SW Second AVE. Those marching in the Northwest will have a bit more to go than those in Southwest, but this location is close in, and right near the MAX. Bring the kids, they are welcome until 9PM! There is plenty of space, and at 9PM they have Irish music.

At 7PM, Northeast and Southeast marchers will converge for food, beer, and community building at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub at 915 SE Hawthorne. Those marching in the Northeast will have a bit more to go, but this location is close in, and right near three major bus lines (check the schedules). Also, a quick trip on the 70 Line will take you to the Lloyd Center Max Station. Bring the kids, they are welcome until 9PM! There is plenty of space, and the back patio has space heaters as well.

homepage: homepage: http://www.ecotv.org
phone: phone: (206) 666 - BUSH

what? 26.Jan.2006 00:29


so the anti-bush protest is actually happy hour? am i missing something?

i don't get it. and i won't be doing the social scene at a bar.

please tell me i am missing something...

legal protest? 26.Jan.2006 09:54


if not- expect a higher degree of repression than ever before.

Is this a joke? 26.Jan.2006 14:08


Let me see if I have this straight. First we enjoy our purchased free speech in the square. What is the going rate these days anyway? 15 min. for $50? I have always wanted to know what the price tag was for inviting cops to rallies. Anyway, after that we march to one of two resterant/pubs to consume food and beverages (poor folks can stand outside by the space heaters and watch) and bask in the glory of our conformity or reformity. We then drink alcohol until we have to send the kiddies home at 9:00. Topics of discussion from 7:30 to 9pm could range from: 1. How to deal with our ineffectiveness 2. Thank god I'm not a radical that has to stay on the front lines while we lounge at the pub 3. Police deserve our support because they have always been on the side of the workers 4. What Starbucks to meet at for the next organizational meeting


Armchair Dissent? 26.Jan.2006 14:32

Portland Can't Wait portland@worldcantwait.org

For those of you who have been following the progression of the planning of this event, you will have noticed that the focus has not been on attending or being entertained at this event as if this was a show. The focus all along has been on building an event in your neighborhood and your community. Having a block party, or a neighborhood open mic where you declare the State of Your Community in solidarity with other Portland communities simultaneously. A positive event to replace Bush's address full of the very things tearing our communities apart. Participatory Community, like what those who built Ghost Town are working towards.

This event is about two things:

1.) Taking the focus off of Bush's address, and onto the people in the community who are being affected by his policies. Standing in solidarity with your brothers and sisters across all political, social, and economic spectrums to resist the Bush regime, and to speak out against his use of the State of the Union address to trivialize the domestic problems he is creating and turning his back on by pushing the radical neocon agenda. Speaking to what we would like to see in the future, and what we are committing to each other that we will work toward together.

2.) Building community. By organizign a neighborhood event, you will connect with those who share similar, and even dissenting views in your neighborhood. The political dialogue will come out from behind closed doors, and out into the democratic arena of public discourse. Sharing in the march together in your neighborhood will be fun! Banging pots, pans, drums all together might just bring you closer together.

You should feel no pressure to purchase or consume anything, and if you do choose to, Lucky Lab has very cheap and good curry and rice. This talk of Starbucks is totally missing the point of choosing businesses that do not have more than 3 locations.

The idea of this is to not have a standoff between police and protestors, since that will not accomplish anything. The idea of this is to have an event with a clear message that ends on a positive celebratory note, with a focus on planning for the future.

I welcome ideas. We are meeting at Laughing Horse Books tonight at 7PM.

(206) 666 - BUSH

Keep your eye on the prize 26.Jan.2006 14:37

Portland Can't Wait portland@worldcantwait.org

The "Main Attraction" is the march through the neighborhoods, which will originate from Pioneer Square into the four quadrants of Portland, where marches happening in neighborhoods are likely to meet up with marches from Pioneer Square. The fact that it ends with people eating dinner together is just icing on the cake. If I had more volunteer help, the idea was to end at community centers and churches, and share donated food. Without enough help to procure the donations, we went with the next best thing, which was meeting at local establishments.

(206) 666 - BUSH

this is exactly why Fascism is winning 27.Jan.2006 05:35


Doyou even understand that the people of Ukraine stood in the fuckin cold in November 2004 with their kids and not at fuckin warm restaraunts to protest the stolen elections. Fucked up lazy stupid spoilt consumers. Oh would you pass the cappiccino? Maybe you pseudo-protestors should call up someone who survived the Nazi death camps and asked them if the Nazis had just sat down over beer things would be just right.

a message brought to you by the Lucky Labrador and Kell's Irish Pub 27.Jan.2006 05:58

beer drinker

Please remember do not drink and drive.
I feel like protesting now
I feel like protesting now
Ahhh, Duft beer
Ahhh, Duft beer
After a long day at work we deserve our beer
After a long day at work we deserve our beer

thanks, emo kids! 27.Jan.2006 07:53

Portland Can't Wait

Dinner is not part of the event. It's where the event officially ends. Feel free to offer alternatives... although that might put a crack in your negative mudslinging campaign.

come-on now 27.Jan.2006 11:39


why would you attack the people that are making your march happen? Calling the protestors emo kids and negative just because they don't agree with lounging at a restaurant and drinking all of the problems in this world away? I say that at 7:30, everyone meets at Kells, only to get up and keep marching. Those who think they are making a political statement by talking about issues to people that already agree with them can stay. After Nov. 2nd, the entire World can't wait campaign has been really sketchy in my mind. I always thought they were just unorganized, but after insulting the people that are fighting alongside them, I now think that they are an insecure group of people wanting to stand out that can't take criticism. Sure, I'll march until 7:30, but if it's on everybody's agenda to sit around doing nothing after that, then I have better things to do. Hopefully I can meet some peole willing to stay out past then and actually make their voices heard.

Resist or Die Dude 27.Jan.2006 20:01


Seriously it's really quite sad. I wouldn't have such a problem with you oogle's if you didn't just blindly follow some RCP membership campaign.

STOP CALL FOR A PROTEST WHEN IT'S NOT EVEN A PROTEST...seriously this is pissing me off more than anything right now. Well not really since we got people facing massive prison sentences in Eugene, War still on, Supreme Court being taken over, and etc. Great to see you liberals are on the job....ARGH!!!

World Can't Wait Idea of Protest:
Dude, I'm having a dinner party...well shit let's call for a massive protest against Bush with nothing to back it up and trick everybody into drinking beer with us.