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City's Hired Gun

Another great surprise. In the D.A.s haste to defend the murderers of Jahar Perez from indictment (yeh, like that's going to happen), he hired an "expert" witless from the out of state law enforcement community to razzle and dazzle the "grand Jury." Gee, that's new.
According to the Perez family attorney, Eldon Rosenthal, it actually IS new:

Rosenthal argued in court papers that the revelation is a matter of "grave public importance" and shows the city "was expending substantial taxpayer dollars to insure a favorable outcome of the grand jury" before an internal affairs investigation was completed or the police chief had examined the officer's conduct.

I guess I am not surprised, because I figured that any system that operates in secret, answering to no one, in which the choir director is the chief law enforcement officer in the county, and the ones to be "investigated" are his cronies, (other law enforcement officers), there would be no point to any protocol or appearance of legality.

What is interesting here, is that the DA and the city are being defensive about the whole thing. I mean, do they really think that after all this time, anybody really believes that there is anything going on in the grand jury chamber that does not involve a big bucket, a big brush, and a lot of white pigmented liquid? I don't.

In my own favorite miscarriage of justice (you all know which case I am speaking of), at least one of the witlesses is known by me at least to have very questionable veracity, and being a cop wannabe, with extensive ties to the cop community, I would trust no statement that this witless made in support of her cop buddies. Nonetheless, this witless' word was accepted verbatim by the grand jury, with no attention paid to the cop connection.

Therefore, I see no divergence from the norm in this case, where they paid the witless to tell the jury what they wanted the witless to tell them. Nothing new, not one thing.
link to Jahar's Story 25.Jan.2006 18:12


Neglected to include the following link:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332225.shtml

Link to Articles on the Jahar Perez Murder 25.Jan.2006 23:06


LN inadvertently provided a link to another matter.

Here is one link to the case of the extrajudicial execution of Jahar Perez by then PPB gang member Jason Sery:

Additional PIMC archived articles on that murder of Jahar Perez will be delivered by searching on "Jahar Perez".

guess what the ministry of truth has to say about it 26.Jan.2006 03:28

thanks lew i was going to post this as an article by itself

The Horrible Daily Local Paper ran an "article" on this subject yesterday, including the following ludicrous summary of the official story:

> Perez was shot after officers were unable to remove him from the car and take him into custody for
> not having a driver's license. Sery shot Perez three times when he saw Perez pull a clenched fist
> from his right pocket, thinking he was pulling out a gun. Macomber then fired his Taser gun at
> Perez.
> Perez, 28, died of a gunshot to the heart. An autopsy showed he had cocaine in his blood and bags
> of drugs in his mouth and pants pocket.
> At the inquest, [Multnomah County District Attorney Michael] Schrunk introduced [Minnesota State
> University (Mankato) law enforcement professor William] Lewinsky as a leading expert in lethal
> force. Lewinsky explained the "action-reaction" principle that police are trained in. In lengthy
> testimony, he said it would take someone a tenth of a second to pull a gun from a car's console,
> and an officer, even with a gun drawn, would not have time to react before he was shot.

I literally couldn't read any farther. It made me ill. I'll make only the most obvious comments: Nobody clenches his fist around nothing while removing his hand from his pocket. Responsible public officials don't execute somebody for moving one of his hands, especially when they've just ordered him to get his ass out of his car. They always say anybody who dies in custody was high on cocaine. Who the hell is doing these tests, and why should we believe the results? AND WHO DRIVES AROUND WITH "BAGS OF DRUGS IN HIS MOUTH"???

These are not even plausible lies. These are blatant "fuck you ha ha ha" lies. The joke is on us.

dk503 08.Feb.2006 19:36

I know

As a former user and sometimes mule, I can tell you who holds drugs in their mouths, Dope slingers who swallow the baggies to avoid police and then retrieve it later (a fact I chose to ignore at one point in my life) If someone were to plant dope why not just plant a gun and call it good. The issues brought up are beyond stupid. The real issue is why shoot regardless of the dope. Let's stay together and make decent arguments that can't be refuted rather than pot shots that can be defeated with basic common sense. Let's make the arguement he was not armed and thats it!!! Killing is killing. While we are at it, let's stop quoting the big media outlets only when it suits use and then turning around and saying they are f*cked up. Change the way addiction is handled and start saving lives. If drugs were either legal or treated as a sickness, the police would have no excuse to shoot due to drug use or possession. I am attending every trial and protest and I hope to see you all there. I will be wearing my usual black and power to the people