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Daniel McGowan just released into the custody of his sister

Minutes ago, Judge Ann Aiken released political prisoner Daniel McGowan into the custody of his sister, despite the urgent plea from the prosecutor for continued detention until trial.
Although the DA expressed fears that Daniel McGowan "presents a serious flight risk," and may be "violent," the judge asserted that she would follow the law and "protect the interests of all parties." To that end, she released McGowan on condition of $1.6 million dollars in bail, put up by Mr. McGowan's sister. She imposed the condition that McGowan would reside in his sister's custody in New York, that he would wear an electronic monitor, and that he would report weekly to pretrial supervisors in Manhattan.

Judge Aiken stated that she had received at least 60 letters from people in support of Mr. McGowan, and this appeared to have some impact upon her decision. Incredibly, the DA had attempted to assert that one of the factors showing that McGowan was unworthy of being released was the fact that he had supported political prisoner Jeff "Free" Leurs. Apparently, the judge was not buying that.

Much more on this later, when I have returned home to the roost. For now, I would just like to say that Daniel McGowan has an incredible family. The courtroom was filled with supporters, and with family members who had come all the way from New York city for the hearing. Family members went out of their way to come over and introduce themselves to me, and all were in tears when the judge read her decision. There is much to say, but I have a long drive home now, and the battery is running thin on this computer. More later.
Welcome Home. 25.Jan.2006 16:51


Welcome home Daniel.

Excellent 25.Jan.2006 17:18


We have been waiting for news about this incident. Thanks for the posting. It is good to hear about the strong family and community support.

wow 25.Jan.2006 19:34


Thank you so much for the reportback! I look forward to your additional postings about the hearing.

yeah! 25.Jan.2006 19:59


Danny's coming home to us - this could not make me happier!!! I can't wait to hear more details - thanks for the quick posting.

A few more details 25.Jan.2006 22:23

Jane Doe

Daniel looked very tired when he was led out into the courtroom in chains and eerie, greenish prison garb. But he was bouyed, I think, to see so many people there. He smiled shyly at those of us whom he did not know, and waved at his family. It made me happy to be there for him.

However, as I said, there is much more to say about the way this was played out, and about the details of the state's "investigation." It was truly startling how much they have either misunderstood, or just plain misrepresented the culture they are dealing with. (ie, they made accusations about Daniel's alleged "danger to the community" and "flight risk" status, as well as "terrorist" status based on some very bizarre and flimsy "evidence." Included in that evidence: the fact that he has allegedly used "aliases," the fact that he has occasionally traveled to Canada, the fact that he allegedly knows people in the environmental movement, and, most peculiarly of all, in my opinion, that he has (gasp!) participated in prison support. The prosecutor dwelled most salaciously on the fact that Daniel has allegedly written letters to, and otherwise supported, Jeff Leurs. By all of those standards, I guess I too am a "terrorist," along with just about everyone in Eugene, Vancouver BC, and inner SE pdx.

Anyway, as I said, there is much more to say about this. But forgive me, I'm very exhausted right now, and will not be able to do this story justice until at least tomorrow. Hopefully, someone else who was there will write more as well. Thanks to everyone who is closely following this story, and who continues to support those among us who are in danger of being sacrificed to these insane witch hunts. (Did I mention that the prosecutor announced that the charges he is leveling against Mr. McGowan carry a *minimum* sentence of life in prison + 35 years? And the maximum, if I heard right over the pounding in my ears, is life + 335 years. I guess this is because he's accused of "eco" crimes. Meanwhile, people can destroy forests, torture animals, and shoot elk in the Tillamook forest with impugnity. As the lady said right before she melted, "What a world.")

Thank you, Oregon. 26.Jan.2006 10:04

ck@nefac.net ck@nefac.net

I'm one of Daniel's friends from New York who was unable to attend the bail status hearing (for finanical reasons). I wanted to thank the activist/anarchist community of Orgeon for standing by my friend in what has been, truly, his time of need. A small group of us were together in NYC when we heard the news and we cheered so loudly I bet you could hear us 3000 miles away. Thank you so much for being there when many of us couldn't.


Link to Register-Guard Front Page 26.Jan.2006 10:33


Not to lessen the greatness of this wonderful story.... What about Chelsea? 26.Jan.2006 10:42

Giddy Cat supportchelsea@mutualaid.org


Chelsea is still in lockup, denied bail after a huge show of support from family and friends. What can we do? Her trial is not slated until the end of Feb.
Does anyone have info into how this can work in her favor?

Congrats Daniel! I am very happy for you and thank your supporters very much!

public pretenders versus private attorneys 26.Jan.2006 13:29


So I am just wondering...did any of those arrested who had to use public defenders get out on bail? Or is this going down the track I predicted where those with private attorneys are getting a different track than those with public pretenders? Remember, people argued with me on this imc that those with public pretenders would get the same treatment as those with private attorneys. So is that happening?

public defenders 26.Jan.2006 14:33


I thought it was Kirsten who was arguing that private attorneys get too much activist money, while she can't get anything to cover the trial.

Best news I have heard all day 26.Jan.2006 15:00


I'm a friend of Daniel's from NY, and this is great news. Thank you for the update.

Awh Toxic Cloud ... 27.Jan.2006 00:13

Yah, da Joker ...

Oh, I am happy and relieved about this ... I'm an old (like long time ago) mate of Daniel's and, you know, I've been like ultra-lame at staying in touch, through good times and now though these bad times ... but, I do remember the good times ... yah ... you are de stoopid toxic cloud (it's not an alias, gasp, it's just a joke) ... but, seriously, Daniel is so gentle and so helpful to others and so pleasant to be around ... he is one of those people who actually reads things and follows through on things ... It is completely lame that anyone would spend money or time trying to investigate or prosecute him ... What a waste of tax dollars ... Oh well, it only shows how out of touch the "man" really is ... hang in there people, enjoy the time together and be smart ... thinking of you, yah ...

Oh please... 28.Jan.2006 15:52


"I thought it was Kirsten who was arguing that private attorneys get too much activist money, while she can't get anything to cover the trial."

You know, fuck off. I was offering to spend two days on trains to cover a one hour hearing so you would have an EXTENSIVE COMPLETE report and ARTICLE to circulate on what happened. Something like what Jane Doe asked for DAYS AGO above, and you would have HAD it too, if I had been supported, yes, monetarily, to JUST COVER COSTS TO GET THERE, so I could work for FREE. But you got what you wanted. I did not go, and you have no article. Good work. Maybe you can keep this shit up and drive all potential journalists away from covering your friend's trials. Simply idiotic.

Kirsten: 28.Jan.2006 16:07

some jerk

Kirsten: Why didn't you just walk there? You must lack dedication to the cause.

happy with the journalism done 28.Jan.2006 16:35


nobody's driving nobody away from covering this stuff. Jane Doe, Gumby Cascadia and Bombs & Shields have been doing a great job. Gumby and Bombs & Shields don't get an attitude when people ask them questions about their reporting. They seem to be doing this for the right reasons.

I did get what I wanted. Sorry, I'm not impressed by your writing. I'm more than happy with what I got. There's plenty of people we can count on to cover the trial and not bring drama.

Just one opinion 28.Jan.2006 18:25

Bai Tmei

Personally, I believe that the journalist who covered the event, Jane, did a grand job, and did not ask for expense money. This site, and the people who go out of their way to feed it information, exist to counter the cash and carry mentality that is so prevalent, and that controls, therefore ruins, the corporate media. Anyone who thinks that for whatever reason, their prose is so outright wonderful that they should be compensated, is maybe in the wrong area. What you seek is not here. Try Willieweek, or some other corp rag. I feel fortunate knowing that there are people like Jane, and others, who are willing to go the extra mile, and who are far more capable with the written word than am I, out there, spreading the word, and doing it cash free, and copyright free, and just plain free.
If you want to pay and be paid, go ahead and prostitute yourself, and your intellect, and whatever other goddess granted talent you feel you possess. We will try to get along without your input, kay?

any more info? 31.Jan.2006 18:24


Jane Doe,

I am so grateful for what you posted but in your original post you intimated that you'd be posting more details once you got some sleep. I was wondering if you were still planning to do so. I mean I know all the good stuff - our boy is due to come home any day now. But I'm still curious about the details of the actual hearing and just wanted you to know that I'm still hoping to hear more.

Thanks again,

-a friend of Dan's