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Tillamook Elk Slaughter This Saturday

Tillamook Elk Slaughter Planned on Saturday, 28th January. I just read this disturbing article about the culling of a local herd of elk that graze in fields close to downtown Tillamook. They are going to try to clear the elk from public property by bringing hunters in to kill bulls, cows and calves.
I have attached the link to the newspaper article and invite you to spread the word and try to get out negative press regarding this proposed action.

Web link for article  http://www.tillamookheadlightherald.com/news/story.cfm?story_no=5634

A concerned Citizen

homepage: homepage: http://www.tillamookheadlightherald.com

can't stand it 25.Jan.2006 15:39


I saw your earlier post and read the article. I just can't stand this kind of thing! What can be done, though?

Perhaps notifying the media 25.Jan.2006 16:16

Concerned Citizen

I am trying to notify media outlets througout the region and hope that if it attracts too much press they may decide to postpone and rethink the idea. Please notify anyone you can. I recall during the 90's in the Olympic Mountains they were going to shoot a herd of Roosevelt Elk so as to save native plants, and in the end the public outcry caused them to relocate the elk to another mountain range.

I have become a little disheartened with staged protests in recent years.

Thanks for answering to the posting.

Concerned Citizen

Oh My God 25.Jan.2006 17:06

No. This will not happen. It can't.

HOw much more can we take???

I will be down there with a video camera. I can't stand to watch, but someone must bear witness and shame them out of this. Who will join me? I was just in Tillamook a few weeks ago with my family, and we were absolutely over joyed to see the elk grazing in a field near the air museum there. PLEASE let us write letters and make calls IMMEDIATELY to Tillamook businesses, chamber of commerce, and public officials to let them know that we will be IMMEDIATELY boycotting all of them if they do not stop this slaughter. PLEASE HELP THEM.

I will NEVER go to the Tillamook cheese factory again EVER if they go ahead and do this. NEVER.

Let us be there with cameras, and with elk suits, and with loud noises, and let us take the fields and scare them away, and scare the hunters away and STOP THIS. It's not right! Where the fuck is nature supposed to exist? Will we shave down every last tree, remove every last life form, and pave it all? FUCK humans.

WHAT THE @#$%??? 25.Jan.2006 17:30


dont u think those people who are "concerend" about it could just scare them away!? fire some shots into the air or something!! do they really need to SHOOT THEM!? rrr.....

Call and send an e-mail about the slaughter in the Tillamook Port 25.Jan.2006 20:31

A former resident

Here is something we can do - call and let them know what we think about their so-called "hunt." Their main number is (503) 842-2413. It's one thing to write about it; let everyone you know call and complain. I also found an e-mail address on their site  info@potb.org. Let's send an e-mail too. Every voice should be heard.

Call and send an e-mail about the slaughter in the Tillamook Port 25.Jan.2006 20:49

A former resident

Here is something we can do - call and let them know what we think about their so-called "hunt." Their main number is (503) 842-2413. It's one thing to write about it; let everyone you know call and complain. I also found an e-mail address on their site  info@potb.org. Let's send an e-mail too. Every voice should be heard.

What is a Master Hunter? 25.Jan.2006 20:57


We are informed that "Master" hunters will be allowed to harvest the offending creatures. Perhaps we need to employ some old fashioned apprentice type demonstrators, to agitate, harass, vex, annoy, and even disappear a few of these "Master" hunters. What guild, what guile appoints, annoints these "master" persons? Let us forget all about the state of the onion, for we already know just how totally undone the union is, let us instead spend our time at the "master" hunter's hunt. See you there.

master hunter 25.Jan.2006 21:18

red suspenders

I guess a master hunter is someone who is smart enough go to what is basically a wildlife refuge and shoot a tame animal rather than waste his time in the woods.

Media 25.Jan.2006 21:19

Concerned Citizen

I have notified NW Newschannel, Katu, Oregon's 12 (yes, the evil empire) and intend on sending it to the Oregonian, OPB, and Koin 6 tomorrow. Any other suggestions?

Diversity of Tactics 25.Jan.2006 22:01


Very good to see people coming at this awful problem from all sides. Let each of us write, call, email. And let us also go out there this weekend and make a stand. According to the linked article, they are doing this, they say, to try to get the elk to go away. Curiously, there seems to be no place for them to go, since the humans have moved in and *surprise*, taken their fucking habitat away. But maybe if we all go out there early and scare the elk off this piece of land, we will buy some time. We must also boycott all Tillamook businesses until we are assured that this will not be allowed. That means, if we go down there, let us bring our lunches and not stop to eat there, let us not buy gas there, let us not spend one dime in a city that would so something as awful as this. I've just had enough!

Does everyone know where this is? It's down, just past the cheese factory, on the main road there, near the air field. I've seen the elk there, and they're beautiful! Let us use a diversity of tactics to make it clear that we have just had ENOUGH. The earth has just had enough. The other beings who share this planet have had enough. No more.

In Reply 25.Jan.2006 22:28

Concerned Citizen

I have notified everyone but OPB at this point. Who knows whether anyone will do a story on it, but lets hope.

I thank you all for your action-oriented responses, particularly calling and e-mailing in protest. I have also been thinking of getting there at 3am on Saturday Morning and lighting off a firework blitz to scare the Elk half way back over the Coastal Range (although I am sure that would freak out airport authorities).

I agree heartily with the last post. Let's come at this from all sides.

Thank you everybody. You make me feel that we can change what they already see as a definite outcome.

My intitial reaction. . . 25.Jan.2006 23:01

Coastal Anarchist

. . . was that this was overblown and that you are all extremists. However, after reading the article, this is indeed a negative situation.

'In addition to damaging the fences, Crider said, the elk pose a hazard to airport operations and could pose a hazard to contractors who will be working on port property in connection with the planned development of a golf course, hotel and convention center and time share units.'

'"There are also issues of higher turbidity" in streams running through the property caused by the elks' presence, Crider said.'

They are concerned that the elk will interfere with not only development, but development of the worst kind - a golf course and a hotel -. Then Crider has the audacity to blame the elk for damaging streams!

'The whole idea of the hunt, however, has some hunters in the area upset.'

'"Killing the elk is not a solution to the problem," said Mark Hurliman of Netarts. "The elk will keep coming until they fix the fences. I don't feel it's right to slaughter the elk. It's not their fault."'

Here is a hunter who opposes the plan! Certainly he's not the poster child for PETA!

Furthermore, it is unclear whether this is "thinning" or a wholesale slaughter will be deemed "necessary" by the friends of development.

I wonder what kind of habitat will be destroyed for development? If this is port property, something the article is unclear on, it seems likely that its an estuary or perhaps snowy plover habitat?

allies better than enemies 26.Jan.2006 08:26


This is the number for Tillamook Cheese. PLEASE call and ask them to use their considerably powerful voice to stop the slaughter. THeir voice could make a difference. 503-815-1300

You can also email them, by going to their website, found here:  http://www.tillamookcheese.com/contact/contacthome.html

PLEASE do this. Let them know we will be boycotting all the businesses in Tillamook if this hunt is allowed to take place.

sneaky port employees 26.Jan.2006 19:44

local insider

I just found out that Port employees have been positioned in the woods around the clock, since this morning to "trap" the local elk herd. the men are keeping them corraled in the woods and not allowing them to graze. their plan is to keep them "hidden" from the public & blast them away Saturday.

Stop this!! 27.Jan.2006 01:26


Here are a few more folks to contact. Please take the time to let them know that this is a horrible solution to their 'problem' and that we can, and will, organize a boycott.

Tillamook Chamber of Commerce
3705 Hwy 101 North
Tillamook, Oregon 97141
Fax: 503.842.7526

Port of
Tillamook Bay
4000 Blimp Boulevard
Tillamook, OR 97141
503.842.3680 Fax
(I know that's listed above, I just thought I'd add it again)

County Commissioners
Mark Labhart (r)
Tim Josi (d)
Chuck Hurliman(r)

Reply to Sneaky Port Employees Posting 27.Jan.2006 09:27

Concerned Citizen

Hello Local Insider,

Do you know if this is still the case, are they telling the press that it has been postponed and continuing the hunt in private? Or, was this post made before the postponement notice in the Headlight Herald? I have attached that updated article.

P.S. It is quite rare for the headlight herald to have a 'breaking news' posting on their site. This is the first time I have seen it.

Concerned Citizen

elk/kids 03.Feb.2006 17:11

gary dgstrong99@aol.com

Its so nice to hear from all the people from Portland who have over fished the Oceans off the coast of Tillamook and the Rivers of Tillamook.It would really be nice if all you Phony FUCKERS from Portland pick up all the bodies in your streets filled with DOPE and have no where to go.The Elk in Tillamook will fare a hell of a lot better. The Elk in Tillamook are a hell of a lot smarter than you FUCKHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

going to do it again 26.Jun.2006 16:06

Joe Paul

they are getting ready to try and do this for real this time januarys was shut down but they are wishing to do it again.
not sure whats going on though

thats not right!!! 20.Nov.2010 11:50


i cant believe that the county commissioners would do something like that for only money!! thats just stupid. There elk and deer are not harming anyone or bothering anyone too! i think that should be stoped right away!