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Check out this Police Brutality Website!

New police brutality blog makes YOU the author!
Fire Ant, a smokin hot chick, and long time activist, started this site a few weeks ago. It took a little time to get it working properly, so if you already checked it out, try again!
I think it's a great resource!
what website? 24.Jan.2006 21:42

url please

you got a link?

lets have that website address 24.Jan.2006 23:01

cream with the coffee

The absence of the URL suggests this is not the caffeine jones that would be the partner of dingo dismal the clown. Methinks she is a bit more organized than that, but time should tell. Enough with sexist comedy.

just google the words 25.Jan.2006 00:00


I was actually surprised that indymedia was at the top of the list. I only googled "fire ant" and police brutality. Are there really no other sites that talk about these two together?