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AP's police shooting story is a PRESS RELEASE

AP admits to running a clackamas county sheriffs office press release as story
I just got off the phone with the Portland AP office where the lone duck media schmuck admited that there is no editorial review of the work he writes and that it looks like the Saturday AP broadcast article about Foud Kaady's shooting at the hands of the Clackamas county sherriffs deputies was:

a press release from the sherifs office....without revision or editorial oversight "because its just broadcast".

One poor schmuck in an office posts shit because its'just broadcast. Thats the AP stamp of approval.

IF you would like to make your set of facts known to the powers that be...excuse me...weaklings that be, you can contact the portland office of the AP at:

121 SW Salmon St., Suite 1450
Portland OR 97204-2924
(503) 228-2169
228-5514 Fax

for more background, see

government controlled media 23.Jan.2006 21:52


It's what from the land of the free to shop and the home of the brave new world is sneeringly called "government controlled media", when dismissing selected overseas press reports.

New PDX AP Editor Responsible? 24.Jan.2006 21:06


Former editor of the Klamath Falls Herald and News began working for the AP's PDX bureau this month. Tim Fought by name, and a known liar. Was he connected to this travesty?