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Wanna see an FBI Informant?

Picture of a key witness in the ELF sweeps
This gal, Anna, is an FBI informant, made $75K per year over her 2 year investigation of the Sacramento 3, is unsupervised by the FBI or ATF. She seeks anarchists, infiltrates groups, is well funded with cash and $100 bills. She set up a tape recorder and videos in a house she rented so she could lure people in and tape them "conspiring." She's been used by the government against the Sacramento 3 in the current ELF prosecution. She manufactured ALL the evidence. She tells people she's a stripper and that's how she makes her money. Remember this face and remember how good these informants are. Be careful out there, folks!


what is a "snitch jacket"? 25.Jan.2006 13:04

understanding FBI's COINTELPRO tactics

When discussing potential informants it is also wise to remeber another FBI tactic, called giving someone a "snitch jacket", where a rumor or false evidence is introduced to other activists causinbg them to believe that an activist a police informant, when in reality they are not. Classify this under COINTELPRO divide and conquer tactics.

There are also infiltrators and informants, though not everyone accussed of being an informant actually is. Deceit and confusion are tools of the CIA/FBI, and they do cause activists many headaches, though we need to remind ourselves of previous mistakes and learn from them..

The tragedy that befell Anna Mae Aquash should be a good reminder of falling for the "snitch jacket" tactic of FBI..


"It was just months earlier at the New Mexico convention that Theda Clark had laid the "snitch jacket" on Aquash. (A Snitch Jacket is when an agent makes claims or plants information that suggests an activist is a police informer.)

Leonard Peltier has distanced himself with Graham, after first vehemently supporting him. Peltier even once filed libel lawsuits against an Indian publication over it. Upon Graham's arrest, Peltier wrote: "I fear that John Boy will not receive a fair trial in the US anymore than I did. I must remind you, it is court record that the FBI lied to extradite me back to the US. I know that their behavior hasn't changed just as I know that Anna Mae was not an informant. As much as I want justice for Anna Mae, I likewise do not want an injustice to be enacted against one of our own in the name of crime-solving--so that some finger-pointing government lackey can get a feather in his cap."

Notes from Russell Means;


"I have believed for many years that Vernon Bellecourt has been compromised by the federal government, and has been an active agent for the FBI, or some other federal police agency. I believe that Anna Mae Aquash knew the details of Vernon's complicity with the feds and was about to expose him. He then put what is known as a "snitch jacket" on Anna Mae. At the AIM take over of the Fairchild Plant on the Navojo reservation in NM, in June 1975, Vernon ordered Leonard Peltier, Bob Robideau and Dino Butler to take Anna Mae out and interrogate her about being an informant. According to Robideau, Vernon said that if they felt that she was an informant, "they should bury her right there." Peltier, Robideau and Butler all knew Anna Mae very well, and did not believe she was an informer, so they took no action. This action, however, reveals Vernon's predisposition against Anna Mae, and his willingness to take the most extreme measures against her. A review of Vernon's actions within AIM show him to be at the root of every major dispute within the leadership of AIM, he has never been put on trial as other AIM leaders have been, he has disrupted and tried to destroy the most effective AIM chapters in the US, and he is always the first one to spread the allegations that others are "informers" or "provocateurs," As the saying goes, "the guilty dog barks first," and I certainly believe that he is the guilty dog. I also believe that a trial on the question of who killed Anna Mae will reveal Vernon's relationship to U.S. police agencies."

I have a few questions 12.Mar.2006 07:25


I'm wondering where you got information that Theda Clarke snitchjacketed Anna Mae? Also, if Clarke did this, than that would mean that she's working for the feds?
Russell Means and Vernon Bellecourt have publically fueded for years. Correct me if I'm wrong but, Russell Means is the only person whose pointed fingers at Vernon Bellecourt.
During Arlo Looking Cloud's trial, Kamook Banks, who admitted to taking $42,000 from the FBI, pointed fingers at Dennis Banks and Leonard Peltier. So I think they're the ones who are being targetted by the government in this case.

I think that it's interesting that Theda Clark is the aunt of Russell Means and Troy Lynn Yellow Wood. Isn't it funny that they're fully cooperating with the FBI in this case. That Theda's name has been tied with John Graham and Arlo Looking Cloud, but she's not being prosecuted? I read that she's suffering from Alzeimers now. But would that really stop the government from prosecuting her?