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Fouad Kaady's Killer "Cleared." Surprise, surprise.

In September, Deputy Dave Willard of the Clackamas County Sheriff's office shot and killed Fouad Kaady in cold blood. He did it, ironically enough, because he did not want to get blood on his hands. Today, he was "cleared" by the Clackamas county board of review. According to Samira Kaady, they did not even have the grace to tell the family. Instead, she learned that her son's killer would be exhonerated from a local news reporter, who called to get her comment. Those who remember the egregious "coverage" this situation received in the corporate media will not be surprised to know that she did not give them a comment. She chose to give indymedia the story instead.
Upon learning of this shocking news, I called the Clackamas County Sheriff's office (CCSO) to find out what their thinking process could possibly be. I spoke to Deputy Wendi Babst, the public relations officer. Although this information will not be publically released
until later this evening, Deputy Wendi Babst, the PIO, stated that CCSO reviewed the incident in which Fouad was killed, and determined that "no policies or procedures were violated." I expressed surprise that someone could approach an unarmed, injured person, bleeding in the street, and taze him repeatedly and then shoot him without violating any policies or procedures. She assured me that Clackamas County policies and procedures do, in fact, allow such an action. (All citizens of Clackamas County be warned.)

Asked whether there would be any changes in policies or procedures, since this points out some very disconcerting problems, she said that there likely would be some changes. She said that the first step in such a review is to determine whether policies were followed, and the next step will be to determine whether any changes can be made. (One would hope.) Asked what they will do to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again, she offered some very revealing insight into how these things work. Said Deputy Babst, the CCSO will likely form a critical incident review board, so that they can "study" incidents like this one. IN addition, they will be ensuring that more officers receive Crisis Intervention Team Training. When I pointed out that Officer Willard had, in fact, already received that training, she conceded that he did. "How, then, do you imagine that this training will prevent another senseless death, if the person who committed this one had the training?" "I'm not going to debate you," she responded. "I'm just gonna tell you that we will have the training." At this point, she made an interesting comment when she called me Cat, and said that she could give me a syllabus from the classes, but that "you will only put it up on indymedia." I found this quite interesting indeed, since I had not told her my name, or mentioned any connection with indymedia. Hmmm. Surprise, surprise.

But she had other changes to propose. She went on to say that they will be instituting training in "vehicle extraction techniques" in order to facilitate removing people from vehicles in a manner less likely to result in deadly force. "But...since Fouad Kaady was not in a vehicle...I'm having difficulty in understanding how this might help prevent another incident such as this one," I replied. Deputy Babst could only respond weakly, "I can only tell you that any type of training will help." Yes, that's what they keep telling us, isn't it.

I asked whether there would be any changes in policy regarding the use of tasers. Deputy Babst said there would not. When I persisted in asking about the use of tasers for compliance on an unarmed, injured person, she told me that the use of tasers is not even being reviewed by CCSO. Inexplicably, she went on to explain, "We use tasers all the time on unarmed people. I can't see how that will change."

Finally, I asked about the "investigation" itself. Would there be any changes in the way an investigation such as this is handled? "In what way," she asked. "Well for one," I wanted to know, "Why was the CCSO allowed to investigate itself? Is this the norm? Might there be any changes in this regard?" She replied that CCSO conducted its own investigation into the conduct of its officers because, "That's the way it's always been done." She went on to say that, "No one 'allows' us or doesn't 'allow' us to conduct our own investigations, we just do." No kidding. Maybe it's time to change that.

At this point, I tried to focus on how the "investigation" was conducted. Specifically, I wanted to know why investigators spent all their time and resources trying to dig up dirt on Fouad Kaady, and none on actually investigating the people who did the shooting. She said they interviewed "all the people they felt were pertinent." She said it was important to talk to all the people who knew Fouad, and who might have known something about his state of mind the day they shot him. "But if I had shot and killed someone," I said, "Wouldn't you be investigating me? You would not be investigating the person I shot, would you?" "Well," She said, "I understand that the investigators asked the officers some very specific questions." She went on to list the types of questions the officers were asked. "Are you saying," I said, "That if I shot someone to death, you would be content to ask me 'some very specific questions,' and that would be it?" "I'm not sure what you're driving at," she said.

I did try to make myself more crystal clear, but it proved more difficult that one would believe. I admit that at this point, I finally lost my temper with her. Unlike corporate media minions (who will undoubtedly be reporting that Willard did nothing wrong this evening), I cannot pretend that I am neutral about this. An officer tortured, then shot and killed an obviously unarmed man, in broad daylight, and had no excuses for himself. Yet, as is usual in these cases, he has been cleared of wrongdoing because he "followed procedures." How fucking frightening is that? And is it a coincidence that this is happeing only days after Scott McCollister, killer of Kendra James, was cleared and granted back pay and benefits? How much more evidence do we need that they are not on our side.

History Lesson 21.Jan.2006 17:04


For those not familiar with this story, here is a quick refresher:

Just to remind everyone, he was shot even though he was unarmed. The cop who did it claimed that he did so because he "feared for his life." When he could offer no other plausible explanation about why he would fear for his life from a small, injured, unarmed man, he rambled on about how Fouad was "bloody" and that people could catch diseases from touching blood.

THe Clackamas County Sheriff's Office can be reached here:
2223 Kaen Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045
Ph: 503-655-8218
Fax: 503-655-8549
Do give them a call and tell them that we do care.

kaddy story pic 21.Jan.2006 17:13


this goes with above article:

indy scoops the corporate media again?! 21.Jan.2006 17:22

I care

I just did a search of all local news sources to find out more on this story, only to find it's not out yet anywhere but here. Can it be that indy has scooped the corps again? Indymedia rocks. Can't wait to hear the watered down, kiss ass blabber that comes out on tonight's "news."

Urinalism at it's finest? 21.Jan.2006 18:54


KG(whiz)W(hat the fuck are we doin here? Has posted the following "story" on their web site:
Clackamas deputy cleared in naking man shooting

"SANDY -- The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Shooting Review Board has determined that Deputy Dave Willard acted within existing rules and regulations when he fatally shot a naked and bloody Gresham man last fall, officials said Saturday.

Willard and a Sandy police officer fired eight shots at 27-year-old Fouad Kaady.

Seven rounds hit the unarmed man, who had reportedly growled at the officers, bared his teeth and yelled that he was going to kill them.

Kaady had been suspected in at least three hit-and-run crashes in the hours before his death.

Though the review board found no violation of sheriff's office policy, Sheriff Craig Roberts said he will assess the department's procedures, training and tactics. "

As is usual, the Indy reporter (in this case, CatWoman) got the story, got it right, got it first, and asked the tough questions.

No Wonder 21.Jan.2006 19:03


Jury says cops followed protocol in Clackamas Co. shooting
Small wonder that cops feel they can kill at random, with minimal provocation. The same Sheriff's officers killed another unarmed man on January 18th. Three officers with tasers and a police dog were unable to find any way to subdue the poor victim, other than lethal gunfire. O well. Just be careful if you see a cop coming in your direction. If you are armed, take appropriate steps to protect yourself:

11:11 AM PST on Wednesday, January 18, 2006

DAMASCUS, Ore. -- A Clackamas County grand jury ruled that officers did not commit a crime when they shot and killed a parolee near Damascus in December.
Donald Graham died from a gunshot wound to the torso after a chase and struggle with deputies.

Deputies were called to the house at 18465 S.E. Sunnyside Road in Damascus on the evening of December 15 by a woman in her 70s who reported that a suspicious man was prowling on her property.

She told police the man had knocked several times at her door, according to Det. Wendi Babst, a spokeswoman for the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. The prowler reportedly used crude words as well. The woman lives alone.

Three deputies and a police dog arrived at the single-family home. They allegedly found Graham in a field near the house and a struggle ensued, deputies said.

They attempted to use less lethal force and the police dog to subdue him, but were unsuccessful, according to Babst.

At least one shot was fired by one of the deputies, which struck the suspect. Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene, but Graham died immediately.

Donald H. Graham, 44, was killed by a Clackamas County Sheriff's deputy Thursday night after he allegedly struggled with police in a Damascus field.

Detectives on Friday were searching the field and residence for clues. They found that someone had broken into an attached garage to the Southeast Sunnyside Road home, but apparently did not take anything, according to the sheriff's office. A screwdriver and pliers were also found near the location of the struggle, Babst said.

The three deputies were placed on paid administrative leave as the case remained under investigation.

The sheriff's office said it would conduct its own review of the shooting, but all three deputies involved would go back on duty as of Wednesday.

Ah, maybe it is stress 21.Jan.2006 19:12

Juan Segin

According to the following release from back on December 30, maybe the poor Clacko Gestapo are just stressed out:

Pile up of cases stretch small sheriff's office
Staffing - Clackamas County deputies tied to shootings are on leave and another is in jail

Three officer-involved shootings in two weeks and the jailing of a Clackamas County sheriff's deputy last week (December)are having a "staggering impact" on county law-enforcement staffing, according to a sheriff's spokesman.

Of the county's 68 patrol deputies, 11 are on paid administrative leave while their roles in the shootings are investigated, a standard practice in police shootings. A 12th deputy, David Verbos, is in Tillamook County Jail on charges of menacing and armed robbery.

On top of that, the sheriff's office has assigned an unspecified number of detectives to investigate the shootings, work that comes in addition to their regular workloads.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, with 0.5 deputies per 1,000 residents, is already understaffed compared with other jurisdictions. According to numbers provided by Clackamas County, Portland has 1.8 police officers per 1,000 residents, and Multnomah County has 2.8 deputies per 1,000 residents.

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said his office is postponing vacations, asking employees to work overtime, rescheduling trainings and calling retired staff to help. Roberts said he also is considering moving deputies off special assignments, such as traffic enforcement, so they can respond to 9-1-1 calls.

The immediate staffing shortage, Roberts said, will last for at least the next month as the shootings are investigated. Standard practice in Clackamas County is to conduct an internal investigation through the sheriff's office and to simultaneously refer shootings to a grand jury, which reviews them for possible criminal charges.

In recent years, the sheriff's office has been criticized in some cases for relying on lethal force and for failing to provide more training to help officers interact with mentally ill people. Roberts, who became sheriff in January 2004, said his office will study the recent shootings individually and collectively, to learn: "Are there any additional things we can do differently as an organization?"

The latest deputy-involved shooting was Wednesday when Clint Andrew Carey, a 24-year-old Clackamas resident, lunged at a sergeant with a knife. Earlier in the evening Carey called 9-1-1 to say he wanted to kill a cop. Carey's mother told deputies her son had stopped taking medication and was using methamphetamine.

The number of recent shootings is highly unusual for Clackamas County. Of five fatal shootings over the past four years, three occurred in the past four months. Roberts finds no immediate pattern in the shootings but speculated about underlying causes.

Many people are unhappy and stressed during the holidays, Roberts said. He noted a surge of domestic disputes reported to emergency dispatchers on Christmas Eve.

Roberts also said the skyrocketing use of meth means officers across the nation are increasingly facing unruly and astonishingly strong people who don't follow orders and don't succumb to stun guns.

Add to the equation the high number of mentally ill people that officers routinely encounter, and it's a volatile mix, Roberts said.

He added that deputies have little choice when a subject is sprinting toward them with a weapon.

"We do everything we can to not use force, but oftentimes the subjects' actions dictate how we're going to respond," Roberts said.

At the same time, Roberts said he will focus on the psychological well-being of his employees.

"I'm going out with the troops and saying, 'Listen, there's a lot that has happened in the organization, but I want you to go out and do your job. Stay focused. And rely on the training that we've been given,' " Roberts said.

Roberts said he's arranged for a psychologist to speak to staff about the emotional rigors of their jobs and to ask employees to look out for stressed co-workers.

No need, Sheriff, they will be the ones with the smokin guns. WTF? You let em get away with killing anyone who pisses them off, or might get blood on their fresh laundered uniforms, and not even a harsh word? You expect them to then try to cool it, and act like human beings? Absolute power corupts-ABSOFUCKINLUTELY!

More to this story 21.Jan.2006 20:11


While the corporate media made much of the fact that Kaady supposedly threatened to kill officers, they never questioned why 9 other witnesses to the shooting contradicted the two officers on that account. That's right, fully nine other people saw and heard the entire incident, and not one of them heard Kaady scream, "I'm gonna kill you!" Both officer Willard and officer Bergin stated that he had in their official statements, taken days after the shooting. So while KGW might wish to remind people that, hell, he was threatening them, the facts say otherwise. Just another tidbit the corporate media never bothered to share.

no surprize 21.Jan.2006 20:28


CW managed to ask some pretty good questions and got some interesting answers in regards to all the shenanigans surrounding the death of fouad kaady. The answers highlight the out of sync ineptitude of bureaucratically structured police departments people in the area rely upon for their safety.

As it has been with all the other chapters in this saga, the most interesting result of all the shootings, investigations, and grand jury hearings, has been the general public's reaction to them. There just doesn't seem to be wide-spread concern about the people who are dying and why they are dying. Oh sure, outrage expressed from family, friends and activists, but most people just seem to be sitting there saying "yup..yup", gotta go to work tomorrow".

There have been some expressions of concern from the public, but not a lot of solid, workable suggestions about how to change the course of events when a police officer confronts an unco-operative person who's actual threat to an officer's life is questionable despite the possession, or, lack of as the case may be, a weapon.

I read the article Juan Segin excerpts in his comment, "Ah, maybe it is stress", and noted the following remarks: "Add to the equation the high number of mentally ill people that officers routinely encounter, and it's a volatile mix, Roberts said. He added that deputies have little choice when a subject is sprinting toward them with a weapon. We do everything we can to not use force, but oftentimes the subjects' actions dictate how we're going to respond," Roberts said.

So, at least somebody there is aware of mentally ill people about, but I really wonder if as the sheriff says, "We do everything we can to not use force....". Because the case actually seems to be one of 'if it acts like a fuckup, it is a fuckup, so shoot, save your ass, and ask questions later'. Conveniently for them, they seem to find that the 'subject as fuckup' is a very broad category. And, the silent majority is not doing anything to oblige the police to alter the outlook of the police, or their procedure. Nothing will change until they do.

Angels 21.Jan.2006 22:22


Does anyone here remember a group that called themselves "---(something) Angels" that would ride the subways in New York helping people who might be in trouble, in a human, non cop manner? They were reported to be very effective and reports I read said that their prescence on the Underground helped to calm many people in otherwise stressful situations. I believe that they wore white armbands and were mostly young people from ethnic minorities who didn't want to see scenes like we are experiencing in Portland..
Anyway... there are so many young, ethnic males like Fouad Kaady walking around Portland everyday, and let me just say it can get very confusing in this city of Big Trucks, Cops, and overall white imperialists and I see sometimes so much fear in their eyes.
Why can't we help? Surely somebody could organize something that spent even a few hours a day with our eyes open for these guys. Even talking with them directly ... PAY ATTENTION to what they are doing..
Gosh, some of these kids look just like what the Army is using for target practice in Baghdad.

Citizen Review Board 21.Jan.2006 23:12


Don't some cities have Citizen Review Boards that have authority over the police? Having the police investigate themselves is like all the panels of inquiry done since 9-11. We never get the truth or justice from them. The people need to grab control.

Not My President...Not My Cop 22.Jan.2006 00:42


The ruling class have their police gangs to look after their interests.

How shall the rest look after theirs?

In the movies, an "outside agency" investigates and finds gross miscarriages of justice, mal- and misfeasance at the supervisory and civilian executive levels, general corruption all around.

Think there's any chance a human rights investigation can come out of this? Can these uncontrolled assassins be brought up on federal charges? Would the congressional rep. put pressure for a fed investigation?

Just how long can they keep playing out these flimsy "judgement call" excuses, "followed department procedures", etc. for performing extrajudicial executions, when it looks more like incompetence, sociopathy, sloppy management and hiring practices, crap training.

salary and understanding 22.Jan.2006 09:22


"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." --Upton Sinclair

I'm not surprised CW had difficulty making herself "understood" by Clackamas pig pr flaks. Nice try, but it's a bit of a waste of time to talk to them. Naturally, you will find their answers pretty robotically predictable. About like quizzing Scotty McClellan on torture.

This little charade of pigs "investigating themselves" is nothing peculiar to Clackamas, of course. And the results should also come as no surprise. These things always work out the same way, when the "investigated" and the "investigator" are the same entity. Naturally, they will cut themselves very wide latitude to do whatever they like, and only once in a while will they see fit to cut one or two members of their ranks loose and hang them out to dry as expendable and necessary fall guys. A pig who's tooling around openly in his new Ferrari thanks to "unexplained enrichment" courtesy of the department evidence lockers, say. Or a pig who gets a little too fond about bragging over his sexual conquests with adolescent girls he's stopped for traffic citations. Things like that. Otherwise, the message to pigs is clear. It's free admission to the shooting gallery. Just be a bit discreet, that's all.

the badge v. the ham sandwich 22.Jan.2006 09:31


Someone needs to update the old saying about prosecutors and ham sandwiches. Something like: "Put a badge on a ham sandwich, and you couldn't find a prosecutor to bring back a Grand Jury indictment for food poisoning even if it were rotten with maggots through and through."

Surprized? 22.Jan.2006 17:18


The sad thing is, We knew what was going to happen, maybe me the most, The Conalls repeatedly warned me, still did we wanted the community to know how much he was loved, and still we had a glimmer of hope that justice would be served. Disappointed, but not surprised. If they can do that to an injured, burned, naked, weaponless kid with a negative toxicology test afterward, among witnesses who saw what happened and where abhorred, then they can murder anyone.

Here is what happens in Clackamas 22.Jan.2006 17:59


If somone can please make these documents easier for people to read and download, please do so on this string, thankyou.

The day Fouads family was robbed of justice, the day they found out that
his life was not even worth an actual trial to the people who are
supposed to protect and serve us, his sister had been up for three days
and in terrible condition, she did not even know the what the Grand Jury
had decided. We were frantically looking for her cause of her trauma. We
were afraid she would hear it on the radio or something, then who knows
what would have happened. We finally located her and I got her to agree to
meet me at my house in Boring, and then I was to take her to get medical
help, her family and Father Albon from our church was planning with
us to get her to a safe place, she was completely delirious and still did
not know of the moral crime the grand jury had committed. All I wanted to
do was get her in my car and my supervision for her safety.
Unfortunately I got pulled over in Gresham, I was in a hurry and
under severe distress, but still I should not of being speeding, for
that just simply puts me and others in danger, I was completely wrong for
that, even though I was worried about Fouads sister.
The police officer took my information, then after what seemed
like 20 minutes came back to my car (he got Clackamas on his radio, or
phone, or how ever else they communicate) and told me he believed me, I
had told him that I was sorry but had concerns for a friend who was
having a crisis and I was trying to get home to help her, or if needed
take her to a hospital, he gave me back my license then said lastly,
"Don't be surprised if the police are there when you arrive."
I called Fouads sister immediately and told her not to come to
my house, but instead meet me somewhere. We were successful in getting
her help and making sure she was safe, I love her so much, it is killing
me that am losing my cousin Fouad, there is no way I am going to allow
anything bad happen to his family, I will put my life on that one.
Ok, now to Clackamas Counties response to someone in crisis, they
pieced together who I was and that it was Fouads sister who was having
the mental crises, they immediately called it a "code 3", and I guess its
a real bead call or something. This for s girl having a crisis? Is this
what they would do to ANYONE who lives in Clackamas County and has
some kind of mental breakdown, or sometimes when the citizen is no longer
alive to testify, they also use mental breakdowns as their scapegoat. It
is true! Clackamas County does not allow its citizens to have any kind
of mental illness, depression, bipolarism, anything. And here is the
proof, here is the letters justifying their systematic murder of
those who are deemed undesirable.
My neighbor called me really quick after the officer let me go, he
is a firefighter and has lived there for over 30 years. He was completely
alarmed and scared, he told me that the Clackamas county police were
setting up not at my house, but across a busy street. He told me they
were setting up Really big guns, and he said really big. He told me that
they were sighting in the front of my home; there was no ambulance, no
fire truck, nothing but a large amount of police seeming to get ready for a
battle. I can't imagine what would of happened if Fouads sister and I
would have shown up, she would of completely broke down at the sight of
so many police officers, and probably think that somehow I set her up or
something, and they would have had us sighted in from across the street
where we would not of even seen those officers. Now this is supposedly
how they respond to someone in crisis. I called and tried to get some
answers. I just received this letter on the 15th.

Thanks Cat Woman & all other concerned citizens 22.Jan.2006 18:29

Rawhide Wagontire

Thank you Cat Woman for your articulate and penetrating comments. And thank you for pointing out the irony of how our county has heaped further insult upon the injury of injustice inflicted on all of humanity through their cowardly acts of violence & corruption. I think we all knew and expected the way Craig Roberts would play this. The question now is, do we let this stand.
If our current system is too flawed to protect us from these thugs we have to protect ourselves. Craig Roberts has forfeited his right to serve as sheriff or live among decent people . He deserves incarceration and expulsion from our community along with the violent cowards who committed this act.

Question for Zaki or family member of Fouad 22.Jan.2006 18:46


Zaki mentioned that the toxicology report was negative for Fouad after this killing. Is that now known for a fact? Let me make it very clear that I am not implying that it makes any difference at all in whether or not this was a murder. It was. Nor does it make any difference in how outraged we all need to be about this. It does not. But the reason I ask is that it has always seemed very fishy to me that the corporate media claimed that the toxicology results would not be made available to the public for "privacay" reasons. This sounded downright ridiculous, in light of the fact that they fished around for any little detail that might make Fouad look less appealing to the public. Though they did not find anything, they violated his, and his family's privacy again and again. In the end, they made relentless allusions to the "possibility" that he was on drugs, as if that mattered. And after making it clear that we should suspect as much, they told us that we would have to be satisfied with their suspicions because the toxicology reports would not be released due to "privacy" concerns. Bullshit.

I even heard that they were refusing to allow Fouad's FAMILY to know of the results of the toxicology reports. What absolute nerve. So that is why I'm asking, does anyone know for sure whether the toxicology reports proved, as the family has maintained all along, that he was not "on drugs" at the time of the killing? Again, it does not matter in terms of how much I care, because I care very much either way. It does matter in terms of bursting through their lies, though.

cut the chase and stop the deaths 22.Jan.2006 19:33


I think what "me" says is extemely important:

"I can't believe that we let them off the hook each time they do this, on the grounds that the killers did not violate policy. Why, then, do we not fucking change the policies??? And why are they not looking into changing the policies around tasers?".  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332345.shtml#210473

This is exactly right. Why sit around whining, complaining, and taking it in the shorts, when you can use your own brains to come up with something better than what they currently use.

If more people would download and study the PPB policy and procedure manual, and put their heads together, I believe they could come up with better policies relative to use of force than are in there right now. The readability, concepts and language in this manual might seem awkward and intimidating at first, but they're not that difficult. It's college level. Many people expressing themselves here on indy should be capable of managing this material. Think of it as a challenge.

Get the manual and study it. Form groups to discuss and formulate new, more effective and humane policy. Have the proposed policies critiqued for viability by qualified volunteer, specialists in the field, that are independent of the bureau. Publicize and present them to the public for open review. Demonstrate publicly to show determination to be heard.

If you really want to make them uncomfortable, embarrass them with something that's better, safer for everybody, and more humane than anything they or their experts have been able to come up with.

toxicology 23.Jan.2006 06:49


The family does have the results, but they will not be released until the civil suite is filed.

Gaurdian Angels 23.Jan.2006 09:10


GOOD IDEA! If we could simply be equipped with a police scanner, and have the proper training, that would be they way to actually do something. This is something I am going to pursue for sure; hopefully there will be people in the community to help. We, the people could diffuse ALL of these situations!

re the guardian angels 23.Jan.2006 09:39

just a thought

While the thought of something like Deacons for Justice, or whatever they were called, is pretty cool, I would be hesitant to endorse a vigilante group like the Guardian Angels. If I remember correctly, they were something of a "law and order" entity that frequently violated the civil rights of people they felt were not fitting the norms of "polite society." In other words, just another abusive police force. We do not need more of that, we need less of it. We need to protect ourselves and each other, we do not need someone else to go around abusing people in our name.

Guardian Angels 23.Jan.2006 10:40


Guardian Angels....I did not have any first-hand experience with the Guardian Angels, I only know from news articles...so if they came across (to some?) as a vigilante group I certainly wouldn't be the first to want to fight fire with fire....
The concept is worthwhile. Toughness IS important. Who could STAND for someone like Fouad? If your attention span does not allow you to see ethnic minorities in this country as fighters for their own rights, and not yours, you shouldn't be able to protect them anyway. Indymedia should learn about REAL fighting, that is, beyond this verbal .

THE TIME FOR TALK IS OVER 23.Jan.2006 13:23


Hey, it's good that everyone is so outraged and that it has been demonstrated beyond any dobt that the concept of justice most of us share does not extend to those in power. Did anyone think for a minute that a department as corrupt as Clackamas County Sheriff's Office is, was going to fairly evaluate it's own conduct or sensor itself for the cold blooded and cowardly murder of Fouad Kaady? It was quite clear when Sheriff Roberts failed to produce this report in the thirty days he promised that it was going to be nothing more than a rubber stamp approval of his deputies conduct and that he was hoping that another couple of months would make people like you and I forget how a naked injured man was brutally tortured and gunned down by the most highly trained and equipped officers money can buy in this county. Roberts mistakenly thought that we might forget about our fallen brother and the horrible grief his loved ones have suffered and endured over his loss as the county and corporate media has heaped insult after insult upon his membory.

It's been pretty damned discouraging to see how few in our county were moved to protest this horrific act and ready to accept the explanations, apologies, and short comings of a system that is obviously more interested in protecting itself than it is in protecting it's citizens. Maybe it shouldn't come as a big surprise in a county as heavily populated with high school drop outs as Clackamas County is, That the majority of citizens failed to recognize how the county with the help of the corporate media set out at the very begining to sway public opinion their way and decieve all of us with lies and mis-leading accounts of the truth. I don't see this as being the least bit a partisan type issue, or one that should pit liberals against conservatives. We should all be equally outraged that this cowardly act has taken place and been allowed to stand without real review, or meaningful scrutiny. NO ONE BUT THE SHOOTERS HEARD MR. KAADY SHOUT "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU". Does anyone know that these two cops didn't drug test after the shooting and that the union protects cops from drug testing? The corpoate media was quick to make Mr. Kaady sound like a dangerous drug crazed maniac, but said little if anything about those that shot him. Could you or I escape serious scrutiny and accountibility if we shot and killed someone under similar circumstances? No, this isn't an issue of conservative or liberal, or of support your local sherrif. It's an issues of decency and justice. Believe it or not, there are some good cops out there still, and everyone of them should be ashamed and refuse to work with cowards like David Willard or William Bergin. And every decent cop anywhere in the world should be ashamed to have a scum bag political parasite like Craig Roberts representing law enforcement. When Craig poked his skinney little neck up at the press conference that followed the flawed Grand Jury decision he stated tha, Dave Willard remained off duty and that it wasn't clear if or when he would return to duty. He then, almost immediately put him back into service without notifying any of the public who have a right to know that such a dangerous, cowardly, and nervous little puke is once again driving around our communities fully armed and as dangerous as ever. Harold Skelton chief of Sandy police didn't even wait for the Jury decision to return Officer Bergin to duty. Here is another cowardly punk wandering the streets armed to the teeth, with a badge and a mandate. Pretty fucking scary if you ask me also.
Yea, the time for talking is over. The addresses of all these cops are public information. Those of us that feel so stongly need to start oranizing camp outs in front of these criminal's homes and demanding that they move out of our neighborhoods, county, and state. We can't allow facsist like these to began populating our county and state. They are a threat to humanity wherever they go. Let them move to somewhere like northern Idaho to be with their violent extremist buddies there. For those of you that don't realize it, Clackamas County is becoming a mecca for white supremist and christian hate groups, and it is starting to reflect more and more in our politics and policies. Craig Roberts must go. Another day is too long for this creep to occupy a public office.
Lets organize a march of support and solidarity for justice and for the memory of the life of Fouad Kaady. Lets shut down Oregon City with thousands of marchers from across the country. Why shouldn't the murder of a decent citizen attract as much attention as that of a fallen cop. Remember how Portland was shut down and every news channel was focused on all those cops marching in honor of their fallen comrade? Why Not? All it takes is a little some committment, networking, and a lot of stick-to-it.
A civil law suit is fine but it won't bring justice to Bergin, Willard, or those that helped them manipulate the facts and get away with murder. It's time for action. These letters might be a pain and discomfort for those in power, but they aren't going to change things either. Action is all we have left. Now that we have two murderers back on the streets another in jail for armed robbery of drug stores, what are we supposed to do when confronted by someone wearing a uniform in Clackamas County. Are we guilty of a crime if we shoot first or run ? This is the problem you get when you deny justice to citizens and allow criminals to occupy posistions of power, isn't it.

Addresses Please 23.Jan.2006 13:58

Rawhide Wagontire

Will someone please post the addresses of David Willard, William Bergin,
Craig Roberts, Harold Skelton, Wendi Babst,& Jim Srovink. I'm planning to go camping soon.

addresses 23.Jan.2006 15:54

anonymous or made up

The work address for Dave Willard, and for Wendi Babst is:

2223 Kaen Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045
Ph: 503-655-8218
Fax: 503-655-8549

Home addresses? why? :-O

THE TIME IS NOW 23.Jan.2006 16:23


After a sixty days extension, the results of the investigation in the shooting of Fouad Kaady is as shocking and disappointing as the results
of the Grand Jury. No wrongdoings were found in the officcers actions.
I cannot imagine a society that will sleep on this kind of rational, this
kind of unbeleivable behavior. If shooting an unarmed,injured, burned man
is justified and not abusing to our conscience, there is no conscience left
in our system and the authorities we live under. This has become a dangerous place to raise our children in. The officer that shot and killed a helpless man has done nothing wrong and everything was within our policies and procedures. Let's not have a short memory and bag this one and go back to work tomorrow and that is exactly what the CCSO wants to happen let's rise up and ask more questions. Let's continue to
write the editor(if they will print our letters)Let's organize a march in
front of the Clackamas County court or somewhere else where we could be seen and heard. CatWoman asked very good questions and the answers were
shady tainted and vague. WE are to continue with our questions until we
get a commitment for a change. Those policies and procedures are to
changed and the investigation should be done by someone outside the county
The're the murderer and judge and investigator. What the Fuck!

Adresses 23.Jan.2006 18:14


Ant home owner's address can be found in the property tax records easily, a real estate agent has easy access to this info. Why addresses? Well, its not illegal, and regardless of the pain, embarrassment and humiliation that the resident would suffer, it does not compare to what the Kaady family is going through, that might well be an effective, peaceful tool, the law would have to be followed precisely, which would give no reason for the police to come, and that's where video cameras would be most useful.

Going to shrrifs department 23.Jan.2006 18:33


I am going to the sheriffs department tomorrow morning in person, I will demand ALL of the documents and the conclusion, then post them here, I am the last person they want to give information to, but its my duty here to the United States of America, liberty must never fail!

Do not be surprised that my Aunt Samara will not speak to the corp. media, but wishes to make her statements here on independent media. When I saw that lowlife from KOIN during the attempted effort of the impossible task of indicting a murderer just because he has a badge, I flipped out on the KOIN crew and had to leave. They are so worthless and fake, it made me sick, and I mean sick.


to "me": yeh yeh, i know 23.Jan.2006 19:33

anonymous or made up

Yes, I know why home addresses. I was just kidding. :-D

Zaki, just so you know, the CCSO monitors this site, and will be waiting for you tomorrow. (Anybody want to go with him with video camera?)

Gaudian Angeks 24.Jan.2006 06:26


I think I made the wrong impression about the Guarding Angel idea, what would be effective is NO attempting of policing of citizens, only to monitor police radio, and in a crises situation have TRAINED crisis volunteers to go and try to talk a person down without that person getting murdered, I for one am not afraid to approach someone and attempt to "talk them down, I have successfully done so with people who are angry and irritated extremely, fearful, and under the severe influence of drugs even LSD. Even if a person did commit a crime, they do not deserve death. Volunteers could also bring recording equipment, and a distinguishable jacket that says "crisis prevention". Volunteers should be trained and somehow certified; this could save lives and maybe after awhile of success be even praised by the police. Fat chance? We would not know until it we made an attempt of such. Currently there are a few officers who are trained for crises situations, but it is not effective when they also have to wear a badge.

Do not be surprised that the metro policing agencies are monitoring, copying, and storing all of Independent Media articles and the newswire stings, but thats a good thing.

I have lived in Clackamas county for over 8 years, and even with all the many encounters with the Clackamas county sheriffs, and have even served time in jail, not once was I treated badly, rudely, or offended by an officer, so please do not label them all like Willard. Even Caption Pearson to whom I spake with about this is a most honest and kindest person who really cares about this community, and 99.99% of Clackamas County sheriffs are good people, its all policy and lack of accountability when problems of misconduct arise, that's the issue.

We are so blessed to still have Fouad make a difference for us, it helps make his death not in vain.

Thank you all. I speak for all of our family (over 600 of us in the Portland metro area) Unfortunately, we live in a capitalist society, so the consequence is that they have to clear the officers. Any profession requires insurance, that is except policing agencies which do not, even if the tax payers have to sport the funds, then police officers could be held accountable without the cost be paid by the city or county. We would see a exceptional change in police accountability procedures.

Kaady report 24.Jan.2006 07:58


Actually, I have gone to the CCSO for reports, and they have given them to me with no problem. They have a cost involved which reflects copy costs...etc. You do not have to demand, just go and ask.

Fouad Kaddy jan 2006 24.Jan.2006 07:58


I am waiting for Samera's call then going to the Clackamas sheriffs office, I will post any documents I am able to retrieve on this string, and post Samera's statements here also. I am even going to try to get a copy of the toxicology report posted today.

If you represent any of a cooperate media, do not bother attempting a story with any kind of family acknowledgment, statements, or help. Your stories are misinformation jokes and you should be embarrassed for what you do. Simply tell your ignorant audience to log onto indymedia.

Guardian Angels 24.Jan.2006 08:41


Well, I'm just one person and I know this has changed my outlook and my life. I intend to keep my eyes open because every day all I see are "dis-enfranchised" youth on the street, probably just someone else's son or cousin, like Fouad. Maybe there is no father in the family, maybe the kid doesn't like school, maybe he is going somewhere, maybe he isn't. Probably he doesn't have too much, if any, money. What gives the Police an authority burn like a kid on the loose? Who do the Police love to talk to "jest for fun" when they aren't puffin' around in their autos, being sharp eyed superiorists?
Where to get good "intervention" training? Practice language that soothes, direct speech, genuine concern if someone is in crisis.

Reports 24.Jan.2006 09:16


I am happy that the reports are easily avaliable, were you also given the toxicology reports?

toxicology 24.Jan.2006 09:56


Fouads parents have the toxicology report and they will release (to Independent Media only)them when the time is appropriate (do want to say that I believe they perfect) Wendy from Clackamas just called me and told me that she had a 14 page packet, but also was I told that if I wait a day or two, she would provide with a great deal of more information then what has been given to the media.

Alternative crisis intervention 24.Jan.2006 19:24


White Bird Free Clinic in Eugene has an alternative mobile crisis team that can show up instead of police/authority figures to respond to 911 calls. It prevents escalation of crisis into something ugly - similar to what some are proposing on this page. It might be a model worth studying if someone in Portland wanted to set up something of its kind here.

I copied this off the White Bird website.

White Bird - CAHOOTS - Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets
Address: 341 E 12th Ave, Eugene OR 97401
Contact: Coordinator David Zeiss
Telephone: 682-5111 Dispatch - Business 342-8255
Fax: 342-7987
Days/Hours: 7 days, 1p-1a
Fees: no

Description: CAHOOTS is a mobile crisis intervention team integrated into the City of Eugene's Public Safety system. Free response is available for a broad range of non-criminal crises including intoxication, disorientation, substance abuse and mental illness problems, dispute resolution and street facilitation. The CAHOOTS van can be dispatched through the City's 911 department. Transport to treatment is also provided. The service is confidential and voluntary. It is staffed and managed by White Bird Clinic.

Look at shootings 25.Jan.2006 01:22


Hey the chain of "Community Newspapers" in Clack Co. have all come out with a big package on police shootings. Worth checking out...

we are all goimg to be safer 25.Jan.2006 07:46


The loss of Fouad was and still is extremely painful, but it was obviously not in vain, we are all going to be safer. You people are beautiful, thank you all, we love you.

citizen review boards 25.Jan.2006 07:58


These are a sham, even when they have had recommended for some kind of discipline for police misconduct, its still only a recommendation which the police chief has an option whether to follow it or not. As far as I know, one has NEVER accepted their recommendation. Dan Handleman from cop watch would know more that one.




Sounds like you folks out there in Oregon have a real problem on your hands. When you get a sheriff and cops that have no respect for the rule of law or the value of human life, you weaken the very democracy that us Americans are supposed to be fighting to protect across the world. I think most of you know that I'm pretty conservative and that my conservatism often means supporting law enforcement to assure that every American has the right to feel safe from thugs and evildoers. That's my job and I make no apologies for it, but please don't confuse that support for law enforcement to extend to those that do so much to weaken the very fabric of our society with behavior more akin to that of the Taliban or Al Qaeda.
How in the world can the U.S. stand up for human rights anywhere in the world when we have thugs shooting unarmed men here at home?
It's not anti law enforcement to stand up to this kind of cowardly indecency. Your efforts to right these wrongs and remove Craig Roberts from office are the best thing you can do to support law enforcement and every decent cop whose job is made much tougher by the bad reputation and lack of respect every cop suffers when a few of these bad apples slip through the cracks. From the sound of things, there must be some pretty big cracks in Clackamas County. My aids have briefed me on the deputy in jail for armed robbery of drug stores in your neighborhoods and of all the other recent shootings that have taken place. Sounds like a real mess, but please don't give up. Democracy still works best. There are many avenues still open.
First of all, someone needs to go to your county election office and ask for papers to RECALL SHERIFF CRAIG ROBERTS. Next thing you folks need to do is arrange some public meetings and seek out volunteers to collect the necessary signatures required to remove tricky Craig from office. Few people realize just how much harm one man in a position of power can do to an entire community. The legacy of your sheriff's office and Craig Roberts is going to hurt you for a long time, but you have to stop it now and try to cut your losses.
The next thing you have to do is go to work on your elected representatives and see to it that they start doing the job your paying them to do. Your district has good men in both the congress and the senate. You need to write and call them and ask them to reopen the investigation into the Kaady shooting. This little tinhorn sheriff you have is not the final word on the valuable life of a good fellow citizen, nor is your district attorney. There are all kinds of questions that remain unanswered including the relationship between the Oregonian and Clackamas County. You need to insist that your elected representatives reopen this investigation and that it gets the fair, open, and honest inquest that it deserves. None of this behind closed doors secret stuff where only county representatives decide who and what questions are asked. You need an open public hearing just like the ones we have been having to see who will occupy the vacant seat on the supreme court.
I am confident from what my aids have told me that if you stick with it, that at the very least you should succeed in getting Dave Willard and William Bergin off the streets, and getting a new sheriff worth his salt.
Good Luck & God Bless America; George Bush

A good read from semi corp news 25.Jan.2006 16:51

George's Mom

The Sandy Post today came out with some pretty well written coverage of the "shooting review:"
Board: Kaady shooters followed protocol
Marcus Hathcock - 01/25/06
Sheriff Craig Roberts

A shooting review board has unanimously advised that a Clackamas County sheriff's deputy and a Sandy police officer did not violate law enforcement policies and procedures during the events surrounding the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Fouad Kaady on Sept. 8, 2005.

The seven-member board, an internal procedural response to any officer-involved shooting, presented its findings in a 27-page report to Sheriff Craig Roberts and Undersheriff Charles Bowen.

"It is not the goal nor mission of the SRB to reinvestigate the case, nor determine criminal liability," the report read. Instead, it is designed "to determine compliance or non-compliance to all applicable existing rules and regulations and current training relative to this specific incident."

While the board could officially respond only to Deputy David Willard, since he is a sheriff's office employee, the findings also apply to Sandy Officer Bill Bergin, according to Sandy Police Chief Harold Skelton. A separate report will be released sometime next week from the shooting review board dealing with Bergin specifically.

Kaady was killed just before 1 p.m. Sept. 8 near Cottrell Grade School just north of Sandy.
Officers found Kaady bloody and naked after the Gresham man was involved in two hit-and-run accidents. Afraid to touch Kaady due to the abundance of blood on his body, Willard and Bergin attempted to get the suspect on the ground until medical personnel arrived.

When verbal commands and Tasers were ineffective, Kaady ran past the officers to the top of Bergin's squad car. The officers then opened fire, reportedly because Kaady was getting too close to a shotgun that was left on the hood of the car.

A grand jury cleared Bergin and Willard of any wrongdoing, and both officers are back to work.
In the shooting review board's report, the board reviewed the events in light of the sheriff's office rules and regulations, specifically regarding conduct, the use of force, the use of firearms, apprehension and arrest, miscellaneous procedures and Taser use. The officers were found compliant in all of the 33 policies and procedures reviewed.

According to the report, "Willard properly perceived a risk to himself and to Officer Bergin, as well as others in and responding to the vicinity."

Skelton agreed with that assessment. "The officers did use the tools at their disposal at the time, and this reinforces that the officers weren't just out looking for someone to shoot. They did their best in that particular circumstance."

Although the officers were said to be in compliance with all of the listed polices and procedures deemed relevant to the case, witness testimony -- including that of the officers themselves -- indicated that a possible breech of firearms use had occurred when Willard left his loaded shotgun on the hood of the patrol car.

Specifically, in Chapter 14, Section 5.1 of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office code, "Any shotgun in possession of a deputy will be secure at all times." From witness testimony, it was made clear that the shotgun was not secure during the encounter with Kaady, and the presence of the unsecured weapon was used as justification for opening fire on the suspect.

Sheriff's department reports also indicated that Bergin's shotgun would have been readily available to Kaady had he gotten inside the patrol vehicle. The same section requires that while in a patrol car, "the (shotgun) operator is responsible for assuring that the firearm is secured in the locked gun rack or hard case in the trunk."

Neither case was addressed in the shooting review board's report.

Responding on behalf of the Kaady family, Kaady cousin Zaki Kahl of Boring said the results were predictable.

"We have expected this from the beginning because the sole purpose of the review committee is to clear those officers," Kahl said. "It's all a matter of money. If (the board) had done anything different, they'd be admitting a huge liability."

He said the board should have interviewed witnesses rather than rely just on the police-provided reports. "What they have done is reinforced the 'innocence' of the officers," Kahl said. "If this is accepted procedure, then don't ever get into an accident."

The family believes a gasoline fire inside the car caused the hit-and-run accidents that eventually led to his death. Kahl said his cousin was burned, bloody, in shock and in need of medical attention.

Despite having no recommendations as to how the Kaady encounter could have been handled differently, the sheriff's office indicated that it hopes to avert such deadly outcomes in the future by providing Crisis Intervention Team training to employees, and by working with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Clackamas County Mental Health to further develop such training. Some sheriff's office employees will attend a weeklong training on critical incidents next month.

Additional training recommendations will be presented to a separate "training skills group" at a later date for possible implementation.

"We will continue to assess our policies, procedures, training and tactics to improve public safety for all citizens of Clackamas County," Roberts said after receiving the report.

Editorial note not from the post: Fouad was neither mentally ill, nor under the influence of any kind of drug. He was Naked, He was badly burned, He was injured, he was unarmed, he was catatonic, AND HE WAS KILLED. One of the officers doing the killing had already graduated from the Sheriff's little class on crisis intervention. What now, Craig?

MUCH MORE TO BE SAID 25.Jan.2006 18:56


there is a lot more that remains to be said here. none the less i want to thank our supreme leader for supporting this all important case that separates americans from the government that killed protestors in tiennamen square in china, the taliban that stoned women to death in afghanistan, and the radical element that continues to kill civillians and american service men in iraq. craig roberts ranks among those individuals such as hitler, stalin and mussolini that proceeded him.[ his overwhelming preoccupation is one with power. he is a sick man, most likely abused by his father, seeking revenge, and domination over innocent civillians. clackamas county can have no rest, or social order untill this piraya is driven from office. today is the day/ now is the time/ he must go/ there is no other way/ he is the link in the chain of evil/ he must go now

you just consent to it 25.Jan.2006 20:49

its all consented to and approved, by most everyone

Look at it much more simply. All "policies and procedures" were followed. They aren't really mean or bad guys, they are all just following a script. That script is called the Use of Force guidelines.
An overview of those guidelines can be found right here: www.cpso.pdx.edu/html/forcepolicy.htm Rodney King, Amadou Diallo, etc., doesn't matter. Every state has them, and everyone follows them. They are just guidelines. Whether they say that you can be
lied to, beaten, shot, stabbed, tazed, set up, killed, bitten, bombed, harrassed, surveilled, doesn't matter either. It is a simple concept. Policies and procedures.
Your consent has been obtained and it is put towards all uses allowable in current policy. If you feel like it, go and find all the use of force guidelines and see for yourselves. Its quite easy to understand then.
Every baton strike, shooting, tazing, stunning all makes sense then. It is all "public policy." You are the public, aren't you ? At least there is no contest right now, yes ? Go and understand "public policy."
When you get really smart, then you will be ready to read "Adventures in Legal Land" and stop worrying about nazis, and the taliban and all these wonderous characters that don't apply here.

how the cops do it, and somone who has read the manual 26.Jan.2006 00:29


Yes! Yes! Check out the comment  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332345.shtml#211081

this person gets the relationship between how cops progress to lethal force in the field, and Policy and Procedure Manuals. The way to start fixing things is to change the policy and procedure police use to determine appropriate use of lethal/violent force.

In another article:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332225.shtml#210690

The above comment provides the PPB Policy and Procedures Manual. It doesn't take too long to download. It's quite an amazing piece of work, and I highly recommend that everyone study it carefully and discuss it with others. I've presented my views on the subject on indy numerous times before. Really, I think the only way to see a change is to re-write policy and procedure to the extent that the public will support implementation of those changes.



EXCUSE ME ! Did the Sandy Post story say that Officer Bergin left a loaded shotgun on the hood of his car? Just how is it that our fine media that has reported so much about the hit & run accidents, bizarre conduct, and speculated about drug influence forgot to mention this small detail.
Obviously, if this is true, it follows that the officers breech of one of the most fundamental elements of law enforcement was violated and was a major contributung factor in the decision to use deadly force. And yet there was no violation of policy or procedure. Come on, do you think you or I would walk free if we contributed to someone's death in a similar situation. The same district attorney that conducted the Grand jury investigation would have any citizen up on manslauter or negligent homicide chares if we contributed to this extent in a shooting. People go to prison everyday in our county for much less than this.
And speaking of fundamental :----- Is it not absolutely clear to everyone that there was never a ghost of a chance that the county would be forthcoming in accepting responsibility for it's actions. Is it not clear to everyone that the protection of privilege and power are built into the system and that this whole process of grand jury and review board were nothing more than a charade aimed towards justifying murder and those responsible? This whole thing stinks and the smell continues to get worse. It might not resolve all the issues or bring justice to this case but Crig Roberts is one of the only fair targets here being an elected official. Being an elected official, He is one of the only figures we can hold responsible. Everything about Craig Roberts and the way he has handeled this case, suggest that he is a slimey politician and A liar. Everything about his leadership and all that has gone wrong with CCSO since he took office suggest that he is incapaple of running our sheriff's department. I SECOND THE MOTION. CRAIG ROBERTS MUST GO AND MUST GO SOON. ANOTHER DAY IS TOO LONG. CALL TODAY AND DEMAND HIS RESIGNATION. IF THIS FAILS HIT THE STREETS WITH THE RECALL PAPERS

I DON'T CONSENT 26.Jan.2006 09:16


i'm afraid you are partially right. these references to nazis, the taliban, and others might not be perfect fits or in the best taste, but given the situation and what we are up against sometimes rhetoric and polimics are fair weapons in the fight for justice. i will read
"adventures in legal land" and let you know what i think. thanks for the tip

PPMs mean precisely NOTHING 26.Jan.2006 16:02


Not when the same one is writing the manuals, interpreting them, and enforcing them. In such a scenario, all "policies and procedures" are precisely meaningless -- or mean only what the judge-jury-executioner combo person decides they mean. It's all Alice-in-Wonderland at that point.

Conversely, if the public really DID have a say in the matter -- if Kaady's friends and neighbors got a say in what was done with these cops -- they wouldn't need a deep study of the "policies and procedures" before deciding whether to cashier these fuckers and bring them up on murder charges.

tox results 26.Jan.2006 16:30


My cousin, was murdered by CCSO and the results of the tox will be released by CCSO when it suits them. He had 257mg per liter of amphetamines in his system. Now they can't pick and choose when it will be released.



THANKS CATWOMAN for a article well written and informative. It is a blessing to be able to get on the indymedia and write what we feel like. Everyone that
takes the time to get in touch with what is going on and put their two cents
in is a heroe. I wish we can have a CATWOMAN ON EVERY BLOCK and every citizen
like the people that are taking the time to write. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Fouad Kaddy 27.Jan.2006 19:44

Don Thieme dmthieme@prodigy.net

I came upon this story quite by accident while reading about the FBI setup of ecoterrorists on indymedia. To my knowledge it has not been covered by either public radio or independent news outlets like "Democracy Now. I am not surprised that it has not been covered by corporate network or cable media, although I would not be aware of that if it had been since I do not watch television here at home. I hope that this terrible police murder will be a basis for some positive outcome on a national basis, although that may be a small consolation to Fouad's family.

Stop Illegal Lethal/Excessive Force by "Out of Control Police/Sheriff Officers 03.May.2006 04:51

Jerry Marshall Atlansky js@atlansky.com 24/366

Wednesday-May 3, 2006

When I first read The Oregonian Newspaper article regarding the Fauad Kaady Killing by Clackamas County Deputy Dave Willard by gun shot wounds, I was shocked that a burn victim, naked with no weapons was tazed and shot to death with two officers at the location in the City of Sandy.

By chance I met Fauad's sister protesting outside the Oregon City Clackamas County Court Building during the hearings on her brothers case. She was just asking for justice to be served as she, and her family and friends felt this was an extreme case of derelict of duty by both Police Officers. I agreed with her that all the facts most be revealed, and I suggested a independent oversight board should investigate and give to the public all the facts and their findings for possible further action on this matter.

After 7 months of research, planning, telephone calls and e-mails to now thousands of people throughout the entire State of Oregon and beyond, I set-up an oversight board called, Oregon State Police-"Independent Citizens Review Board."

My first step was I called the training Department of the Oregon State Police and asked the head of the depatment just one question. Lt Douthit, what is the procedure if a suspect is restrained and a Police Officer is repeatedly beating the suspect, what is required of another Police Officer witnessing this alleged illegal excessive force? Lt. Douthit said, the witnessing Police Officer should assist in the arrest and report the incident to a commander." My repy was what good would that do as the Police Officer could inflict a permanent injury or loss of life? Only after I said that a new independent oversight board must be formed to demand new procedures and training be implemented did Lt. Douthit say he will take two steps and send me an e-mail on this matter.

With many letters and phone calls to Oregon State Police Superintendent Ron Ruecker with copies to the Governor and Attorney General and pressure from State Legislators and a Freedom of Information Act request did we finally receive the first letter direct from the Superintendent with "Code of Ethics" Policy with not one word of a change in procedures as we requested for 7 months of our investigation.

In the past month we have called for the Superintendent's resignation, demotion and firing but the Governor and Attorney General have failed to take any action.

Our goal which we made clear is we need all Oregon Police/Sheriff Departments throughout the State of Oregon, should be required to set up new procedures and training to protect all Oregonians from harm and major law suits that will drain needed funds to properly run Police Departments.

We invite all interested people to contact us for future action on this matter. If your tired as we are of the television news of Police Officers video taped beating/kicking and shooting suspects we now have direction to put an end to this violation of State and Federal Constituional Laws.

Future success,

Jerry M. Atlansky-Chairperson
Oregon State Police-"Independent Citizens Review Board."
 js@atlansky.com 24/366

Police Brutality in Oregon 15.May.2006 10:21

Don Thieme dmthieme@prodigy.net

Thank you for letting me know what you have done in response to this incident and how it relates to my comment. To be honest, I had entirely forgotten about my comment as I live in Georgia and we have our own problems with the police. I doubt that I can be of much further assistance since I am not an Oregonian. It does sound like your citizen review panel is going to be a good thing coming out of this terrible incident of police brutality.


It WAS on the corporate media 21.Jan.2006 21:40

viewer and reader

The various witnesses were on channel 6, it's where I learned about it. And I didn't learn anything from you that I didn't learn from the TV stories, sorry.
If you would stick to presenting your version of the story, it would be more helpful, rather than concentrating on the evil corporate media.
Indy media does break alot of stories, but too often you exploit peoples pain for YOUR own agenda.

Can't believe it. 21.Jan.2006 22:19


I cannot believe that two killer cops have been given a clean bill of health this week. I can't believe that we let them off the hook each time they do this, on the grounds that the killers did not violate policy. Why, then, do we not fucking change the policies??? And why are they not looking into changing the policies around tasers?

Oh, and just to respond to "viewer and reader," maybe, but not before it appeared here, and not in any detail whatsoever. It was pathetic, and hours after it showed up here. So thanks for playing.

Was on the corp media? 21.Jan.2006 22:22


"The various witnesses were on channel 6, it's where I learned about it. And I didn't learn anything from you that I didn't learn from the TV stories,"

Wow, this must either be a KOIN reporter, or a PIO. Because it's STILL not on the corporate media, and I can say with certainty that the corporate media never ONCE mentioned the fact that all eye witnesses to the shooting differ with the two officers on whether Kaady was threatening them in any way what so ever.

yes it was 21.Jan.2006 23:24

viewer and reader

I saw alot of stories with alot of different eyewitnesses who disagreed with the official reports, and I saw them on tv. And to be clear... what I saw on the local news convinced me the shooting was unjustified. I do appreciate reading more on Indy media, I just think you guys get bogged down in this competition with the corporate media. Sometimes you are wrong about what was on and when, and you lose a bit of credibility each time. Using broad generalizations is the same thing you accuse them of doing.

thanks koin, but no thanks 22.Jan.2006 02:41

indymedia supporter

But the indymedia agenda is to empower people to tell their own stories and to put you out of business. You're the ones trying to make the profit off of people's suffering, not the people who are reporting their own experiences here who don't make even 1 cent from doing so. Did you really think people would believe that you were just a "viewer and reader"? Next time, it might be wise to keep your corporate sponsored opinions to yourself lest you reveal just how concerned the corporate media really is with the rise of indymedia.

KOIN? What is that? 22.Jan.2006 08:22

Lew Nassa

Say, Viewer and Reader; Since six is generally the weakest station in the vicinity, and I cannot stand the inane sports and weather long enough to find out if they actually have any content, I am sorry that I missed the "witnesses and story" that you say were "reported" there. Twenty minutes of what the weather did today, and ten minutes of big mouth Ed and the joc report, interspersed with a smattering of "news," held together by a dozen loud commercials, does not a news report make. Neither does saying that they reported a story. Hell, Scott Mc Clelland tells us that W was elected.
Acting upon your tip that they had actually reported something, I went to their web site, which is a joke. No story there, so I guess I will just take your word for it that they got something right, but I will still look here for the real story first. You can freeze your brain in whatever manner you desire.
Indy, you rock.

there's reporting, and there's... 22.Jan.2006 08:49


I understand that some people may get carried away in their hatred of the corporate media. However, there's an important point to be made:
Howard Zinn famously observes in _A People's History_ that one does not need to lie by other omission or commission in order to distort the truth. One has only to frame things in a certain way. The example he gives is Samuel Eliot Morrison's very well known biography of Christopher Columbus.

Morrison does not lie in any way about Columbus. He is quite clear that Columbus was a genocidal killer. It's just that that little detail is not important to Morrison, who is too busy recounting Columbus's epic feats of seamanship and "discovery" to devote more than a slim paragraph on a single page out of a several hundred page volume to "that little matter," as Ward Churchill sardonically refers to it.

So sure, the corporate media may have let slip a slim half a minute or two of doubts about the Fouad Kaady case. But certainly no one watching it will get to hear the steady drumbeat of funeral dirges for victims of murderous cops. No one will get the sense that this is more than yet another famous "isolated incident." And only a precious few will even be aware of the Kaady case at all, or any details of it. Even though it's one of the more appalling and outrageous incidents in recent memory in this part of the country.

Another one??? 22.Jan.2006 08:54

pulling off the wool

ANOTHER murderer gets off just because he had a uniform and a "mandate"? It really is open season on the rest of us, isn't it? The person who pulled the trigger should go to jail for a very long time, and if "the law" does not support that, then "the law" is clearly wrong. What kind of policies and procedures allow this sort of thing???


Not that it's remotely on topic either, but I must vehemently disagree with "viewer and reader." I hate to admit this here, but I actually did watch the entire broadcast of koin yesterday, and did not hear a WORD about this. (I know it was KOIN that I watched, because it's the only channel I get.) After reading your comment, I thought maybe I had missed something. So I went to their website to see, and hey, guess what? There's STILL no coverage of this important story. So give it a rest. What, do you work for them?

Back to the issue, though. Shit. Sometimes, I really feel powerless when things like this happen. Over and over, the police harass, illegally incarcerate, torture, and even KILL innocent people, and then they just fucking get away with it. They have "laws" to protect them, and ignorance to fall back on, and guns to keep us in our places. What do we have? We have each other. And like the Viet Cong, we are fighting for our homes and families, while they are fighting for money. I don't know that we will ever wake up, though, and realize that we can, and must, do something about this. Something real.

ath am I 22.Jan.2006 17:09

Grim Reaper

Yes, death am I, the more bitter the more sweet to my cold quiet heart
then does it ly!

And now have ye chosen elders turned ye against each ye, and he against
he, and she against she. Deilightfull tis is to my fleshless hands I
find it to grasp!

Care not what becomes of ye nieghbor, payment it is only, for my years
of hard labor, for sooner is better, but for bitterness and evil will my
pang be stayed, untill all come as bound, not in peace but in agony to
my hands will ye be paid.

Close ye eyes! Shut ye ears! For not in gold will I pay ye, but perhalps
in years, that is years of torment, until ye wish me to come, and
commith I will! At that final sound of despair, when ye cries that thee
world is not fair, and not fair wiil ye own hands make it so!

Howbeitso that my wish and longing is now laid in my hands? For never
did I forsee such a delightfull hate scape cross these lands, which were
once filled with that waiste of time, joy.

Gnaw your mind, pound at thee floor, let anger consume your will and
scream silently more, "Have wee been forsaken? Why have our hearts, our
love been taken? Where is the peace we were promised or was it all

But most of all, above all the rest, do simply nothing, for I am the
best! Of breaking ye will, of plundering ye treaures, even those hidden
deep within ye mind which thee wealth ye does not measure, for that is
my pleasure.

Ye think of brimstone and fire tis here, but cold, hard and tis filled
with fear, ye wil find no light at all
Death am I! But tis thee evil and hate that , no vision will be clear, even that light from fire will not be here.

Death am I! But tis is the evil and hate that I seek as a boon! Let me now
trample down ye house, as if from simple straw was it hewn, and always
will I be here, waiting, wanting, tis your hate that I consume!
Always will I be here!

-Grim Reaper

KOIN Running Scared 22.Jan.2006 23:18


Wow! Of course, I loved the fact that the Kaady family chose to not have their statements twisted by the corporate media, but is nice also that the KOIN reporter chose to post here as well.

I think it is great how that KOIN person took the time to say to the indymedia tacticians that the competition with them was senseless and that they lose credibility. I mean, first off, since indymedia is competiting and IT IS APPARENTLY WINNING, that's great! Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition for the truth and, of course, for human dignity. Something which anyone at KOIN or a newspaper would lack trying to present "both sides" of cut and dry case of social injustice.

It's said really. I guess if indymedia was having a monetary competition with KOIN for viewer market share, that wouldn't be silly or a credibility loss. I mean, money is serious, the truth is just something to manipulate to compete over money with other media companies. Can't KOIN and all the rest see that everytime they compete with other stations and media tactics on the basis of money and INFO-TAINMENT that they lose credibility (if that's possible)? It's right there, just open your eyes and see it. Take your own advice KOIN person and stop competiting with other stations for money and go out of business telling the truth, that's where credibility is measured. In the eyes of the at least one family involved in a case where a loved one was ruthlessly shot down down in cold blood, KOIN and corporate media have no credibility. Rightly so.

But, as to credibility of indymedia being lessened at all by competiting and winning against something that is an injustice, like the corporate media, that is just plainly not true either. As an issue of credibility, it probably doesn't matter to the KOIN person, I mean, because once you are at the bottom of the barrel of credibility there is no where lower to go.... and anyway....get real KOIN.... you are TV news....you are a hack shop. Real journalists in the newspaper and radio industry think you all are a bunch of untrained idiots. That's because, well, it's the truth. TV news is not even real corporate news. It's where you go when you can't be a real reporter and everyone in the industry knows that. Don't joke about credibility.

At the very least, indymedia is a passionate telling of what people believe is the truth done for no profit and no money. That's a starting at the top of the totem pole of credibility my dear journalism wanna-be's. And, if indymedia loses a little credibility now and again, I think as a way of doing reporting it is still up there amongst the angels. Imagine if you, dear "reader and viewer" could volunteer some time to post something to this site, not because your pride was hurt because indymedia scooped you (or worse, you were paid to post to do damage control), but because you were passionate about a story and you wanted to tell the truth that your editors at KOIN would not let you tell or you knew better than try to get by them. That would make you "reader and viewer and poster of substance" and nobody would have to know at work.

I have to say again as to competition that the score on this story seems to be at least Indymedia 2; Corpomedia 0. I mean, and what's indymedia's handicap? No money, no broadcast towers, no satellites, little equipment..... hmmm... maybe we should make that something like. Indymedia 2; Corpomedia -666 Well, I guess I don't want to make indymedia sound that encumbered... it does have the advantage of a genuine passion to tell the truth, no advertisers or corporate bosses telling it what to do, and a committment to justice. So, indymedia really has some powerful means that Corpomedia doesn't. So, don't feel so bad KOIN and the rest of you Corpomedia types... but INDYMEDIA WINS and YOU LOSE! Winning is something to be proud of.


WHAT IF 23.Jan.2006 14:08


what if someone from the community of disenfrachized, mentaly ill, or emotionally disturbed, that our cops like to pick on and kill when ever they see fit gets a hold of these cop's addresses? Will anyone weep if tomorrows headlines are about a cop's family being ax murdered instead of someone among the poorly represented in society? I don't know if this is a good idea.

Little known, less appreciated, factoid 23.Jan.2006 18:40

Didja No

Coppers are protected by law. They are the only group that can, as a matter of course, use their work address as their legal address, on drivers' licenses, on vehicle reg, and the like. Tis one o the perks, that allow them to remain, loveable, but un approachable.
They are, apparently, the only branch of government that gets to investigate their own misdeeds. Makes it easy to be a scofflaw, does it not? These guys are above and beyond the law, and the only, only way to affect any change is to take down the top. Gotta take out the Commissioners, the DA, the Sheriff, and all the other elected shit heads, and make it known why it is being done. Then, maybe they will actually exercise some leadership and control over the rogue pricks who are always out here, bitchin about how understaffed, how underpayed, how overworked they are. Fuckem

Not the only "untouchables..." 23.Jan.2006 23:55


Take a look through the government pages of the state capitol phone book...there you will find, depending on the state, departments listed for Boards of Examiner, and/or licensing authorities for such as veterinarians, dentists, physicians, nurses, barbers, beauticians, engineers, food service, insurance--all kinds of consumer protection... but nothing for attorneys.

The closest thing to oversight of that profession is the bar association...which is composed of attorneys! They are 'self-regulating'!

Try to find a number to call with a complaint about an attorney.

Curious 24.Jan.2006 15:03


(Babst) said that she could give me a syllabus from the classes, but that "you will only put it up on indymedia."

So, just what the hell business is it of Ms. Babst, where you might "put up" the legally obtained, public information? Does she for some reason regard Indy as a less legitimate organ of news than say the WhOregonian? How about KOIN Sux? It is none of her fucking business WHERE you choose to publish, Cat. Just because she feels the need to bend over for that bunch of killers does not mean that we all should.

As for your identity, she now knows exactly what she knew before you spoke to her-not a fuckin thing. That she may have intuited some way your nom d. plume may make her feel all wise, she is still just the mouth of the fascist pig organization she serves, and one can only guess at what else she does with that mouth.

Concerned for Zaki's safety 24.Jan.2006 23:44

peace lover

Is anyone else as concerned as I for Zaki's safety? What if he had gone home only to be surprised by a high-powered-weapons-wielding gang of cops? They could have easily shot to kill and then made up a story just like they did about Fouad. It occurs to me that Zaki has another civil/criminal suit to file. By what right or reason did they show up at his house with tactical weapons? Just because he was speeding home to pick up a relative in need of immediate care? Seems like they're using any excuse they can to harass this peace-loving, unarmed man until they can find an excuse to shoot him. If I were you, Zaki, I would find another county to live in, at least until you can get a restraining order on the cops.