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Anti-WTO Solidarity Video to Show

What: Videos from the Resistance
When: Monday, January 30th, 7pm
Where: It's a Beautiful Pizza (SE Belmont, at about 34th)
As the World Trade Organization met in China last month, the People met in the streets. And, as always, the people of Portland came to the streets in solidarity with people all over the world who are fighting the stark oppression wrought by the "New World Order," and specifically, by the WTO. Aside from a large march that wound through the city, there were several exciting break-away actions, including a building occupation at the Cascade Policy Institute, and a boisterous protest against the oppression of animals at Schumacher Furs.

Street videographers captured much of the action on film, and will be showing a piece at the next VFTR entitled, "Which Side Are You On?" If you were there, come and see, and celebrate the action with us. If you were not, come and see what you missed. Either way, see you there.
Some other videos 19.Jan.2006 11:19

chaka chan

also, see us through the eyes of the monster. 19.Jan.2006 13:46

Videoista #45927

Don't forget this video, which will also be showing on the 30th:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/331777.shtml. See you there!