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FBI affadavit on Sacramento arrests outlines deep infilatration of radical movements

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Sacramento, California, U.S. - FBI documents released today reveal details about the state's case against Eric McDavid, Lauren Weiner, and Zachary Jensen, who were arrested Friday for allegedly conspiring to blow up U.S. Forest Service buildings buildings and cell phone towers on behalf of the Earth Liberation Front. According to the criminal complaint the group considered bombing the Nimbus Dam on the American River near Sacramento, a cellular telephone tower, a power station, banks, trucks, mountain-top-removal projects in West Virginia and Communist Party offices.

The complaint went on to claim that the three "scoped out" the US Forest Service's Institute of Forest Genetics in Placerville, California, building and the Nimbus Dam, on January 10th. The following day they allegedly purchased ingredients for a homemade bomb at an area Wal-Mart store. Agents say that they recovered a notebook from Eric McDavid which contained a diagram of the Forest Service Institute and pictures of pipe bombs.

Information in the complaint comes from a paid "confidential source (CS) who is deeply imbedded within the subjects' cell. The CS has worked for the FBI since early 2004. S/he has agreed to testify in court." Supporters identified the CS as a young woman named "Anna" who "went to Auburn" with the defendents shortly before their arrests. The document says that she has has provided information in at least 12 anarchist cases since 2004. She has traveled to and infiltrated various anarchist gatherings and protests across the country including the Biodev 2005 demonstrations in Philadelphia, a CrimethInc. convergence in Indiana and the Feral Visions green anarchist gathering in North Carolina. A police officer suffered a fatal heart attack during a confrontation at the Philadelphia protest which the defendants are now being linked to.

Additional information provided in the complaint was gathered from the defendant's own blogs and and MySpace.com an online community were at least one of the defendants has a personal profile and blog. MySpace is a popular networking and dating forum used by young people. MySpace profiles regularly contain fictitious information about individuals. For instance, one of the defendants profiles which was used against him in court said that he lives in "the barren wastelands, Morocco." A profile on the LiveJournal.com personal publishing site and online community was also used as evidence.

All three suspects are being held in the Sacramento County Jail. They have had difficulty receiving vegan or vegetarian meals from jail authorities. Lauren's case is particularly serious because she has Lymes disease which is maintained through dietary control and is also lactose intolerant. She has requested that people contact the jail on her behalf and request that she be given food which she can eat.

homepage: homepage: http://bombsandshields.blogspot.com

myspace stuff 18.Jan.2006 13:28


The alleged MySpace profile of the arrestee is here:

(this is from the affadivit, and is public record)
this is a sreen capture of the myspace  blog mentioned in the affadavit
this is a sreen capture of the myspace blog mentioned in the affadavit

?? 18.Jan.2006 17:42


If anyone has seen a photo of the "confidential source" described in this article, it would be good to post it here.

photos of the snitch 18.Jan.2006 21:14

from philly.

we're working on it....

infiltrator, not a snitch 18.Jan.2006 22:42


this person currently appears to be an infiltrator, not a snitch.

BFC...send it 19.Jan.2006 02:56

you know...

yo, send in a photo... she's gotta be in one of yours....

Documents allege links in ecoterror foiled plot 19.Jan.2006 14:51



Documents allege links in ecoterror foiled plot
Suspect an associate of Ryan Lewis, Newcastle firebomber
By: Penne Usher, Journal Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 18, 2006 12:29 AM PST

SACRAMENTO - Court documents link a Foresthill arson suspect to a Newcastle man who has admitted to his role in firebomb attacks in Auburn and Amador counties.

Eric Taylor McDavid, 28, who appeared in a federal courtroom in Sacramento Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to commit arson was an "associate" of Ryan Lewis, who pleaded guilty last year to three counts of arson in connection with the eco-terrorist group the Earth Liberation Front, according to court documents revealed Tuesday.

A criminal complaint filed in federal court Tuesday outlined the basis for the arrest of McDavid and two other "anarchists."

McDavid, Zachary Jenson, 20, of Monroe, Wash., and Lauren Weiner, 20, of Philadelphia, Penn. also face federal charges of conspiracy for allegedly plotting to destroy U.S. Forest Service structures, banks and commercial trucks in the name of the Earth Liberation Front.

The complaint alleges that a "confidential source" working for the FBI infiltrated McDavid's ELF "cell" and kept in contact with federal agents outlining McDavid, Jenson and Weiner's plans.

Additionally, the suspects were seen in the past week in the company of Eva Holland, who has pleaded "guilty" to attempted arson.
Ellen Endrizzi, federal prosecutor, outlined before the court the case against the suspected eco-terrorists and said they should remain in custody.

McDavid and Jenson will be represented in further court proceeding by appointed federal defense attorneys. Weiner has retain Sacramento attorney David Dratman, who argued unsuccessfully for his client's release on bail before Judge Gregory Hollows. The request was denied, but will be revisited 2 p.m. Friday at a detention hearing.

All three remain in Sacramento County jail without bail. If convicted they each face a minimum mandatory sentence of five years in prison with a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The recognized eco-terrorist group is comprised of "cells," or small numbers of individuals who work to carry out criminal activities often targeting government, commercial and residential facilities.

The environmental extremists are known to use arson and explosive devices to damage and destroy buildings.

According to the Endrizzi, McDavid, kept a transient lifestyle not tying himself to electronics, a cell phone or a permanent address and traveled by hitchhiking or train jumping. His parents live in Foresthill. Calls to Eileen McDavid's home were not returned by press time Tuesday.

Weiner's mother reportedly flew in from New York to attend Tuesday's hearing. Dratman argued that his client could live with her mother in New York while free on $100,000 bail.

Jensen maintained a personal Web page at Myspace.com under the posting name of Ollie Aucksen.

His last posting was in early December in which he wrote that he planned to go the Washington D.C. for a few days before returning to Northern California.

"I'll be living on an organic farm until April or so. the land up there is beautiful. but i'm scared. in about 3 days, you won't be able to contact me until springtime. i'll see you in seattle in the spring. i love ya kids. i'll post some last minute writings before i get cut off," he wrote. Jenson has also been linked to criminal activity in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The arrest was based on probable cause that the trio "conspired to damage or destroy property by fire or explosives," the complaint said.

On Jan. 10, FBI agents observed the suspects traveling to Auburn and the confidential source reported to agents that the Nimbus Dam, near Folsom, was among "reconnaissance" targets.

They drove to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery and appeared to survey the area.

The suspects allegedly believed "human causality" from their actions would be acceptable, according to the complaint.

This is not the first time the Earth Liberation Front has struck in the Auburn area. Lewis, Holland her sister Lili Holland and Jeremiah Colcleasure were arrested last year in connection with multiple firebomb attempts. Four firebombs were round at the Twelve Bridges development in Lincoln on Dec. 27, 2004, and five incendiary devices were found at an Auburn Office building under construction Jan. 12. 2005. An apartment complex in Sutter Creek was burned Feb. 7. All were connected to the Earth Liberation Front.

Lewis, 23, of Newcastle, pleaded "guilty" Oct. 14, 2005 in federal court to two counts of attempted arson and one count of arson in connection with the planting of incendiary devices in Placer and Amador counties. He remains in a Sacramento County jail pending sentencing. Eva Holland, 26, and her sister Lili, 21, also of Newcastle, pleaded "guilty" to a count of attempted arson. A fourth defendant, Jeremiah Colcleasure, 24, pleaded "not guilty" will face a jury later this year. He remains free on bail.

A suspected bomb was planted on the steps of the Placer County Historic Courthouse in Old Town Feb. 13, 2005 and another similar device was located behind the Auburn office of the Department of Motor Vehicles. No one has been arrested in connection with the two plantings.

At this point, authorities said the arrests of McDavid, Jenson and Weiner are not in direct connection to the planting of any bombs.

McDavid and Jensen are scheduled to return to federal court in Sacramento at 2 p.m. Jan. 24.

where's the real evidence? snitches imply a lack thereof 20.Jan.2006 10:31

Free All political prisoners

The dependency on anonymous snitches and "myspace" profiles as evidence indicates a lack thereof by the FBI (Foolish Bumbling Idiots). Yeah i heard somebody tell somebody else (through a friend) that this other person they knew were gonna blow something up. Blah, blah, blah. The goon squad FBI is patching together some real flimsy evidence as part of their Homeland Security war on the American people privacy. This flimsy informant evidence is relied upon more and more by police state due to lack of anything substantial. Similar as with the late Stanley Tookie Williams, his conviction happened because of the classic jailhouse informant (or parolee), a neighboring cellmate who got off death row from serious offenses because informant gave info (supplied via police) on Tookie that led to his conviction. The DA is a well paid con artist, and like other sociopaths lacks a conscience..

To avoid these and other complications, trust only yourself and consider some low level lone wolf actions..

Some environmentalists get snagged and locked up in prison indefinitely, all because some mysterious individual named "Anna" said so? Maybe "Anna" has some charges of her own that she is attempting to work off. Classic infiltrations of anarchist/EF!/enviros include police depending on people with criminal background who want to get reduced charges. Many sociopaths are more than willing to give info, hearsay or use thier imagination to convict somebody else who may be causing corporations some problems with their activism. This does not imply that these activists are actually planning any terrorist activity, though they may have gained secret info that would damage a corporation's image if released to the public..

Wake up and smell the bullshit, America, because right now you're drowning in it..

Also need to mention insurance fraud and the possibility that certain corporations/gov agencies, including US Forest Service may be attempting self sabatoge with the claim "eco-terrorism" and framing some nearby activists who are a thorn in their side. Everything in this case works out to the benefit of the corporation. Even the public image of the corporations as victims of "evildoer ecoterrorists" can bring sympathy from the consumers who now purchase or support a product that they wouldn't under ordinary circumstances. An example is the SUV dealership realizing that public demand for SUVs is on the decline, so a self inflicted vandalism enables the dealer to collect insurance, frame activists and become victims in the public image..

Note that the same SUV dealership in the news from Free's three vehicles (later repaired and sold) was later targeted and had over 40 some vehicles completely damaged. Now only after the greater damage the SUV dealership could collect insurance money, not much if anything from the small damage of three vehicles. The later vandalism was also blamed on Free, which resulted in his excessive sentence. Is it possible that the SUV dealership benefitted from the second vandalism from collecting insurance money. Maybe before the "eco-terrorist" media publicity SUV sales were on a decline, and after the so-called eco-terrorism the paranoid Republicans all rushed to the lot to purchase the new SUVs paid for by insurance money..

Personally i don't think that blowing up dams is the answer, the seismic movement of the Earth's tectonic plates will eventually accomplish that better than any explosives ever will. Unfortunalye many people are living their daily existance in the path of a flood while the government remains silent. Maybe people need to realize that their safety is an illusion, and the current messengers of the impending disasters are now incarcerated where their voices will be muffled by concrete walls..

This may sound like another conspiracy theory, but look at the patterns of abuse coming from imperialism and fascist governments. Scapegoats are always needed, from Nazi Germany (communists, Jews, Gypsy, homosexual, etc..) to the modern day US empire (enviros, Arabs, Africans, Mexicans, homosexuals, etc..) certain vulnerable populations have always been targeted and blamed to cover up the worse crimes of the corporatists (military weapons contracters, oil corporations, chemical/biotech corporations, etc.)..

Free ALL political prisoners, we will continue to fight against US imperialism at home and abroad..

luna moth

An informer is a paid snitch 21.Jan.2006 01:47

deanosor deanosor@comcast.net

When someone says the person is not a snitch but an informer, i don't get why you raise so much of a distinction. An informant or "confidential source" as it says in the FBI's affidavit is a paid sntich. It is someone who infilitrates some "group" to get goods on those people, and sometimes becuase he/she is getting paid, makes up stuff to make them look good. In this case the infiltrator (who some claim is a woman named anna, but others in the movement claim it couldn't have been her, becuase she wasn't at the places the timeline says she was at-We will find out in court wher this person will ahve to testify and be cross-examined about the allleged conspiracy) was according to the affidavit allowed to commit illegal acts as part of the investigation. In effect this confidential source is the only person admitting to committing illegal acts.

infiltrators 23.Jan.2006 13:39


Infiltrating can be a form of entrapment. Given that the CS was authorized to engage in activity and make plans with suspects, he or she may have even suggested actions to not then suspects. That is entrapment. You ask someone a question specifically so if they say yes or maybe you can say "Gotcha!"

a suggestion of how to deal with infiltrators 25.Jan.2006 15:44

coyote's daughter

I once received some advice from a friend of mine who'd been active in the various national coalitions against the Vietnam War--a movement that was, needless to say, infilitrated by the FBI. My friend said that the approach they took was to simply assume that they were infilitrated and then get on with the work of organizing. Trying to play guessing games about who the FBI agent was would just contribute to paranoia in the group and undermine solidarity. As long as all ideas were discussed openly and democratically, the ability of an infilitrator to get the group to do something stupid is fairly minimal (except, perhaps, if the group in question is already pre-inclined to do things that are stupid). Now, if someone can conclusively be proven to be an FBI agent, by all means, they should be declared a persona non grata--but it's not something we should focus our energies on.

I agree with coyote's daughter, keep on organizing 29.Jan.2006 10:17

Keith McHenry keith@foodnotbombs.net

Its important to understand that our movements are infiltrated by the FBI and other agencies but I think the best way to overcome these problems is to organize in the open. If a group uses consensus well it can reduce the ability for the government to disrupt our work. It is very upsetting to discover that a friend of yours is an informant. Very upsetting indeed and I want to give my support to anyone who learns that they have shared their personal feelings with a paid/or unpaid informant . Even though "Anna" may have been outed we can play into the FBI's hands by starting to suspect each other. Its difficult to avoid but it is possible.
When I attended the protests amd meeting in Philly it was clear that a number of participants were informants but most people had heart .
While we are facing a number of major crisis such as global warming and an end of our civil liberties in the United States I believe that nonviolent direct action and civil resistance is the most effective way to turn things around. Even the corporate pollsters claim that over half of America is against the direction the rulers are taking us and I think it's important to build a large mass resistance. I understand we might not have much time but I don't think its possible to turn things around by taking small secret actions.
Its true burning things makes the news while the corporations ignore several million people marching for peace. So maybe we need to include other nonviolent actions to our tool belt for change. One idea that was blocked by informants at a recent meeting is a national Tent City protest. I helped organize a tent city protest in San Francisco and it was very effective. We occupied Civic Center Plaza outside City Hall for 27 days. It was creative and very enpowering. Imagine if hundreds of people started camping outside federal buildings in every city in America. At first we might not bring tents or other items that would give the police a reason to drive us away but over time its possible for the numbers of people to grow until it is a real threat. Another idea is to start the vigil all at once, say May Day and plan to stay for the entire month. We found that people started to visit us to learn more about our message and often people would go get their sleeping bag and join us. The protest caused the city government to freak out. It took them 27 days develope a way to stop us.
When I saw the Tent City protest in the Ukraine it reminded me of the power of such nonviolent actions. The crisis is major and I do think we need to figure out some way to stop the maddness.
Love Keith

P.O. Box 744, Tucson AZ 85702 U$A