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Baby Clothes, Who Needs Them / Where Do They Go?

The Black Rose Collective Bookstore and Community Resource / Freecycling Center is located at 4038 N Mississippi. We are open Tuesday-Sunday 12-8 (sometimes we arent open wednesday 12-4).
We have a plethors of baby and small child clothes here at the Freecycling Center. In the last few weeks, we have had so many clothes donated we had to open up the Community Library space for donation storage. One thing that we seem to have trouble moving are baby and small child clothes.

Currently we have about 5 large milk crates full of them. We are looking for a good place (a place that will reach folks that need them and give them for free) to donate them or to raise awareness and bring folks into the store that can use them.

If you havent been in the store, come check us out!
Hospital connection? 14.Jan.2006 15:59


I am wondering if there might be a way of working with maternity wards in some local hospitals. You might either bring baby items there, or the hospital could give new parents information about you. There are a lot of new parents who could sure use baby items and might not know where to get them.

maybe 14.Jan.2006 16:06


Try calling The Urban League and NARA... they are close to you (both on N. Williams).

Family shelters 15.Jan.2006 09:10

pm patty

Contact the family shelters like Harbor Lights, SafeHaven, Daybreak (503) 256 2280, My Father's House (503 492 3046), My Sister's Place. Call 211 (information and referral number) to get phone numbers for the other shelters. Families frequently come into these shelters with a couple of garbage bags full of belongings, sometimes with nothing at all. I know that Daybreak Shelter does have a room for donated clothing that the families can access for free. Helping Hands is a free clothing outlet on Powell at 26th where the old Saint Vincent DePaul was located. Contact Human Solutions at 503 548 0200 about donating.

Human Solutions - on SE 122nd, south of Division (former school building) 17.Jan.2006 21:24

temp worker

I've temped at Human Solutions several years ago. They maintained a store that carried clothes and other goods to be given away free. This was a public service, recipients had to sign up to receive the free clothes -- good in ways as resellers couldn't grab the goods and charge for them.

nNorth Portland Nurse Practitioners Clinic. 18.Jan.2006 13:09


Miriah Taylor has a clothes closet at the clinic that is free and many folks use it.You can Jose in the office at 284-5239 and ask if they want your stuff.Thanks for sharing your extras!

Freecycle! 18.Jan.2006 13:58


Freecycle networks exist all over where people offer, and ask for, items for free. Portland ( link to groups.yahoo.com).

take 21.Jan.2006 15:02

a few crates

and go to the welfare office

Vancouver WA sites? 07.Aug.2006 15:03

Pam flutteredonby@yahoo.com

I had a garage sale this weekend and have a ton of good clothing all ages left,, any recomendations for place to donate to, other than someplace that re-sells?