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Diaz School Raid: Some G8 Genoa Links

The trials for the Diaz raids have begun.
Almost 80 law enforcement are being sued by
a few very credible citizens. This is going
to warrant a very big story. It parallels the
burgeoning police state in the EEUU as well
as all over the world too, not just Italy.
GENOA G8 REVISITED: A Short Primer On Police Abuse Media Coverage:

The whole idea of massive human rights violations is
being put on trial in Italy beginning today.

If you're like me, you'll wish to keep up to date on this
important issue as it pertains to your own life.

No matter WHERE you live.

This is obviously no longer just a George Orwell, Britain,
USA type phenomenon. It's the world over. I could joke and
say it's wherever George W. Bush speaks publickly, he leaves
behind a wake of torture, death and destruction.

Why just today he stood next to the new German Chancellor
and challenged each and every one of us to go inspect
Guantanamo and see for ourself that nothing but democracy
and good vibrations is going on there.

Hmmm. Did I have a flashback? You betcha. General Lemoine
the two-star at Fort Benning Georgia defending SOA to each
and every protester!!! Colonel Weidener about the same thing.

The entire USAREC about the same issue as well.

And guess what? Bush might as well be defending the SchoolOfAssassins.

In fact, he prolly teaches there, huh?

But I digress.

Here are some handy links to help you watch this trial with
a discerning eye. Because I just know BBC is about the ONLY
corporate media who's NOT going to try and downplay this enourmously
crucial issue.

I Still Have Nightmares
by Mark Covell for BBC

Witnesses recall bloody G8 police raid
by anonymous source for BBC

Movie with independent footage

Guardian UK coverage: "Now, the reckoning"

Audio: 18,000 police and no protesters in sight (2mins 03)
[ref]=[  link to www.guardian.co.uk]

Legal Team Updates:

European Green Party's President speaking about having been
censored in the EEUU. Includes topical stuff about Diaz raid!

Grazia was taking a cab to the Diaz school during the G8 protests
so she could write up other things she'd just seen, when suddenly
her driver tried to take three different side streets instead of
going directly.

Why? Each new street near there had rows and rows of what looked
like black block, yet they were smoking cigars and stanced in such
a way that they were obviously law enforcement people working for
the Berlusconi government.

She saw it multiple times so she was sure of what she saw.

She said she knows of Black Bloc people who were not police,
but they were definitely outnumbered by those who were acting
the roll of infiltrator.