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Real Estate- The Story of My Dealings with Kip Schoning

I am looking for other people who have been victimized by Kip Schoning in real estate dealing. My intention is to initate a civil suit against him. My ordeal with him began over 18 months ago. I almost lost my home to forclosure because Mr Schoing defaulted on HIS loan. A simple matter that should have been settled in a few days without attorneys has now dragged on for 18 months and cost 1,000's of dollars.
This is an
This is an "after' picture of my house, It was a dump when I brought it....
I have been dealing with Kip Schoning in a real estate civil matter that should have been resolved in a few days for the past 18 months. I mearly lost my home to forclosure because of Mr Schoning's actions. II hope to find other with similar stories, especially involving real estate and legal system dealings with Mr Schoning.

There is another article here on IMC about slum lords that mentions Mr Schoning several times.

Mr Schoning is a property speculator. He buys and then rents "as is" or resells property on contract. Per county records hundreds of properties have been bought and sold by Mr Schoning. He is almost constantly in default on one property or another. He is well know in Corvallis as a slum lord that preys on students and low income renters. Mr Schoning lives in an up scale neighborhood, owns several expensive car, travels and lives a pretty nice life. He thinks of himself as a skilled businessman and show no concern for the people he scams to support his extravagant lifestyle.

Another area of concern is the legal system that allows cases like this to go unresolved for so long. In my opinion the system favors people like Mr Schoning over his victims. For example, my attorney has tried to file a "summary judgement" so I can seize what I am owed from Mr Schoning's (considerable) assets several times and the judge (Judge Rodes in Marion County) denied the action despite the long, documentable history of inaction and avoidance on Mr Schoning's part.

I was the one loosing my home here, not Mr Schoning! No one was driving by his house, walking around his yard, knocking on his door or sending him quick cash offers to avoid foreclosure. I originally paid just 58,000 for this house, over the past five years I have put 100's of hours and about $20,000 (in addition the $23,000 in HUD loans) into repairing it. It is my HOME. Yet time and time again, I had to wait for Mr Schoning and his attorney to use all his legal options before finally doing EXACTLY what I had asked for the very first time I called him after gtting the auction notice.


In May of 2004 I asked Mr Schoning to allow me to refinance the house I purchased from him on contract without paying the pre payment penalty. He refused. Interestingly, he was ALREADY in default on his senior loan at the time. My refinancing could have ended his default. He chose instead to continue to take my money and divert it for other needs.

I first learned of the default in September 2004 when I got a letter notifying me that my house was up for auction. Apparently, Mr Schoning had not made a payment on his loan for some time, in addition, I learned his contract stated that he was prohibited from resell the property he sold to me.

I was completely willing to refinance and pay everying including Mr Schoning's default and the senior seller legal fees. Mr Schoing did not respond, which over time I have learned is how he deals with the unpleasant consequences of his actions. His attorney refused to deal with me directly so I as forced to retain an attorney.

I had financing ready to go by early October. My attorney vigorously pursued a resolution. Mr Schoning and his attorney stalled at ever possible opportunity. EVERY legal response came at 5pm on the last possible date. Every possible maneuver to gain extensions was used. He finally signed the Mortgage papers in January 2005. The public auction to sell MY home was less than 18 hours away. The balance on the mortgage was about $38.000. Because of legal fees and interest (on two loans) I paid over $50,000 to keep my house. Plus and additional 23,000 to pay off ZERO interest HUD loans that could not be refinanced if the new loan was for $ than the original loan. As I had not option but to refinance for a higher amount I had to borrow enough to pay the HUD loans as well. This $73,000 does not include MY legal fees.

Now an entire year has gone by. There is still $5,000 of my BORROWED money sitting in escrow awaiting only Mr Schoning signature for release. I had intended that money to cover my attorney fees, court costs etc. Again, Mr Schoning delays or ignores any attempts to settle. I offered him a VERY reasonable compromise in September. His way of refusing, as usual, was to simply not respond. My attorney estimates that my financial loss over length of my new loan will be over three times what I would have settled for. Mean while my attorney fees continue to grow.

Where is Mr Schoning in all this? I can't even guess. He will not sign to release the money in escrow, though he has not made any legal claim on it. He does not respond to mail or phone calls from either my attorney or the arbitrator assigned to the case. He did not show up for a court dated in October that was scheduled months in advance. He actually told the Judge he "forgot". Arbitration is set for Jan 29th. Not surprisingly Mr Schoning has not paid his half of the arbitration fee. I will likely not recover my share, $250.00.

Mean while I see his ads in the newspaper "wanted any real eatate, cash in 48 houes call Kip at..." so I guess it is just "bussiness as usualy for Mr Schoning.

I am thinking he just expects me to give up and go away. In case he has reason to be reading this PIGS WILL GROW WINGS BEFIRE I GUVE UP ON THIS!

I hope you are interested in this story, please forward it to anyone else who might be. I a willing to bet that there are many more sories to tell.

People need to know.


Post his # 15.Jan.2006 07:18


Post his # ...I'll call the SOB. Also , what paper is publishing his ads? Post their # and I will call them and ask them if they realize they are a party to fraud. If enough of us call and complain , they should drop his ads..Unfortunately, he will just use a different paper , but people like this need to be dogged. Good luck and we hope all works out for you.

thanks for posting 15.Jan.2006 12:43

reader 2

Got the message.

I think the technical term is "scumbag".

ORGANIZE! 16.Jan.2006 18:31

a tenant union!

i know there are alot of kips victims in corvallis, how about starting a tenant union and going on rent strike demanding he settle up on his responsibilities. folks would have to organize it so that any new renters of kips properties were notified and given ample chance to enroll in the union. there is a list of his properties on file with the county, though false names might be a logical choice for a guy with such a notorious bad rep in town. like i said my exp was only in corvallis.

watch out 17.Jan.2006 13:24


If you buy a house on contract, you are not only dealing with the original lien holder, you can be dealing with several who may hold 2d,3rd,4th etc mortgages on a house. You are also dealing with any tax problems the lien holder may have due to the house still being an asset of the owner if sold on contract. The only reason to buy a house on contract, is if you can't finance through a bank, due to almost always bad credit issues. Don't put yourself in that position because he is not the only guy with this investment "style". If you have poor credit, and need to buy a house on contract, do a lot of homework on the new business partner you are about to take on. Have an attorney look at your original contract, the law is often on the defendant's side due to the fact he often writes the contract. Everyone educate yourselves and these things will not happen. And yes I am an attorney.

I rented from Kip and I agree that he is a SLUM LORD 18.Jan.2006 17:35


I am glad you have taken this initative. I tried to call the city about him a few times to find an avenue to make a complaint but with no luck. A tenant union is a great idea! I'll try to email you soon to talk about it more.

Rental Properties in Corvallis 19.Jan.2006 20:48


If you do get a judgment against him from the arbitration, have your lawyer quickly act against him to put judgment liens on his property in Corvallis (Benton County), as well as going after all the revenue from his rental properties.

Information to contact KIP SCHONING 25.Jan.2006 09:10

me again!

Just as an fyi I bought the house on contract because I was divorcing and never established credit on my own. I planned to refinance when I ad established my own credit (with is excellent now)

OK, Kip runs ads in the Statesman Journal- "I buy houses any condition cash in 48 hours. call Kip @ 541-758-0566" this is his home/work number

He also has a home in Vashon, WA 206 463-6308

his address is

4363 NW Honeysuckle Drive Corvallis, OR

I think a rent strike would be a great idea, even a threatened one with enough people participating.

Anyone who wants to can feel fee to call Kip on my behalf court has been postponed AGAIN to Feb 8 or 9th? at 10 AM, I will post later. Maybe we can do something the media might come to then.

What I need desperately is the money still in escrow. I do animal rescue and plan to go to Purdy MO on in Feb !* to buy some dogs at auction. I do this to get them out of puppymills and keep another puppy mill from buying them. I plan to call him today and ask him to sign the escrow papers. It is my money, I borrowed it to refinance my house but some was set aside until we could come to some sort of agreement. Well it has been on year, Kip has not made any legal moves to make claim to the money (about $5,000) but he has not signed it over to me either.

Kip Schonings contact info 26.Jan.2006 12:57


This is Kip Schonings Home/Work phone # 541 758-0566, I noticed it was not included in the abouve post, so thought I would add it.

Kip Schonings contact info 15.Feb.2006 09:31


Here is Kip's home phone 541-752-4631.

contrary experience 22.Feb.2006 13:10

belinda belinda@gmail.com

I had a completely different experience with Kip. He was extremely helpful and responded whenever I had troubles... I know that he has a large number of people who work for him and perhaps your experience is a result of their failures- but he was nothing but completely responsive and a nice guy.

I also am aware that all he does is legal- though people complain about his properties or actions they are well within the confines of the law. Perhaps you are under the impression that he is running some kind of charity- but he isn't- he's running a business that supports his family of four.

Again, my renting experience was nothing but positive and I've met people he's bought and sold homes to- and they all have had positive experiences. I'm sorry that yours wasn't- but this isnt any reason to slander a persons name.

Watch Out For This kind Of Scumbag Too! 07.Mar.2006 16:54


Watch out for sellers on contract who get you into their fixer-upper reall easy with almost no money down and give you managible monthly payments.Then since you think you own it,you spend all your time and money into the place to beautify and make livably functional.What you forgot was the balloon payment(payment in full) was due in three years.Now you have to sell,and your small down and low payments haven't reduced your loan much if anything.WIth all the costs of selling,you had better hope the home has gone up considerably.If it dosent sell,guess who can come along and take their all fixed up house,all the while collecting your payments?Then they sell all over again to the next schmuck,most likely for a higher price because they will make it so easy to get you on the hook.Don't fall for these baloon payment schemes.Most people are given 30 years to pay off their conventional loans.Most people can't pay off a loan in 3.Dont count on appreciation anymore to bail you out,the balloon is already flying around the room!

please... 10.Mar.2006 14:20

Agnes Opgenorth

Interesting that you being so "pro" Kip should manage to just stumble across this article!

First off I don't recall that I said what Schoning does for a living is illegal. What is the correct word for someone who defaults on his obligations and then was willing to allow a family to loose their home because of his actions?

So nice he returned your calls, I am guessing he probably doesn''t owe you money. He has called me exactly once since May or 2004. This January he called doing his best "I am a nice guy" bit. Said he wanted to "resolve things". Funny thing is he also called the mediator the very same day to CANCEL mediation. Odd, for someone who wants to resolve a problem, to cancel mediation.

As far as blaming Schoning's "staff", this mess is not the result of Schoning missing a phone message, or a miscommunication. He has an attorney actively involved and know exactly what is going on here and chooses to avoid responsibility for his actions.

No matter how great your rental expericnse with Schoning saw, in this case a problem that could have been resolved in a few days and a few phone calls is still going on. I am not the one who used and continues to ask for extension after extension. Funny, not one renter that has emiled me privately has said anything to support that "really nice guy" Schoning is, then you post?

CHARITY? I am asking for him to give me what is due or at least have the balls to show up for court and face a judge.

Wow, You sure know alot about Mr Schoning's personal life for a renter!

please... PS 10.Mar.2006 14:25

Agnes Opgenorth

Interesting that the private email I sne to you was returned as undeliverable! This was your email address on 2/22/06 @ 13:10.... Was it meant to add the impression of truth to your post?

verificatin re "belinda@gmail.com" 10.Mar.2006 16:02

AM Opgenorth

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"Belinda" 10.Mar.2006 16:41

AM Opgenorth aggiemae@quik.com

"Belinda" (wink, wink),

Slander means that I have SAID something that was not true, which I have not. I think the correct work for something writting is lible but everything I wrote is true and accurate. Besides the fact that my comments are protected you the US Constitution (at least for now).

Please note that I even re-posted when Schoning contacted me, just in case he was willing to work with me.

At least I had the balls to use my real name and email. Home sick today an a little to much time on my hands....

update- almost two years and still waiting 28.Mar.2006 21:00

AM Opgenorth aggiemae@quik.com

In May it will be two years since Schoning first defaulted and he continues to avoid dealing with consequences of his actions. I have an updated article on this titled "Still Waiting for Justice" here on indy media!

Watch out for this guy 20.Apr.2006 21:53


A quick internet search found all these business as having the same business address and/or phone number as Kip Schoning's HOME address in Corvallis Oregon:

1. Bula Reality
2. Michelle Schoning Realtor
3 Corvallis Massage Therapist and Oregon Massage Spas and Massage Center
4. Lifestyle Limousines

There are also several defaults listed for both Linn and Marion Counties as well as a new purchase in Sweet Home on 1/06. How does this looser get a mortgage?

D-bag tryin' to take me for lots of cash 19.Jun.2006 18:09

dude that dont like Kip

Kip as we all know is a scandalous MF!! I rented a house that was definately a dump and still to this day is a dump. I moved out of this property over a year ago and for the last 8 months have been dealing with attorneys and this shady ass collections company that are trying to take me for $6500. Its all a scam, I dont owe that fool and cash flow for a house that should have been condemed 15 years ago. With the amount of money i paid that jackass over the 2 years living there i probably paid the morgage of the house, not including the $1600 deposit I paid that would easily cover any of the damages incurred in my time renting the property......If anyone is planning on renting from this degenerate POS i would seriously reconsider that idea. He will try to jack your money from you. Its definately not worth your time, effort, or money that will go to his coke habbit.

pleace contact me 21.Jun.2006 14:17

AM Opgenorth aggiemae@quik.com

Person abouve. please contact me my email is  agggiemae@quik.com I think I can help you!
My arbitration with Kip is June 22 @9am. Email ASAP for details if you was to attend!

So he's still around!!! 21.Jun.2006 23:11

sharon sharon.christensen@sbcglobal.net

I dated/slept copiously with Kip back in the early 90's, while he was engaged to Michelle (his wife now, I presume). My brother rented a house from him. He also tried to get me to invest what little money I had in his properties. He was a complete ass with a serious alcohol and drug problem. I see things have not changed. Thank god I grew up, sorry to see he didn't!

The "mediation" 23.Jun.2006 23:36

AM Opgenorth aggiemae@quik.com

Wow, so many emails and new comments this week! We had our "mediation" yesterday.Schonings default occured in May of 2004. I have been waiting for ANY action on his part since refinancing my home and oaying off schonings debts in early Feburary 2005. I am still not expecting to see the money I am owed any time soon.

What I learned from watching Kip in action could fill a book. But really nothing much worth repeating... just look up narcissist in the dictionary. Shows up without an attorney and a convoluted story. Not surprising he presented himself as the victim. Actually he was pretty convincing in the role too.

Schoning does not have a clue how wrong he is or how much that has effected me or my family, Not only does he refuses to accept that he caused me economic damage he all but said he did me a favor because it got such a great interest rate on the new loan. He seems to forget that he was in default and to save my house I paid EVERYTHING, so far this has not cost Schoning ONE CENT. In fact he is still far ahead on the deal because he got my down payment and about 5 years of ON TIME mortgage payments PLUS and addition $50.00 per month I paid towards the Principle.

The is one amusing story: At one point during to arbitration Kip said that the house he sold me was "in pretty good shape compared to the homes he usually purchases. The furnace did not work, the hotwater heater was 18 years old. The appliances in the kitchen were "harvest gold" (vintage 1960"s), The basement flooded when we used the hose in the backyard and the toilet was about to fall through the floor into the basement. I could go on... I purchased the house in March but could not even move in until July. The house was truly UNINHABITABLE. I could not even get homeowners insurance until the bathroom was repaired and some of the electrical repair was was done.

The house was priced accordingly and I knew what I was buying. Still to hear him actually question me and ask me what I did with the HUD loans I got was unbelievable. Did he think I got a federal loan because I wanted a pool or a spa tub? If this is Schoning's idea of "good" condition I really Feel for those of you who rent from him!

Do you have a story to tell? Here is your chance. Please do tell your friends and ask them to contact me via email with their experience or just leave a comment here. I am not expecting Schoning to comply with the arbitrators decision. He can appeal the the judge, but the outcome is not likely to change. I am expecting a jury trial in my future and need all the support I can get!


Kip Schoning 24.Jun.2006 08:56

Injured Party gandalfisme@hotmail.com

We are currently in litigation with Kip Schoning. We need help. Please contact us. We lost $20,000 in approx. 6 months, and we were just renting. We will only be able to collect $10,000 back. Anybody who has had dealings with Kip Schoning, and is willing to do something, speak up, please contact us. He is renting unsafe homes, people are getting hurt. A child fell threw a deck on the second story. Please e-mail us at gandalfisme@hotmail.com Time is running out.

I will be in touch 24.Jun.2006 10:40

AM Opgenorth aggiemaeQquik.com

Thanks for you post and phone call!

I will be in touch and will do anything I can to help you. The trial for these folks is next week can anyone else offer testimony or just come to the courtroom to show support? Please contact them at above email or contact me at mine  aggiemae@quik.com

There is strength in numbers, let Kip know that no matter how long he stalls he will have to pay what he owes eventually. DO NOT give up you fights, this is exactly what he wants.... Join us and we cansupport eachother and fight together.

settlement 08.Mar.2007 17:25

AM Opgenorth aggiemae@msn.com

Several people have emailed so I thought I would post and say the there was a settlement in early December. Schoning hired an attorny a few days before and of course tried to postpone, but finally he did not get what he wanted.

In the end I got less that I felt was fair and I am sure Schoning(being he feels he is completly innocent and misunderstood) felt he paid alot more that he should have.

We where kept in seperate rooms during the settlment debate, which was sort of a bummer for me as I came very well prepaired. I did get use out of my documents, but would have so enjoyed a face to face. Getting the papers signed was of course yet another thing Schoning managed to turn into an ordeal, but he did pay up before the court judgment deadline.

All this being said, my final warning: RUN away FAST from any real estate venture involving Kip Schoning. Do not rent from him. Do not buy from him. Do not invest your money in any of his schemes. Do not work for him.

Kip Schoning 19.Apr.2007 10:12


I recently moved into one of Kip's notorious "Red door homes". Being from out of the area, I was unaware of all the problems and should have done a google search on him prior to moving. I agree that this landlord is a slum lord. I rented the "duplex" site unseen...my error! I came from out of state and was told that I was moving into a small 1 bedroom HOUSE that was very well maintained. Upon arrival, I found a small 1 bedroom duplex. The place was filthy, no cold running water in the bathroom. The bathroom and kitchen sink's both leak which lead to a mold infested dwelling. The front window could be broken into, something I was unaware of until over 3 different neighbors showed me "how to do it". I paid the first month, second month, pet deposit and security deposit on the dwelling. The second month I was issued a three day notice to pay rent or quit...rent which I had ALREADY paid. I complained about these problems for three months with no resolve. I recently recieved a disconnect notice on my water payment which is outlined in the lease to be KIP SCHONING'S responsibility. It was not until I threatened legal action that Kip finally decided to rectify these problems. These problems are still ongoing and legal action is being persued. In the future, I now know to not trust any establishment and would suggest NOT renting from Bula Enterprises.

moved 15.May.2007 01:15

wised up

a visit to foreclosures.com shows there may, at least, finally be a noticable leak in the housing bubble. housing in benton county, in particular corvallis, is so obscenely over-priced. i first visited the foreclosure website around 4 years ago. at that time, there was only a couple of foreclosures in corvallis and one in philomath. today? 14. 26 more are in preforeclosure status. one of the sufferers? kip schoning, local real estate mogul turned slumlord. ah, karma is a beautiful thing, ain't it? if you see a property with a red door and a for rent sign, run as fast as you can, far far away. my spouse and i have checked out several of these properties in the past when we have been in the market for a home to rent. we walked away from each property, laughing. NO THANK YOU in one of the homes, the floor actually slanted. i remember thinking how in the hell can this be legal to rent?

Kip is a real piece of work 08.Sep.2007 11:42

unfortunately employed by him at one time

Yes, the Kipster is a real piece of work.

From asking me to lie to State officials, to not paying his bills, to having me tell tenants that the problem with their sewer really did not exist because it had already been fixed.

May I appologize to anyone who I might have rented a house of his too. Had I known who he was, I would have rather eaten bread and water instead of going to work for this lying narcicistic idiot. He could care less if the roof leaks, could care less if the toilet does not work, and could care less about you as a person as long as he gets his rent money.

And don't forget the deposits! $100 per pet, it does not matter if it is an outside cat, its going to cost you $100. And make damn sure to pay your rent on time cuz he will charge you an extra $100 for being even a day late! One lady who rented from Kip paid the $100 pet fee, and the next day her cat ran away. She asked for a refund on the $100, but did Kip give it to her? HELL NO! Its his hundred bucks now!

If you do rent from him, or if you are currently renting from him, put EVERYTHING in writing, and get a receipt for every dime you give him! And make sure to keep a copy of what you send him because his excuse will be he never got it!

Stay away from this guy if you can! If you see him coming, run away as fast as you can, and if you ever have to rent, and the place has a red door, turn and run!!!! I don't care how good of a deal it looks like on the outside, this guy will get you!

Interested in calling him? Here is the information I have.
541-758-0566 - this is the office that nobody knows who is going to be there from day to day since he can not keep people employed. I guess too many people have a good sense of morals.
541-752-4631 - This is the phone number of the house on Honeysuckle in Corvallis.
541-829-9430 - This is Michelle's cell number. Nice lady, but since she is married to Kip, her morals are in question too.