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Fall Creek Timber Sale: Logging in progress

Last Friday (Jan 6) some friends and I took a hike to Fall Creek, where we encountered a logging operation happening in the hills. This, I believe, is the sale that was bought by Silver Creek Timber Company on November 2nd, 2005 (note, Silver Creek is the same company that's been reaping the benefits of the Biscuit Fire). If this is correct, this sale is 4.22 million board feet, or about 500 logging trucks full of trees.

In terms of what we saw, there were two or three logging trucks (just pickups, as of last Friday, they're not yarding yet), and "fellers" in what seemed to be two locations up the hill. There was also one law enforcement officer, who allowed us to enter into Bedrock Campground across the river. We hiked up the rocks and got some video footage of the mountainside and watched some of the trees fall. This is definitely not roadside salvage -- they're cutting well up the hill, in areas with burned trees. This is why I draw the conclusion that this is the Silver Creek sale. If anyone has more information about what's going on in Fall Creek, or would be interested in investigating, I'd be good to have more information out there. Forests should not fall in silence; let's find out what's going on.

Oct 2005 Fall Creek Auction protest | www.cascadiarising.org
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