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Best Of North Portland By St Johns Sentinel

A big,big thankyou for the communities support of the Blackrose Collective Bookstore...
I just found this checking out the St Johns Sentinal website and needed to share it.Thanx to everyone that has stopped in,donated books,or their dirty
laundry. The community support for the blackrose collective space,has been both amazing, and at the same time,heartbreaking. The most rewarding & sad part of the bookstore for me is my collection of stuffed animals. I won't go into why I have such a love for them, but I started taking them out of the freebox area and hiding them amongst the bookshelfs,and little nooks and crannies.We have alot of single parent families who come in regularly with their young children to get clothes,food, and to see the joy on the childrens faces when they find a little animal pocking out from a bookshelf,it has become a game of hide and seek, and then to let them know that they can take it and give it a home (often a car,or couch).I, like them for that moment am overcome with a feeling of warmth,love and caring,it is a beautiful feeling,that I want so much for these children to have the opportunity to feel forever.But the despair & sadness of their situations hits me every single night when I put my head down to sleep.....And I know my work is just

From the St Johns Sentinel webpage

Black Rose Collective Bookstore and Freecycling Center.

Black Rose Collective, "a thorn in the side of the establishment," has sought
to enlighten North Portlanders on all forms of oppression since May of 2005.
Collectively owned and operated by a handful of workers and volunteers, BRCB
specializes in left-leaning books and freecycling space, which includes books,
clothing, etc. BRCB is currently in the process of developing a community
book-lending organization and free reading space. Grab a cup of their free organic
tea or coffee and browse the selections. Got any treasured books or cool
stuff to get rid of? Drop it off at BRCB and help share the love.
Black Rose Collective Bookstore (4038 N Mississippi,
 blackrosecollective@riseup.net) Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12-8pm.
Stop in and pick up your 2006 Zapatista Calendar and other's this week on sale for half price,& have a free cup of organic coffee or tea....

homepage: homepage: http://stjohnssentinel.com/storydetail.php?story=1
address: address: 4038 N.Mississppi Ave,Portland,OR 97227

Keep on freecyclin' 15.Aug.2006 22:45

The big D

Looks like you folks are doing good works there for all of mankind. Good kharma going on, lots of good kharma! Shame on those who spread oppression!

Keep on freecyclin'

The big D