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Portland Police Surveillance Video to be Released to Public by PDX Indy Video Collective

Unsurprisingly, the police have been spying on you. Come and see if you can spot yourself through their lens.

Where: It's a Beautiful Pizza (SE Belmont at about 33rd)
When: Monday, January 30th, 7pm
What: Videos from the Resistance Show

As always, NO COVER (because capitalism is just yucky.)
In partnership with a network of activists across the city, the pdx indy video collective has procured a stash of police surveillance footage which will be released to the public at the end of this month in a new video, edited by Cat, entitled, "Eye of the Storm." The backbone of this expose is a cache of secret video tapes shot by "Portland's finest" as they rampaged through the streets in defense of the Empire.

This footage throws new light on what really happened on A22, and what really happened during the anti-war protests of 2003. If you will recall, during all of those incidents, Portland video activists caught police visciously attacking crowds of peaceful demonstrators for no apparent reason. You may also recall Sgt. Brian Schmautz, Portland's smug, bulldog-faced, fact-spinning PIO telling citizens (via the corporate media, of course) that the activist video footage meant nothing because "their video only
tells one side of the story." He claimed that activist cameras were biased, and that their perspective was suspect because "it doesn't show what precipitated [the events in the footage]." (See Li2U News on the video page to hear him repeat this laughable

What Mr. Schmautz did not tell people then, and does not want people to know now, is that the police had their own cameras whirring away at the time of these assaults, and that their perspective is at least as damning as that of the activist videographers. This footage, (much of it released for the first time), will show that the police did, indeed, savagely attack people without provocation, and that they then lied about that to the people of this city. It will also underline in red the complicity and lies of the corporate media, who told us that the police riots were caused by activists, and that victims provoked police clubs and pepper spray "when someone threw a bottle."

On A22, you will likely recall, the police assaulted us with chemical weapons, with clubs, and with projectiles fired at the crowd at close range. They actually pepper sprayed babies. (See a22 on the video page, as well as  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/a22/, for further details.) On March 25, they dragged peace activist Bill Ellis off the sidewalk and savagely beat him, then dragged him away to jail. They claimed it was because he was "jaywalking." In reality, as you will see in their own footage, they did it because they thought he was "a leader" among anti-war protestors, because they wanted to intimidate him, and most ominously, they did it because they wanted to gather information about who he was. (Again, see Li2u News on the video page for more details.) In spite of hours of video footage shot by activists detailing these assaults, the police and the corporate media maintained that the police officers' behavior at the time was reasonable and that the cameras of activists could not be believed. What do you suppose they will have to say about this footage, that they shot themselves?

Aside from proving, once and for all, that the police riots of 2002 and 2003 were unjustifiable, this footage has other, very dark, implications. Because in the course of their surveillance, the officers' cameras show a scary pattern of intentionally zooming in on people's faces, blatantly gathering personal information about people who are committing no crimes but are merely expressing political dissent. Given recent revelations about the corporate police state's willingness to spy on peaceful, law abiding citizens,(not to mention the fact that the US govt is openly willing to incarcerate political opponents without due process of law, and to torture those in their custody), this footage should make you shudder. Because if you've ever participated in a demonstration in Portland, you'll be startled to learn just how much information they have been gathering about you. Are you in their sights? Come to the show and see if you can spot yourself. (I did.) You will never look down the chasm of officer Jones' lens in the same way again.

here is what officer jones looks like 12.Jan.2006 13:51


just in case anyone out there is wondering. ;)
Officer Jones
Officer Jones

As Victims of this Surveillance 12.Jan.2006 13:55

Lew Nassa

All must see this video! All of your worst fears will be born out. View it, Talk it up, make certain that your neighbors are informed of the status of the police state. Elsewhere in this column there has been much said about whether or not we are living in a police state. WATCH THIS MOVIE, then see if you have any questions in that regard.

Dissent is patriotic 12.Jan.2006 14:05


These sadistic fuckers get off on pepper-spraying peaceful demonstators and I for one think a class action lawsuit against these lawbreakers is long overdue. Suing a police officer personally will make him think twice about using barbaric torturous methods against non-violent crowds, this and other footage should be catalogued for use in a courtroom against these pigs.

Is this really police survelliance video? 12.Jan.2006 14:20

you know

How did has this video been procured? Freedom of information official release, or some other way. Just wondering how it's being guaranteed to be the real thing.

Another pic 12.Jan.2006 15:52


I...uhh. Helped this picture to be a little more truthfull.

Look closely at his helmate.

STRANGE OCCURENCE , please read and respond A22 2003 protest secret police 12.Jan.2006 16:16

Washington Dude

I went to the A22 protest in 2003 ( I believe that is the correct date) wearing a face mask. I remember a journalist there who approached me in the middle of the day, when things were at the boiling point, and wanted to do a quick interview with me. Having "revolutionary zeal" like a fool, I decided I'd talk to this guy for a few minutes, hoping that I would get a message or two on the main airwaves. What a fool I was. I think I took off my mask at least partially, and he held a small mike up to me. I remember his associate having a camera close by, but behind him.

I know think this was a supra-police unit / secret police unit, set up to trick people into giving their names (I did not give mine) and their reason for being there, and the all-IMPORTANT CLOSE UP COLOR PHOTO/PORTRAIT OF YOU. Again, sorry I am hazy on every detail, but the event was all in less than 120 seconds.

Did anyone else experience something like this and fall for it like I did ?

Please post if so, I will be checking this article again.

to washington dude 12.Jan.2006 16:58


Yes, that is a favorite tactic of theirs. (And the corporate media works hand-in-glove with them anyway, so always assume any corporate media whore is a cop. Homeland Security has accessed all the corporate media footage from all anti-war demonstrations in Portland. Call MOBA Media if you would like to verify that. It's true.)

Also, if you ever notice someone strolling around with a video camera taking head shots, and you don't know them, confront them. You don't have to be an ass to them -- they may very well be legit. But do ask them who they are, what they're using the footage for, and then if you're not comfortable with it, ask them not to film you. If they're "one of us," meaning a real activist who just happens to be fillming, or someone who is on our side, they will respect that and stop filming you. If they seem at all sketchy, or if they blow off your concerns and keep filming, make it clear to them that they are not welcome there. They're likely up to no good. A real videographer is going to be shooting the action that is taking place, not zeroing in on people's faces. Be suspicious of that.

shit 12.Jan.2006 17:59

circle A

Well... I have been in possesion of police or PJTTF video citing the city attorney in contempt for refusal to provide it in a court case... It is pretty funny actually... they took 4 months to find the tape... it was long demo. with plenty of arrests... the tape I received had 20 minutes of footage nothing of any arrest... just close of shots of individuals... some of these individuals had been specifically chosen as "examples" and soon after were treated with police brutality and arrest... I witnessed that... the tape didn't...

This will be interesting though, can't wait to see it

embedded 12.Jan.2006 18:18

g johnsmithpbk@yahoo.com

What I gathered from this press release was that police officers have been gathering information about activists. Wow. What a revelation. Dissenters. McCarthy. Blah blah.
I am not trying to be divisive here, we are all in this to change the regime of corporate domination/milatary industrialization/any other reason that dissatisifies you as a human from this lawmaking (obviously in the interests of you...and let's not even discuss the fool who chooses to reform the dem party by changing the voting scheme, to me that sounds like just another divisive manuever)
I hope that the showing is well attended.
I hope it changes your mind.
I hope it changes
I hope one of you heeds the ominous warning inherent within.

Which to my mind, could only be....
How long will you wait? What is it going to take? Were your middle, middle/upper class kids unable to skip the draft would you change your mind? Is your couch cushion activism really that comfortable? Why are you waiting and what the hell are you all waiting for? C'mon, this is Little Beirut for fucksakes!!??!
High hopes....
Not to Portland, you already poisoned your water. To Cascadia.

Aside from ranting, this is nothing new. The police/nsa/cia/fbi have conducted regular operations against peaceful activists. But, (seriously now) can we not forget about Fred Hampton? Can we not forget the countless people in the gulag system that spans the United (for me) States?

It'd be nice...but 12.Jan.2006 18:37


Hepcat said: "Suing a police officer personally will make him think twice about using barbaric torturous methods..."

I agree. Suing the bastards personally WOULD make them think twice, except...
they're protected by law from personal lawsuits, just like DA's, judges, etc.

You can only sue their employer.
Unfortunately their employer is YOU and ME (the taxpayers).
We lose, even if we win.
Very convenient (for them).

Picture this: IF you could sue them civilly, they'd lose their house, their credit rating,
their savings, their ability to buy on credit just about anything in the future. They'd
have trouble even renting an apartment or opening a checking account.

Ya' know, the same things that would happen to you or me if we had
a large civil judgement against us.
Just about everything would be taken away.

If it were only so.

A National Campaign of Repression? 12.Jan.2006 20:04

Keith McHenry keith@foodnotbombs.net

We were attacked by the police at a November 3, 2004 peaceful protest in Tucson. They pepperballed 5 marchers almost hitting a child in a stroller. The FBI is also busting people here and there seems to be a clampdown.

P.O. Box 744, Tucson AZ 85702

to circle A 13.Jan.2006 06:50

videoista #12459

I would love to see the video tape you received. Which incident is it from? And actually, anyone else who has received police footage in this, or any other way. If you have such tape, and you would be interested in sharing a copy, please contact  videoresistance@riseup.net, or come to the show on the 30th.

Can this be put up for downloading? 14.Jan.2006 04:44


It would be cool if this video were available for downloading!

Yeah put it on the video server 14.Jan.2006 06:27



GB's of space just waiting for you to immortalize this stuff.. We europeans want to see it too

yes! 14.Jan.2006 08:57

Videoista #45927

Yes, this and other videos will be made available for free downloading as soon as possible. Patience, though, as the workerbees who take the time to put the videos onto the site are often swamped with work. Thanks for the interest! (And be sure to see the videos that are already up, including li2u News, Fuck the Corporate Media, and A22, among others.) (Just hit the big, orange button on the left side of the screen, toward the middle, that says, "video" on it.)


me again - washington dude

Thanks for the response, I tried posting earlier and there was no comment.