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More Colonial Land Theft

The Guarani/Kaiowa peoples were granted the right by the Brazilian supreme court and the Brazilian government in March 2005 to live on their own land. After many years of enduring a meager existence on a small nine hectare piece of land, and fighting to have their land returned to them, the Guarani were successful in obtaining President Lula's signature on the demarcation law.

However, with U.S. and other western governments, as well as western multi-national corporations seeking to bring democracy and "progress" to Brazil ... with oil, mining, forestry and agricultural corporations claiming the land for exploration and development, as well as ranchers and other settlers claiming parcels of land ...

In January 2006, over one hundred Brazilian federal police officers forcibly evicted the Guarani and Kaiowa tribes from their lands at Nanderu Marangatu and Mato Grosso do Sul. Four hundred Indigenous people were forcibly evicted while police helicopters kept circling low overhead.
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