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Vegan Freak Radio/ Podcast feat/ SHAC 7 interview

This weeks Vegan Freak Radio and Podcast has an excellent interview with Josh Harper about the SHAC 7 case, FBI harassment of radical animal and earth activists, and the upcoming Let Live benefit in Portland. (Jan 20th 8pm to Midnight at Merrimac located at 1216 SE Division)
Go vegan you cow sucking perverts.
Go vegan you cow sucking perverts.
Other features on the show are conversations about pus content in milk, labor concerns involved with dairy production, capitalism and it's effects on animals, listener e-mail and voicemail, self censorship encouraged by the Bush administration, etc. The show can either be downloaded via I-Tunes or listened to directly from a link at  http://podcast.veganfreak.com/

homepage: homepage: http://podcast.veganfreak.com/

creepy 11.Jan.2006 15:49

first time listener, millionth time commenter

this case makes my hair stand on end. where the hell are the aclu, nlg, or internet civil liberties groups when you need them? the fact that this case is even going to trial is a major blow to activists of all kind everywhere. where the heck is the clamor about this? why isn't this case a top priority for people? surely if the shac 7 can be convicted for pure speech activity for reporting on the illegal activities of other any of us on imc site could be as well. these are dangerous times and i hope everyone who can will support these kids.

the rest of the show wasn't bad either, though maybe kind of long. worth subscribing too if you do the whole mp3 thing.