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Four months since the murder of Fouad Kaady

Well, it is now four months since Officer Bergin (Sandy P.D.) and Deputy Willard (Clackamas County S.O.) took it upon themselves to terminate the young life of Fouad Kaady, who was much beloved by his community, and who will be deeply missed.

His killers reasoned, that since he was naked, burning, and bleeding, they would somehow be turned into werewolves if they touched him, so they tasered him, and when that did not have the desired tranquilizing effect, they shot and killed him, knowing that he was unarmed, and unable to inflict any harm on anyone (a citizen had already dumped him on his ass once, just a short time earlier, out of the same fear, and lived through the encounter).

Naturally, these paragons of courage were exonerated by a not so grand jury, which was fed it's "facts" by the hopefully soon to be ex District Attorney. These tried and true citizens could find no fault in killing an injured, unarmed, naked and bleeding human being.


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