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We live in a Police State

If you go outside of your house for long enough you will see the oppressive police state all around you. I live in Salem, a small town in comparison to most larger cities and I can see the police state. Recently I went downtown on my bike to one of the local bike shops. I was obeying all of the oppressive laws that pertain to the downtown sector, when I went maybe 20 feet onto the sidewalk where the bike shop was I noticed a pig on a bike, ON THE SIDEWALK! As soon as he saw me he biked over to me on the sidewalk for about 2 blocks and demanded to see all of our Id's. I asked him what we were being stopped for and he told us that we were riding our bikes on the sidewalk. So I said to him, "um weren't you just on the sidewalk also. He said "well I'm law enforcement and I'm not bound by that law." He rambled on some more about how he took special training so he could ride on the sidewalk. So I asked to see his certificate of training and he started to stumble over his words. I said that I also had special training. He took our Id's and proceeded to write tickets and threaten to confiscate our bikes if he caught us doing again. Now I got angry and started to talk to the oppressor about my rights and equality under the law. I said "if you get to ride on the sidewalk so do I." He just laughed and said this wasn't 1776. [ read more >> ]

Missing persons and the cops

The other day, I had a very uncomfortable dilemma. I admit I probably handled it badly. I'd love to hear advice from others about alternatives I could have pursued.

The problem was, my father went missing for several days. He is getting along in years, has some mild dementia, and is prone to getting confused and losing his bearings sometimes. He also suffers some vision impairment. I worry that he could get injured or taken advantage of by someone if he's not careful.

Now, I generally know better than to deal with cops, if I can possibly help it, most of the time. Because people who need their help all too often wind up dead at their hands. And, having done a lot of observation and thinking about the matter, I think I have a pretty good inkling about why that is. [ read more >> ]