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saturday fur protest

I went downtown in hopes of getting some good pictures from the weekly fur protest... Schumacher has decided to use the action as some free advertising, He's got some printed signs up in all his windows Protest Sale- 50% off everything. A few price tags were visible in the windows. The one catching my eye was on a hat, "Nutria with fox trim" $2000 A nutria is a big rodent, makes his home in swamps, looks like a cross between a rat and a beaver. A thousand bucks for a rat hat? If I belived that then no raccon in portland would be safe.

Anyways the protest was lively, and the protesters were certianly dedicated. They even passed out some tasty (Vegan) treats.
A couple showed up across from Nordstroms in a gaudy customised H2 Hummer- The female had a fur coat, and the group ran to confront them. She at first tried to educate everyone on how wonderful her coat was, Then launched in to "If any one of you even touches my Hummer I'll have you all arrested" Like she was some kind of small town mayor running the town under her thumb.

After seeing fur actually being used as clothing back east- I'm left with more mixed feelings. I suspect the coats from china with fur trim around the hood and sold department and discount stores, etc- are mostly dog fur. This is definately a bad thing. electrocuting any animal or any person for any reason is a bad thing too. Selling a 200$ coat as a $5000 status symbol strikes me as being less than ethical...
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