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Four months since the murder of Fouad Kaady

Four months since the murder of Fouad Kaady

Well, it is now four months since Officer Bergin (Sandy P.D.) and Deputy Willard (Clackamas County S.O.) took it upon themselves to terminate the young life of Fouad Kaady, who was much beloved by his community, and who will be deeply missed.
His killers reasoned, that since he was naked, burning, and bleeding, they would somehow be turned into werewolves if they touched him, so they tasered him, and when that did not have the desired tranquilizing effect, they shot and killed him, knowing that he was unarmed, and unable to inflict any harm on anyone (a citizen had already dumped him on his ass once, just a short time earlier, out of the same fear, and lived through the encounter).
Naturally, these paragons of courage were exonerated by a not so grand jury, which was fed it's "facts" by the hopefully soon to be ex District Attorney. These tried and true citizens could find no fault in killing an injured, unarmed, naked and bleeding human being.
But wait-maybe something can be learned about the methods used by the officers. Sheriff Roberts has promised a full, internal investigation into the shooting, with the goal to determine if there need to be some policy changes, or if policy was violated by his deputy. Sandy has promised no similar investigation in to the actions of their trigger happy officer Bergin.
Four months have lapsed, Sheriff Roberts, and two more citizens have been killed and another unarmed one shot and wounded, while you are frittering away your time with promised investigations and PR shots. When the hell are you going to get off the pot, and get with the program? We are waiting.
Meanwhile, if you have a friend, or a family member, who is suffering any kind of medical, or mental crisis, or is for any reason excitable, DO NOT CALL THE POLICE! They will simply kill the

Fouad's birthday 08.Jan.2006 08:28


This would have been Fouad's birthday. When Fouad was killed, his death left many people in a kind of darkness. Friends and family must move through these days and remember who Fouad was over the years. The rest of us are shocked and upset over the final day of his life, but many others struggle to this day with all of the anniversaries and memories of Fouad's life. So Happy Birthday Fouad. We have not forgotten you.

40% of murders in Clackamas Cnty last year were police shootings 08.Jan.2006 22:41

Madam Hatter

The homicide count doubled in Clackamas County last year (2005) to 10 killings.

2 were the result of child abuse by family members,
1 was domestic violence,
2 were by aquaintances of the victim and
1 is unsolved.

FOUR of them were shot by police.

Welcome to Clackamas County, where you're more likely to be killed by a cop than anyone else.

Grand jury a waste 09.Jan.2006 08:31

Lew Nassa

I notice that the big town coppers have apparently successfully tarred their latest victim, as CCSO tried to do with Fouad.
The guy (who they so far refuse to name) "is well known to the police." That's all we know. No one seems to focus on the fact that his murderer shot him in the chest as he was supposedly backing his car toward the murderer, and in danger of running the officer down. How the hell does that work?
Anyway, a grand jury will be convened at taxpayer expense, and witnesses will be called, the DA will throw up his hands and helplessly state that it is an imperfect system, but it is what we are stuck with, the murderers will be exhonerated, and go back to the business of killing citizens.

happy bithday Fouad 09.Jan.2006 14:52

His best friend

Fouad, wherever you are and I know you are in a very good place. I wish you a Happy Birthday I miss you so much. There is no words to express my
feelings and my grief. Your friends and cousins missed you so much. If I
can't see you in the physical reality I pray that you come in my dreams
I miss your hospitality and your love. Your common sense and your other
qualities that the killers have tarnished. I hope no one beleived their

I love you eternally.

Police violence 09.Jan.2006 16:28

David Levine

I can't express my disgust for the police both in Clackamas county and the Portland PD for thier tactics and behavior. They have lost all respect in my view as well as all authority. I certainly hope more citizens realize that police are little more then armed thugs. Certainly if I am ever on a jury trying anyone who shot an officer from one of these departments I would vote to aquit

Nashville Tennessee 09.Jan.2006 18:57

John Conner

Similar thing happened in Nashville a month or so ago. A man was tasared to death--they shocked him 18 times. He was unarmed and tripping--a hippy. He took off his clothes and was running around a parking lot. The cops shocked him till he dropped. He died.

Never Forget 09.Jan.2006 23:03

Madam Hatter

Though I never knew him, I will never forget Fouad either. Thank you to everyone here at IndyMedia for keeping this in the forefront. I'm so sorry for the pain his friends and family are feeling, especially at this time. I hope you know others are grieving with you.

Re the latest victim of Portland police that LN referred to above:
His name was Dennis Lamar Young, "a man with a criminal history", as the Oregonian headline screams in typical fashion. The article (which I've pasted below) describes Young as "a 28-year-old man with a history of drunken driving and possession of stolen cars, [who] had been out of prison little more than three months".

Once again, the MSM attempts to justify this shit by insinuating that this man deserved to be killed because he was a "BAD GUY". Nevermind that neither of those are violent offenses. Nevermind that the cops didn't know anything about him BEFORE they shot him. Nevermind that they didn't even know the car was stolen BEFORE they shot him. (Actually, all reports I've seen say "it's unclear" whether the cop ran the plate before engaging the suspect - which tells me he didn't.)

And gee, nevermind that Portland now has a policy in place that explicity prohibts shooting into a car, putting themselves in the way of a moving car or treating a moving vehicle as a deadly threat on it's own. It's not hard to see how this one's going to get spun.

I think the thing the general public needs to wake up to is that just having ANY contact with the police places you under suspicion in their eyes. See story here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/331486.shtml

When people have to AVOID cops, have to do their best not to draw attention to themselves, have to avert their eyes and watch their mouths lest they get singled out of the crowd... THAT'S a police state!

Man killed by police had criminal history

Shooting - Dennis Young, 28, who died in an incident Wednesday, recently got out of prison

Friday, January 06, 2006
The Oregonian

Dennis Lamar Young, a 28-year-old man with a history of drunken driving and possession of stolen cars, had been out of prison little more than three months when he was shot and killed by a Portland police lieutenant early Wednesday, court and prison records show.

Portland police identified Young on Thursday afternoon after spending more than a day trying to track down his family.

Young had lived in Gresham and in several locations in Southeast Portland during the past few years and has relatives in Arizona.

Portland Police Bureau detectives are continuing to investigate the shooting that occurred about 2:20 a.m. on Northeast 64th Avenue, just south of Alameda Street.

On Thursday, investigators had scheduled an interview with Southeast Precinct Lt. Jeffrey M. Kaer, 43. Kaer fired two shots from his 9mm handgun at Young, who was behind the driver's wheel of a stolen two-door, green Oldsmobile Cutlass.

A preliminary inquiry indicated that Young tried to drive away from Kaer in the stolen car, smashed into a tree, then put the car into reverse toward Kaer and another officer when he was shot. Young died of a wound to the upper torso, police said.

The incident began when Kaer's sister called to seek his advice about a suspicious car parked in front of her home. She noticed it was parked at an angle and idling with a man inside.

Although the location is within East Precinct's domain, Kaer decided to check the car himself because he was nearby, police said. It was still unclear Thursday whether Kaer ran the car's license plates to check whether it was stolen before he walked up to the car, opened the driver's door and shook awake the man in the front seat.

Police said the Oldsmobile had been stolen between Dec. 28 and Dec. 30 from Northeast 42nd Avenue.

Young had been in and out of jail and prison since 1997. He was convicted of five counts of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, and possession of a controlled substance, robbery and theft. He also was arrested several times on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

He was released from prison Sept. 20, 2005, after serving time for a probation violation for the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and he was on post-prison supervision at the time of his death, said Perrin Damon, a spokeswoman with the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Since his prison release, Young was booked into Multnomah County Detention Center for a parole violation Oct. 23 and served a little more than two weeks before his release Nov. 10, county records show.

Researcher Lynne Palombo contributed to this report.

Maxine Bernstein: 503-221-8212;  maxinebernstein@news.oregonian.com

2006 The Oregonian

More regarding Nashville 10.Jan.2006 08:21


Thank you, Hatter, for the further clarification of the latest area murder by cops. It appears that it is a nation wide epidemic. Read on:

From Nashville:
In re/ their latest victim, who was tasered to death.

Lee, whom relatives said had planned to study audio engineering in October, is the second person to die in Nashville after being shot with a Taser since Metro police distributed 45 of the devices to their patrol officers in November.

In May, Walter Lamont Seats died after swallowing crack cocaine wrapped in plastic. In that case, police defended their use of the Taser, saying it was the obstruction to his airway and not the stun gun that caused his death.

The department said it is still trying to determine what caused Lee's death.

"The Police Department is taking these investigations very, very seriously," Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said. "We have not made judgments at this point regarding whether our policies and training were fully complied with."

Police said Lee told them that he had ingested either LSD or PCP. But his father, songwriter Earl Bud Lee, who co-wrote Garth Brooks' hit Friends in Low Places, said hospital workers told him they had found only Valium and marijuana in his son's blood.

Medical examiners have sent his blood for more detailed tests that would detect a wider range of drugs than would the tests conducted at the hospital.

Metro Councilman Jamie Isabel, who earlier this year had asked for a moratorium on the use of Tasers by Metro police, asked for an independent study of Taser safety yesterday after the latest death.

Isabel said he could call for Police Chief Ronal Serpas to appear before Metro's Public Safety Committee to answer questions about the death.

"With an independent study, Nashville will then know whether these devices are safe and are being used as they should be. I would prefer to err on the side of caution. Lives are at stake," Isabel said in a statement yesterday.

Alan Horsnell, a friend of Lee's since high school, marched with a sign on his back that bore Lee's birthday, April 1, and the words "Killed by the MNPD."

"This is not something that just liberals in the corner need to be shocked by," he said. "The fact that police departments are using (Tasers) as a legitimate law enforcement tool is really shocking."

national epedemic 11.Jan.2006 15:55


Using too much force is a national epidemic and it's gaining momentun. The
killing continues and before we hear an explanation for one murder we're faced with another. we got used to the news of violence and killing and our senses handle it better and better. But wait, I want to tell you a story of
how you can cook a frog without letting it know. You put the frog in a small
container of water over an adujustible open fire, and every day you increase
the temperature by one degree. and over the days you keep adding one degree at a time a small temperature change and the frog will hardly notice but eventually the frog will be cooked. And this is what is happening our senses
are getting used to continuous news of killing and manslaughter. So I suggest next time we hear about these things let's say something, do something support the family or whatever help bring the issue to the attention. let's rise up to the duty of being participants instead of only
passive listeners.

How about the mentally challenged guy in New Orleans? 14.Jan.2006 03:44

you know

The cops had 8 to 10 guns pointed at the mentally challenged middle aged african american man as the man was backing up with a 3" knife in has hand. The cops did not have tasers, yet. They tried to corner, "control" I'm sure, the man by getting very close to the man when, the cops say, the man swung the knife in the direction of the closest cop. The man went down in a hail of bullets on the opluent St Charles Avenue (uptown). The man was a well known resident in the area. No, he was not on Bourbon St, and no, he was not a retired school teacher from the 9th ward either
Silly naive me, I thought the cops in New Orleans were not going to be as bad as Portlands post Kroaker baby maceing and murdering robocops. Dickie Dow was unarmed and mentally challenged when choked to death while Deborah was not allowed to give him CPR. Kroaker gave medals? *&%#@*% disgusting. Same with that sick son of a bitch Jason Serry shooting the unarmed brother for what, swallowing a bag? Woo big threat to Serry! I saw Serry walk. At nauseum... Ya you right, the DA says that it all has to go to the grand jury, thats the way it is in Oregon until the procedure is changed. This BS has to stop! I hear Richard Pryor saying, "How long, how long, how long will this bull shit go on"?
How many people are killed by cops in the US? More than US military personel in Iraq? I'll bet it's similar or more than Iraq. I really would like to see this common killing and exoneration, 'civilized', 'kinder and gentler', just us society, changed.