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saturday fur protest

I went downtown in hopes of getting some good pictures from the weekly fur protest...
Schumacher has decided to use the action as some free advertising, He's got some printed signs up in all his windows Protest Sale- 50% off everything. The signs pretty much cover the window displays, blocking any window shopper who wants to admire the merchandise. This further backs up my opinion that these items are not being sold as clothing, rather they are simply status symbol. I suspect if he sells anything at 50%, he still makes money- or at least doesnt lose any. A few price tags were visible in the windows. The one catching my eye was on a hat, "Nutria with fox trim" $2000 (two thousand) A nutria is a big rodent, makes his home in swamps, looks like a cross between a rat and a beaver. A thousand bucks for a rat hat? If I belived that then no raccon in portland would be safe.

Anyways the protest was lively, and the protesters were certianly dedicated.
They even passed out some tasty (Vegan) treats.
A couple showed up across from Nordstroms in a gaudy customised H2 Hummer- an imitation having more in common with a volvo station wagon than any military vehicle- The female had a fur coat, and the group ran to confront them. She at first tried to educate everyone on how wonderful her coat was, Then launched in to "If any one of you even touches my Hummer I'll have you all arrested" Like she was some kind of small town mayor running the town under her thumb.
Well, before she said that I dont think anyone realized that they had come via the garish yellow eyesore parked on the street,- The male with her was wearing a corvette jacket- he pretty much kept his cool and didnt say too much. After a while, they got back in thier hummer and left- the male was driving. So if gas is $2 a gallon and it's 15 miles to clackamas town center, he's in trouble!

I suspect that the "corvette" jacket would bring more money side by side with the coyote coat at most auctions around here.

After seeing fur actually being used as clothing back east- I'm left with more mixed feelings. I suspect the coats from china with fur trim around the hood and sold department and discount stores, etc- are mostly dog fur. This is definately a bad thing. electrocuting any animal or any person for any reason is a bad thing too. Selling a 200$ coat as a $5000 status symbol strikes me as being less than ethical...
Thank you for the update 08.Jan.2006 07:47

regular reader and contributor

I like your updates on awful Schumakers and I appreciate your perspective.

I am originally from the east coast and I do not remember seeing alot of fur being worn. I do remember getting a rabbit coat from my grandmother when I was a 11 or 12 (hand-me-down), remember thinking what an odd present and never wore it.

Thanks again for your articles!

Knock Knock Who's There? 08.Jan.2006 10:32

A Different Approach

Does anyone have access to the Schumachers' home addresses?

Great pic! 08.Jan.2006 12:02


Thats a great pic! Good job and thanks.

Pic rotated 08.Jan.2006 12:06


Rightside up

Pic rotated 08.Jan.2006 12:06


Rightside up

Nutria 08.Jan.2006 12:51


Just thought I'd point out that though everybody hates Nike, at their HQ in beaverton they preserved the wetlands on the developed campus (home to the only nutria I have seen- thats how this relates to fur...) and the 10 miles of forests surrounding the campus that has not been developed is owned by nike- who has no plans to develop it. (Sorry for the perceived pro-nike propaganda but it just popped into my head)

Otherwise, good work on the protests; anal electrocution does not sound like fun. I mean, I guess there is probably somebody out there who would like it, but thats not the point... just keep it up until he is protest-saled out of business. (I know that saled isn't a word. Just humor me.)

Oh and... 08.Jan.2006 12:54


Different Approach, I don't know his first name but here is a list of phone numbers and adresses of shumachers in the portland area:
 link to phone.people.yahoo.com

nutria 08.Jan.2006 18:38


Nutria aren't native and are an invasive species. As I understand it, they're in Oregon because they escaped from fur farms. Nutria coats were popular in the '20's and '30's. I'm not saying they ought to be made into coats now, just maybe given some birth control pills.

One More Thing 09.Jan.2006 13:02


One more thing happened at the protest near the end. Someone had written "ALF" across Schumacher's window using some kind of grease or butter (vegan I hope). This caused quite a commotion and the police were called but nothing came of it.

Fur at Nordstrom 11.Jan.2006 19:54

Liz Carlson

I think we should protest in front of Nordstroms in regards to their selling fur trimmed items. I know for a fact that some of the Nordstrom family is totally against fur. What hypocrits! They profess to be such animal lovers but yet if they can make a buck they will sell whatever they can. Let's make them fess up to what they are doing.

backpacky 15.Jan.2006 23:49


Hello guys! I was wondering if anyone picked up a backpack after the protest last saturday. It's black and has little painted things on it? My friend Molly left it in front of Schumachers. If anyone has any info that would be great. My email is  emmasaurus963@hotmail.com Thanks!

lost backpack 16.Jan.2006 15:22