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We live in a Police State

If you look hard enough you will see it.
If you go outside of your house for long enough you will see the oppressive police state all around you. I live in Salem, a small town in comparison to most larger cities and I can see the police state. Recently I went downtown on my bike to one of the local bike shops. I was obeying all of the oppressive laws that pertain to the downtown sector, when I went maybe 20 feet onto the sidewalk where the bike shop was I noticed a pig on a bike, ON THE SIDEWALK! As soon as he saw me he biked over to me on the sidewalk for about 2 blocks and demanded to see all of our Id's. I asked him what we were being stopped for and he told us that we were riding our bikes on the sidewalk. So I said to him, "um weren't you just on the sidewalk also. He said "well I'm law enforcement and I'm not bound by that law." He rambled on some more about how he took special training so he could ride on the sidewalk. So I asked to see his certificate of training and he started to stumble over his words. I said that I also had special training. He took our Id's and proceeded to write tickets and threaten to confiscate our bikes if he caught us doing again. Now I got angry and started to talk to the oppressor about my rights and equality under the law. I said "if you get to ride on the sidewalk so do I." He just laughed and said this wasn't 1776.

I also go to Portland somewhat often for protests and gun shopping, or to take my wife and kids for a change of scenery. I went to a gun show and was shocked to see how many pigs there were around that place. (talk about terrorism) So I went to one of the pigs who was trying to stare me down, and asked him what they were doing here. He said "just watching" so I said to him "are you here to intimidate people from buying legal items? He replied "boy you better watch what you say or I'll kick the shit out of you" So I said "well get the fuck out of your car and try it bitch." Using my freedom of speech pissed him off and he got out of his car and ruffed me up a little, checked my Id, ran my name and told me to watch my back. (like some gangster) This incident made me arm up at the gun show more than I was planning to protect myself against future tyranny.

Going to downtown Portland looks more like Hitler's Germany. There were so many oppressors, seemed like two or three every block, just waiting for someone to "mess up" so they could throw them against the wall and search them. Most people just kept their heads down in fear, didn't even look at the pigs. The last protest I went to, massive police presence to intimidate people from exercising their constitutional rights. If you watch even the mainstream news you will see in EVERY major city, it is pretty much martial law, just not declared. This type of police state has been noticeably creeping into American cities for about 60 years now. Most people don't even notice what's going on. I attached some photos so people can judge for themselves.

Since the government sponsored attacks of 9/11 and then blaming Al-Qaeda, the same organization the the CIA created to fight the soviets in Afghanistan, our rights have been taken away at an alarming rate. The same organization that Bush and cronies have old ties to. Not to put all the blame on Bush, Clinton and predecessors also accelerated the police state, just not as fast as Bush. We must act accordingly to the constitution and throw out all leaders (by all means necessary) of both parties who are bought and paid for by the same global elites that orchestrated 9/11 solely to set up a police state not only in America, but most of the world. The repiglicans and demoncraps won't save us. More proof is coming out daily about govt. officials being corrupt and breaking the law, on both sides of the isle.

There really is no clear solution to overthrow leaders and keep the US territory the same, as there will be factions fighting for power all over the country. America would be carved up into several small countries. I have noticed though, that countries with empire like status seem to be the worst. There are small countries that have dictators, it is also the job of those citizens to overthrow their leaders as well.

eye opening 07.Jan.2006 17:21


You really must see the Indymedia film "A22". After viewing that, I finally realized just how serious the problem has become.

where can I get a copy of A22? 07.Jan.2006 17:53


It's not available on Netflix

this sounds like me,,,, 20 years ago 07.Jan.2006 21:44

dk (dowkiller)

"""We must act accordingly to the constitution and throw out all leaders (by all means necessary) of both parties who are bought and paid for by the same global elites""""

20 years ago a scumbag named Reagan started all this. everyone has been asleep and deserves all the police state crap that is headed their way.
"we" don't exist, try relying on people, even ones you know, and you will find out how fickle and weak your fellow "amerikkkans" have become.

A22 and other films available here 07.Jan.2006 22:48



I have never been able to figure out how to actually download and view these films, but others may be (are) more technologically capable than me.

hope this helps...

police state! 09.Jan.2006 09:02

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

evansville ind. we have rude-crude cops that lie in court, use words like fuck in residential areas, badge numbers that vary depending on who you talk to. judges that sign legal papers with aliases, and laws that operate on suspition. news items that are paid for by the government. lets not elect anyone from the two "major" parties. i want to be deported to the united states that i was raised to belive in.

Bit Torrent Help 09.Jan.2006 17:23

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

If you go to this link it explains more.

you need to download the required software to view the films
....I have watched these videos successfully many times.

The Bit Torrent files are a little tricky but once you follow the procedure it is pretty easy. (I am using "ABC Bit-Torrent") which works with any site that is sharing torrent files.

Three steps to remember to do in order to watch the Indy Videos

1) You need to download the Bit Torrent player
(my choice is )

2) Each video file has been encoded using the VP3 codec (compressor/decompressor) which must be installed in order to view the video. The various installers for windows and mac os
can be downloaded from  http://www.xiph.org/~mauricio/.

3) Each video has 2 versions (high definition and low) take your pick

When you have installed you bit torrent player and the VP3 codec is also downloaded,

CLICK on file to download..., a box comes up and asks if you want to open or save file.
CLICK open, it then should automatically open in your Torrent player.
It should start downloading into your ABC Torrent program
(may have to click start to get it going 'in your Bit Torrent' program)

Once it has completed the download, which may be quick or slow depending on who and how many files it can access to share from... ..you need to be hip to where the Completed File will be SAVED ? in your computer.
I went to the torrent options and told it to download to a certain file, that I can find easy,
this part is the same as any other download you normally are used to doing.

So once the file is completed you ....Now find your download click on it and "watch the film"
Usually the idea of Bit Torrents is to once your file is completed leave it up and open with your Torrent Player left on. Do this for a day or however long as possible to help share the file with others and to keep the file sharing alive... .

I hope this helps I am not an expert ...I'm just your average Joe!
You can email me if your having troubles I may of missed some step's or can "try-n-help you if your stumped"

"F. the Corporate Media" is also another good film to watch once you get dialed in!"

observer, imo, 09.Jan.2006 21:59

you're right...

not only in Portland, but throughout the whole country and much of the industrilized world, the Man is moving us steadily to the right and we are heading straight towards a neo-fascist world order.

something has gone terribly wrong with their capitalist control systems; and so, the overlords are readying themselves for the inevitable rebellion that will come as the oppressed masses have to rise up in a furious fight for the very lives.

on a personal level, i appreciate hearing about your acts of patriotism in taking a stand: it sounds like you'll be a valuable asset to our cause when the Man finally meets his match. But, if i may offer a small suggestion, speaking as someone who has also tried to confront the beast alone, i would say that it might be better to keep yourself out the cross-hairs, until the moment when a full-scale revolt breaks out and we can all stand together with you.

Best to be free and ready.

Take care.

P.S. You know of course that, under the new terms for the global war on terror, they monitor these sites and can trace posts back to the service provider. From there, the provider can easily be forced to reveal the names of its customers.

guns 10.Jan.2006 09:35

yelome74 apvrillej@hotmail.com

I agree with everything which has been said above, this is a police state, and cops are everywhere, but why do you react by buying guns ?
I think that's a primary reaction and is not going to solve anything, it's just adding to this bad situation. Guns bring violence, whether it's from the police or from average citizens.

What else to do? 10.Jan.2006 11:36


I have studied non-violent resistance and it rarely works. It surely doesn't work if the oppressors will shoot you and ask questions later. The people who have guns will just shoot and kill and scare the non-violent resisters into submission. Guns are only bad in the hands of bad people. I have had a very powerful gun for years and never had to use it nor do I want to. It is solely for protection (from ANYONE.) Unfortunately most freedom is obtained by the barrel of a gun, then bad people with thoughts of oppression grab power and abuse it, usually due to a complacent population who are either to afraid or in denial about the oppressive situation. I would love to see a world free of guns, with the governments of the world dis-armed also.
I feel so safe
I feel so safe
Bush worshiping his true God?
Bush worshiping his true God?

vids 11.Jan.2006 09:33


if i could buy a copy(S) of indy-vids that have been made on dvd (how hard would it be to burn these?)
say, at a vidios from the resistance showing, then i could bring them with me to peoples homes and watch them with friends and family and all i would need is a dvd player and t.v. (seems like most people have one of these)
then for people without computers or people that cant figure out bit torrent (i think this makes 90% of us) we could watch and share
plus, indymedia could take in a few bucks on the sales and use it to keep up the good work they do!

Attitudes of the police in Portland 11.Jan.2006 17:35


Recently I was driving with my family, including 2 children in grade school, and we came across a road block. It seems a power line had come down. As we pulled up to where the police were to ask for directions ( our apartment was only a few blocks down the road, and it was not clear if we could even get home), we were warmly greeted with a "wait 20 minutes" with a few extra words added for flavor. A second officer actually stepped in and gave some quick directions for the detour, but still didn't even bother to listen to our question.

To be honest, I was actually shocked at the rudeness of the first officer. I think the term "Public Servant" should be brought back into everyday conversation just as a reminder who these people actually work for.

guns are ugly 14.Jan.2006 17:54


The reality of the situation is that agents of genuine social change will be opposed by the factions presently in control of society (i will call them aristocrats for now). Over time aristocrats have learned multiple ways to defeat those who organize for social change, but the granddaddy, the first and last tool in the tool box, is violence. Supposing society does change and the food, media, and education systems are no longer controled by the aristocracy, they will use violence, they will kill for their survival as aristocrats. At that point, weapons and organized violent defense is neccessary. However, if agents of social change use violence as the primary tool to shifting power, it does nothing but preserve an aristocracy, and whatever new order is established will be violent by nature because the genesis of that new order is violence. Most of the time in the past, a portion of the old aristocracy is preserved because for the aristocracy to survive they will hedge their bets. There always has been and always will be arsitocrats who side with the rebels, who are willing to survive (as aristocrats) by wearing slightly different clothes and playing slightly different roles. Think of the American Revolution and the debate about monarchy at the constitutional convention. Aristocracy preserved.

Whatever you feel is a positive social change the genesis of that new society you are creating by that change must not be violence. (Unless of course you wish to preserve in your ideal society the violence and power imballances that allow oppression exist. . .) Personally, im in favor of a society that has its genesis in social collaboration aimed at the opportunity for all to pursue their potential. At the same time, i know at some point the social order im attempting to replace will use violence to stop me. Thus guns are sidelined and used for defense of whats been built by other means; guns are not the tool of building themselves. Think of the the Spanish Civil War and how the militias of the syndicates repelled the facist coup when it attacked what the sydicates had built over the previous decades. Note the militias were not the center of the syndicates' attentions, nor did the militias exist for the purpose of taking power by force. The genesis of the society in Republican Spain after Franco's initial coup lay not in violence, but in education and union of the community for the purpose of democratically deciding economic decisions.