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Kentucky Fried Chicken Protest

Monthly Kentucky Fried Chicken protest will be Saturday January 7th at KFC located at NE 7th and Weidler St. 11:30 to 1:00. Carpooling available to join Schumacher Fur protest afterwards for anyone able to attend both protests.

An 2004 investigative video filmed at a KFC supplying slaughterhouse in Moorefield West Virginia showed workers stomping on chickens, ripping beaks off, twisting heads off, spitting tobacco into eyes, spray-painting faces, and squeezing them so hard feces were expelled. These animals were alive and conscious. Still KFC continues its cruelty. 736 Million chickens per year are subjected to painful debeaking with a hot blade, electrified and scalding water bath while still alive, and other cruel practices. The Colonel has got to go. Please join us to protest and educate the public.

and on the 8th, get redy for Peta PR street theater in New York | Rev. Sharpton and other civil rights leaders condemn KFC cruelty | http://www.kfccruelty.com

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