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9.11 investigation

911: Some WTC History You Might Not Know

After 911 the media romanced a glorious past for the World Trade Center, but what was the true condition of the twin towers, WTC 7, and the rest of the complex prior to September 1, 2001? The censored story says the WTC was expendible and that its demoltion had been planned long before.
911: Some WTC History You Might Not Know

by George Trinkaus

from a video-talk at the Portland Central Library, 7/12/05

I lived in New York in the 1960's, when the twin towers were planned and just going up. The 60's was an era of intense urban destruction and frantic build-up in New York. Some of the midtown areas cleared and targeted for "development" looked like they had been bombed, while other outlying residential areas, red-lined by the banks, decayed into abandoned free-fire zones.
I left New York in 1971 before the twin towers became the prominent feature of the Manhattan skyline. They were not part of my New York, I am glad to say, for I think I would have resented this development as I did some other new structures, like the hideous Pan Am Building that was stuck up over Park Avenue and Grand Central Station.


The downtown mega-development known as the World Trade Center was the brainchild of the Rockefellers. I remember photos in The New York Times of Nelson and David glowing over architect's models of those obscene towers.
You never see the name "Rockefeller" in any of the official post-911 WTC histories. The golden name has been disassociated from the dark imagery of 911.
What is a conspiracy theory anyway without a Rockefeller in it?
The Rockefeller clout teamed up with the powerful New York and New Jersey Port Authorities, and this urban-removal juggernaut destroyed 75 blocks of historic lower Manhattan.

farewell, Radio Row

The area targeted for the WTC included a neighborhood I loved called Radio Row. The district began in the 1920's and grew into an experimenter's dream world of many blocks where exotic surplus electronics, the fall-out of defense technology, spilled out into the street. The electronics storekeepers organized. God knows how many other downtown communities organized. They got little coverage in The Times. All resistance was crushed.
Did the Rockefellers sign off on the 911 demolition? I don't know. One slender Rockefeller connection (through NBC and 911) is Paul Bremmer, the protege of Henry Kissenger, who, in turn, was the protege of the Rockefellers. Interviewed on NBC that momentous morning Bremmer was so on-message with the official propaganda line that I have speculated (in my NBC Spins 911) that the bin Laden memo all the media was reading from that day may have originated at Bremmer's own desk.

WTC already doomed

That grandiose Titanic called the World Trade Center, which had been planned to last for at two hundred years, soon revealed itself to be an engineering stupidity and technological embarrassment. The facade, made of cast aluminum, had been directly connected to the steel superstructure. This caused a battery-like electric flow between the two metals resulting in what's known as galvanic corrosion. This problem had been text-book predictable in the marine-air environment of lower Manhattan, hence the embarrassment. On 911 the media neglected to mention this detail in its voluminous romancing of WTC history.
The formidable-looking facade, weakening day by day, was in danger of peeling off and falling into the street, and the corrosive process was weakening the steel structure itself. You can see these prefabricated aluminum sections falling in the TV demolition footage (such as that taken by Dateline producer Christian Martin and shown on NBC on 911). Also, NBC's Pat Dawson reported how "the steel skeleton...peeled off and fell into the street." Those immense fallen panels, twisted Gothic suggestions of cathedral architecture, became the prominent features in the landscape at that patriotic shrine called Ground Zero.
That the buildings were full of asbestos became another of the WTC's liabilities, as that material acquired a bad rep. The towers may have been "sick buildings" in other environmental ways. They were white elephants waiting for replacement.
The entire WTC complex, including Building 7, had become, prematurely expendable and a candidate for demolition and replacement. Consider that the WTC had already paid for itself, had yielded profit to its Rockefeller and other investors, and had profited various banks and landlords, public and private, over and over during its life. Also consider the pressure on that prime location by insatiable New York developers eager to raze anything in sight on any pretext and to build downtown the latest gleaming office structures for the corporations and new luxury condos for the booming yuppie class.

a WTC demolition planned in '80's

A demolition was actually planned out in detail for the twin towers in the 1980's. The planners engaged architects who developed estimates for a complete take-down and rebuild and drafted conceptual drawings. The prominent firm of Emory Roth then took over as project architects and occupied a tower office.
The demolition of such gigantic steel structures, with their thick concrete floors, if lawfully performed in conformance with New York City codes, would have been an immensely arduous and expensive task and was estimated back then at $5.6 billion.
The costs included the slow and laborious task of cutting, with oxy-acetylene torches, the giant hardened steel members of the high-rise structures. (In those days one could not so easily melt steel at low temperatures, as for example by burning kerosene, the new official physics allowing for this process having not been established until a few weeks after September 11, 2001.)

I observe a lawful demolition

Circa 1970 I watched a conventional New York demolition proceed on an old steel and concrete high-rise, as viewed from my midtown office window at Third Avenue and 50th. Using cutting torches, workers laboriously cut free the old steel members into crane-manageable sections one by one. Then they bored holes into the thick concrete floors and placed small dynamite charges within. For safety, a ponderous steel mesh was laid down by crane over the floor area to be blasted. When the shrill warning whistle blew, I knew to swivel my chair toward the window. Then, bang, and the heavy steel mesh jumped. The mesh contained all of the shattered concrete debris within. Workers hosed the area with water to suppress the dust. Then they had to gather up the concrete chunks and cart them to funnels that conducted them down into dump trucks below. This went on laboriously for months, floor by floor.
Compare the actual 911 WTC demolition in which, evidently, the columns were blast-severed by shaped charges and the floors pulverized in microseconds by aerosol explosives, resolving into a white plume of concrete particulate floating off to Queens.

demolitions, lawful and unlawful

In a lawful demolition, it is customary at the outset to remove manually all fixtures, including florescent lighting fixtures and their toxic tubes, all the carpeting, drywall, and glass. And, of course, removed also in advance of any proper demolition are the human occupants of the building. All of this protocol was eliminated in the economical, streamlined demolition of the WTC on 911.
If the same labor-intensive procedures described above had been employed to lawfully deconstruct the twin towers, it would have taken years. All the while this hot downtown real estate would have languished as a construction zone and lose money.
Why not just blow the whole damn thing up all at once, call it a terrorist attack, and reap the obvious political benefits? What an opportunity!
In 1989 the architects assigned to the WTC demolition were told that the entire planned take-down and rebuild project had been canceled and that their WTC office was to be closed.
One source (technology exec Karl W.B. Schwarz) states that someone in the know told the laid-off Emory Roth architects that, "In 10 to 12 years they are going to blow it up and start over."

homepage: homepage: http://teslapress.com

Here's some more you might not know 07.Jan.2006 13:40

that damned rAT

In the early 1960's the CIA began a project in Italy called the Centro Mondiale Commerciale* (the World Trade Center). It was originally formed in Montreal, then moved to Italy. Among it's board of directors was Clay Shaw, infamous CIA figure detailed in Oliver Stone's movie "JFK". In elegant headquarters in Rome and Geneva, they announced to the world the great role they would play in world trade. The board also consisted of far-right wing ex-fascisti and Nazis involved in petroleum and armaments. Anti-communist OAS alumni filled out the roster. Their unstated true purpose was the re-establishment of European Fascism and the continuation of the Cold War, a very profitable enterprise for these global gun dealers. The assassination of JFK was actually planned as soon as he was elected, as evidenced by fake 'Oswalds' creating a leftist "legend' being reported as early as 1960. The NYC WTC itself may have been a Super-Spook Operation from it's inception. There's alot of evidence that explosives were built into the structure during initial construction. An enigma inside a riddle. *(on the trail of the assassins by jim garrison)

What was stored there 07.Jan.2006 15:43

Jody Paulson

Another thing not everybody knows about the WTC is that up to $160 Billion in gold was rumored to be stored there. Only a small fraction of this was ever recovered. I was talking to a friend the other day who was telling me how important gold was in the world economy -- something about a 10 to 1 ratio of how much currency was printed for what was in the gold reserves, etc. I had an epiphany then -- so *that's* why everybody, not just the Neocons, not just the Americans, are keeping quiet about 9-11. This is the kind of money that makes and breaks entire governments.

Here's the article where I first read about it:  http://911research.wtc7.net/cache/wtc/evidence/sierratimes_gold.htm

And yeah, I'll agree with rAT -- this thing must have been planned for a very long time ...

rAt is a smart guy! 08.Jan.2006 00:48

Back and to the left

Centro Mondiale Commerciale and the Trade Mart(33)floors(3)sections*, in Dallas where John Kennedy was to make a speech at 1pm, 25 minutes before he was murdered, were both Clay Shaw's babies. If anyone has not been enlightened yet about how the Dallas Petroleum Club members included a young George Herbert Walker Bush and a certain George De Morenchildt, who was directly involved in getting Lee Harvey Oswald a job at the Texas Schoolbook depository as well as being a liason in Guatemala for the gun running and field training for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The plot thickens from there, but connecting the dots back to New Orleans, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie,(Joe Pesci in J.F.K.)back to Guatemala and the C.I.A. through a character named Major L.M. Bloomfield,(a former agent with the Office of Strategic Services) you arrive at "Permindex" a shell corporation for C.I.A. Black Op's. Later involved with Italy's P2 Freemason* scandal to bring down the Italian Government. I won't scream the Name George Bush out to you. But the New York Times crossword puzzle is complicated too sometimes!
He was involved in Guatemala and Permindex at that time, and strangely enough cannot remember where he was on November 22nd, 1963. Anyone who was alive then can remember what color socks they wore that day. Funnier still was the amount of 33rd* degree Freemasons appointed to the Warren Commission, including Gerald Ford...but secret society links would make this all too easy to figure out. I wish I had proof of Claw Shaw being a Freemason, I only know his Dallas Trade Mart building had 33 sections*, the highest degree in the Scottish rite, coincidence? I wonder. An enigma inside a riddle. Thank you rAT!

boho 08.Jan.2006 10:35


When Garrison searched Shaw's home he found a black hooded cape, several small bullwhips, and big hooks in the bedroom wall. His Bohemian Grove costume?

two books that I know about 08.Jan.2006 11:49

real history

1. Farewell America (banned in the U.S. for two decades; on the Kennedy Assassination, pieced together from French Intelligence information about it, and other state intel groups, published within several years of JFK's assassination; its astounding how much was known immediately afterwards, as European states watched helplessly as the U.S. oil mafia politicians took over the presidency...The book was supposed to help out in support of RFK's run in 1968, who promised to get to the "real bottom" of the JFK assassination: however, when the same groups killed RFK off like his brother, the "Litchtenstein publishing house" and all its contacts disappeared back into the intelligence ether...) Recently republished.

2. Dope, Inc.: The Book That Drove Henry Kissinger Crazy (book landed Larouche in jail days after George Bush Senior became president, on trumped up charges; book a group reserach project by his EIR group: it talks about the movers and shakers and high politicians behind the global drug trade: Permindex connections in one part as well, to international money laundering in the global drug trades that lead back to Mossad-front/Israeli banks as well as U.S. high elite banks)

another great read 09.Jan.2006 14:56


another eye-opener is "Death of a Senator". Not actually banned in USA, but damned hard to find. About the role of the Shah of Iran's secret police, the SAVAK, in the asassination of RFK. Hardcover with photos. Agents infiltrated RFK's campaign headquarters in Pasadena as community volunteers. One was actually in photos of RFK on stage. Any references to this book on the web have been sanitized.

questions 10.Jan.2006 09:55


When were these shaped charges installed? Who installed them? Under what pretext were they installed? I imagine such an undertaking would require alot of manpower(engineers, demolition experts, workers to install the devices, etc. And this doesn't even include the taking and crashing of the planes) and the clearance to work inside of both towers for however long it took to install devices. How could an operation this complex be kept secret for so long? Why hasn't anyone come forward?

questioner...see here: 10.Jan.2006 10:26

cynical, jaded, idealist

divided we stand 10.Jan.2006 10:55


on the topic of books, a must read is the highly critical portrait of the WTCs called _Divided We Stand_. Written and published just before 9-11. Before all the hogwash lies of the official story of the 9-11 events.

Divided We Stand: A Biography of New York City's World Trade Center -- by Eric Darton

From Publishers Weekly

Despite its coy and misleading subtitle, this is a mesmerizing history of how deep-seated struggles over architectural aspirations, economics, city planning and the exigencies of a democracy undergird the New York cityscape. Taking the planning and building of the twin towers of the World Trade Center as a point of departure, Darton treats readers to a smoothly written and provocative study of everything from the potentially utopian nature of cities to the role of the automobile in urban redevelopment, and from the aesthetics and politics of constructing tall structures (including the Eiffel Tower) to a history of the contested development of lower Manhattan. While grounded in the theories of such diverse thinkers as Jane Jacobs, Peter Kropotkin, John Ruskin, Marshall Berman, LeCorbusier and Lewis Mumford, Darton's dramatic narrative never loses sight of the strong personalities and (often unscrupulous) political hardball that reshaped Manhattan. Central figures include such power players as master planner Robert Moses ("who by his own description hacked his way through New York with a meat ax") and investment developer David Rockefeller and his brother, Nelson, the governor of New York State (whom Darton casually compares to gangsters). A professor of media, technology and cultural studies at Hunter College, Darton is best when elucidating the economic interests behind urban renewal and the destruction of neighborhoods that has often ensued in more than 40 years of Manhattan redevelopment, culminating in the building of one of New York's iconic landmarks. (Jan.)

1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

You want destruction? Call up a Bush. 10.Jan.2006 13:20


Marvin Bush did the behind the scenes work. His photograph is next to impossible to find on the internet and most Americans have never heard his name.

Hiding behind Jeb
Hiding behind Jeb

Great article and comments 10.Jan.2006 16:20

g.d. dem

Also, the book "Six Seconds in Dallas" was originally to be published by TimeLife -- the book was put together by two TimeLife journalists and contains frame-by-frame reproductions of the crucial 6 seconds of the Zapruder film. Of course, TimeLife cancelled the project, but the journalists persisted and published it independently. The journalists were fired for their patriotism and loyalty to journalistic integrity.

The book is VERY DIFFICULT to obtain today. It came out about 1967, I believe, and it totally demolishes, on the basis of photo evidence, the Warren Commission's ridiculous theories.

more Marvin at the WTC, the 8 of clubs in a stacked deck 10.Jan.2006 16:51



Eight of Clubs Marvin Bush, pt. 1
Eight of Clubs Marvin Bush, pt. 2
Eight of Clubs Marvin Bush, pt. 3

9-11 cards: The full state terror club, from little deuces to major aces
author: version1

1. BUSH SENIOR, Speech to Congress, September 11, 1991, discussing his invasion of Iraq under United Nations 'authorization' for pre-emptive war:

"...what is at stake, is more [pauses, looks dismissive of this idea] than one small country. [Smiles.] It is a big idea. A new world order. Where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace, and security, freedom, and the rule of law.....out of these troubled times, our fifth objective, the new world order, can emerge....Now we can see a new world coming into view, a world in which there is a very real prospect of a new world order...."


Eight of Clubs Marvin Bush, pt. 1
Eight of Clubs Marvin Bush, pt. 2
Eight of Clubs Marvin Bush, pt. 3

Marvin Bush 10.Jan.2006 19:40

Um, Hepcat, er...

Marvin Bush did the behind the scenes work. His photograph is next to impossible to find on the internet

Er, Google Images has about a dozen, and that's without really even trying...

More reading material 11.Jan.2006 13:43

Sal sal@electrobotanica.org

Thanks for all of the great reading references!

Six Seconds in Dallas is available at Powell's in the rare book room.

A good book that explains how 911 fits into the strategic world picture is Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard. Written in 1997, it outlines America's challenges in maintaining supremacy in a post cold war world. The challenge that 911 satisfies is keeping the American populace willing to support expeditionary military campaigns necessary in maintaining the empire.

A dozen thumbnails of Marvin maybe 12.Jan.2006 11:19

Frank Lee

Compared to Roger Clinton and Billy Carter, Georges Brothers Neil & Marvin don't get in the limelight too often. Why? Because they are both criminals working for the "Family Business"
Marvin didn't even make this parody
Marvin didn't even make this parody