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Another Taser Failure Results in Death

Once again, a suspect's failure to respond properly to getting zapped with fifty thousand volts, has resulted in the logical sequiter: The cops "transitioned to more lethal force," and shot and killed him. Of course, he was apparently in a stolen car, so that makes it o.k.

The story so far, goes like this: A police officer shot and killed a man in a car in Northeast Portland early Wednesday morning. The shooting occurred after the police lieutenant's sister called him and said she saw a strange car by her house when she looked out her window. The officer said he was nearby so he checked it out and asked for backup around 2 a.m. When he got there, the officer said a man was slumped over in the car so he opened the door. The man had been sleeping, got scared when he saw the police officer and stepped on the gas. Police said the man hit a tree and kept trying to back up. That's when they said a second officer tasered the man. Police said this didn't stop him and the lieutenant shot and killed him. Read More [ Pigs murder again | another Fouad Kaady death! ]