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Pigs murder again

We must not let these pigs get away with murder, they are getting worse by the day.
A police officer has once again murdered a person. The person who showed not threat to the pigs' life was shot and killed this morning at around 2am. We all know the police will say that they feared for their lives like they always do. A govt. picked grand jury will justify the shooting. This is getting out of hand.

Since when did the police become the judge, jury and executioner? Why are the good people of this country putting up with this? This is a declaration of war! We must answer these actions with actions. Every time a pig murders we need to answer with an ambush on their patrols, we need to answer deadly force with deadly force. Small cells are the way to go about this. They see us all as the enemy, so we need to show them enemy actions as they are doing to us.

I will guarantee that if every time they murder unarmed people who are scared and just trying to get away form bad cops who are trigger happy murderers, that if we answer them with downing "one of theirs" they will think twice before killing people. They take someones family member away, so take them away from their family. When all freedom loving people start to do this we will have a reduction in pigs who think they are God's gift to humanity. They always say "we are humans just like you," well actions speak louder than words. Every time you murder, you are creating more people who HATE you and it won't be long for good Americans stand up to injustice, inequality and blatant disregard for the constitution.

We must arm ourselves to protect our own lives. That is the reason the second amendment is in the constitution. Our forefathers had to deal with this kind of tyranny. They had a horrible decision to make, either die on your knees or die fighting evil men. For every one they take, we must take one of them also.
Do not fight evil by being evil 04.Jan.2006 09:15


This is the third "string" so far today, regarding the same story. Is the posting delay time causing this, or is no one reading what went before, before starting a new "string?" Would be better if all comments in re/ the same story were on the same string, I think.

Anyway, an eye for an eye has never worked, and as one can see from looking at what the current group of assholes that are running this country have wrought, it just produces more hate, more killing, to respond to violence with violence. I know that many would not agree, and when someone can reasonably point to an incident of violence that cured the violence it was supposed to cure, maybe I will change my view.

If killing one person is wrong, what makes it right to kill his killer, other than to make it ok for the next guy to kill you?

Unfortunalty 04.Jan.2006 09:33

Fed up

Your right about it not curing the violence. But what are we to do? We have to defend ourselves, if the good people stand there to die peacefully all the evil people win because all the good people will be DEAD. Good always triumphs over evil, but evil people always corrupt the system. We must turn the tables so the good outweighs the bad. There will ALWAYS be bad people.

stop complaining... 04.Jan.2006 12:45


If things keep going along the way they are...and there is no sign of it slowing down, let alone stopping, then the scary reality is that we WILL have to start thinking about what Jefferson said about the 2nd Amendment and our RIGHT to use weapons against those who attempt to implement tyranny, however incremental it is at this current point.

Right now it looks like radical pagans, anarchists, environmentalists, radical gays, the few black panthers that remain, AIM activists, Indigos, as well as Rainbows will have to band together in the final fight of good versus evil.

The time of reckoning quietly spoken about for millenia seems to be at hand, my friends....we are indeed living in the "end times". Of course the "end" simply means the end of things as we've known them.

When the time DOES arrive, will you be right in the middle of an "in-fight"?? Let's hope not.

here's what's being said out on the street 04.Jan.2006 16:41

one who heard it

The man who was killed by the cops is reputed to be a diabetic and his behavior of being in a vehicle in an "unaccountable manner" is quite consistant with one who is suffering a
diabetic coma. From what is being told, the vehicle was not actually parked to side of
the roadway, but more or less it still in driving lane with the engine still running and
the driver slumped over the steering wheel. Also, it's told that the headlamps were on
when the police first arrived. All of this is quite consistant with a man suffering a
serious MEDICAL CRISIS irrespective whether the car he was in is being reported "stolen"
and it beggars the question...did a confrontation go terribly wrong and an innocent man
ended up being killed for no other reason than he happened to be at wrong place at the
wrong time and have a life-altering encounter with the wrong cop?

The cop who is alledged to have killed the man is reputed to be a man that's somewhat
emotionally unstable and couple this with fact that it was his own sister that prompted
the call to the police for "assistance" and he would be far more emotionally involved in
such case than is perhaps the norm.

Frankly folks, this has the smell of "SCOTT McCOLLISTER" to it, and while I realize he is
not the offending cop that pulled the trigger, the name popped up because that particular
case involved some heavy-duty COVER-UP from the beginning. Let us refuse to take word of
the cops on this at face value, and be most careful of taking the local media's reports
as being "unbiased" for we know all too well they spin it to the cop's advantage, and the
tone of the reporting coming from KGW/TV-8 is highly suspect.

Let's get deep into this one and force these cops to be HONEST and own up to the sorry
facts of this case and not sweep it under the rug of some fabricated tale of "offender in
a stolen car, etc. etc...blah! blah!" as they are most often wont to do.

was the shooting justified? 04.Jan.2006 18:06

just ask ANN HIGDON

as just shown on TV-6 and she'll get in your face and tell you all about it. I am
never ceased to be amazed at how these local infotainment outlets scrape the sides
of the barrel to come up with their "local commentary" that supports their "spin"
on the so-called reporting. It is pure shameless BULLSHIT in my honest opinion,
and as such, it needs to be named, tagged, bagged and set aside to be tossed out in
the trash! Trash...hmmmm! Does that imply that the cops involved, reporters, the
media infotainment spin, and the local "commentators" are TRASHY...as in being a
bit WHITE-TRASHY? If the shoe fits, then by God wear it I say! Enough said!!!!!

Asymetric response - hit them in the pocket book 04.Jan.2006 22:41


Violence is by no means, a bad thing.
But actually killing the police is not the way to win the war.

You may say, OK, they have guns, we have guns, we'll see who kills first.

But the fact is, police is the system, and the system has more
resources than anyone of us.

The reason why the system can support itself is because people
disassociate their tax dollar from activities that go against
truth, justice and the American Way, such as police activities.

We can respond by witholding taxes from the state in protest.
Refuse to do business with organizations that support the police.

Serve on juries and use your jury nullification powers.
Run for office - There are much more of us than them.

But above all, educate yourself.

Since when? 06.Jan.2006 09:06


You wrote:"Since when did the police become the judge, jury and executioner?" Well, since always. Since the founding of the u$a, amigo. Check out some hsitory on the matter:  http://gnn.tv/videos/11/CopWatch