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Another Taser Failure Results in Death

Once again, a suspect's failure to respond properly to getting zapped with fifty thousand volts, has resulted in the logical sequiter:
The cops "transitioned to more lethal force," and shot and killed him. Of course, he was apparently in a stolen car, so that makes it o.k.

The story so far, goes like this:

A police officer shot and killed a man in a car in Northeast Portland early Wednesday morning.

The shooting occurred after the police lieutenant's sister called him and said she saw a strange car by her house when she looked out her window.

The officer said he was nearby so he checked it out and asked for backup around 2 a.m.

When he got there, the officer said a man was slumped over in the car so he opened the door. The man had been sleeping, got scared when he saw the police officer and stepped on the gas.

Police said the man hit a tree and kept trying to back up. That's when they said a second officer tasered the man.

Police said this didn't stop him and the lieutenant shot and killed him.

Police later discovered the car was stolen. The investigation continues. Now, they will go to work to contact

everyone that the victim ever knew, and try to establish the fact that he was some kinda no goodnik that we

should not concern ourselves over. Maybe they can find some girl he dated and dumped, to say that he was a

troubled young man. Better yet, maybe some cop wannabe security guard with less than verifiable veracity will

declare that he was seen driving strangely, or possibly some store clerk may have seen him stuff six

cigarettes into his mouth at one time...
Again! 04.Jan.2006 08:47


So another shooting after taser. I understand that all police officers experience the force of a taser, and that is supposed to educate them about what reactions to expect when they turn those weapons on citizens. It is apparently common to simply fall into the arms of brother and sister officers and be gently lowered to the floor in those 'clinical' situations. Obviously, the use of tasers out in the public generate many different reactions, among them the fight or flight response. Tasers are causing more deaths than they are saving, as far as I can see. At the very least, they are turning officers themselves into non-thinking weapons. This has to stop.

Anybody 04.Jan.2006 10:02


Anybody who is mentally disturbed, either from drugs or other, or who cannot understand English is at risk of being shot and killed by the Portland police. Enough is enough. The officers need alternate means to reach these people.


Sick of all the killings

So lets add up the numbers of deaths to citizens before tasers and after tasers? Don't PPB
KNOW how to deal with people without lethal force? They sure did before tasers! Also, it was reported that the guy was tased after they already shot him! Come on know...I think our Police are in serious need of retraining on another way of handling people...not automatically shooting them dead! I think its a lazy effort on the part of the officers....the person may have passed out from heart attack, diabetic coma, stroke, or yes....maybe drugs. BUT Tell me...how many of you have been soooooooooo tired and then get startled out of your sleep and get the shit scared out of you???? I have. It's not fun....the Police are getting out of hand and were are only 4 days in the year! I don't give a shit if he was in a stolen car either...is it worth the guys life?

How long? 05.Jan.2006 11:19

Den Mark, Vancouver

How long do Portland & Oregon intend to tolerate these murders!

Tazors irritate people 05.Jan.2006 15:32


Tazors would cause any human being to go into shock and self auto defense movements. They are a bad idea.

is it time to disarm the portland police? 06.Jan.2006 13:59

tired of the bullshit

i sure wish the portland police would stop killing people.
what next, y'all? we all know it's messed up, and many of us are polarized-next steps?

Its all over the United States 21.Apr.2006 12:39

Something needs to be done about Police Officers Over Use purple44@yahoo.com

My son was tazored 8 times once in the chest, for no reason after having his head bashed into the car and used like a ramming pole. I tried to save my sons life since he was dying in front of my eyes. I was then tazored and stunned then put in jail and charged. IS THIS JUSTICE IN AMERICA OR OVER ABUSE OF THE POLICE MISUSING A TAZOR.


F.U.C.K. 04.Jan.2006 09:56

Non violence

It is important that we remain nonviolent in our responce to violence. Even though the activist group F.U.C.K. killed police officers who had killed people, and deaths from police officier dropped dramaticaly in those New York Neighborhoods, The responce of violence to violence is an ugly road.
It is no better than the terrorism being inflicted upon our citizens. Police actions are based on fear responce and an assume violent reaction. We must rise above.