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Frustrated furrier has "protest sale" during demo

What does Greg Schumacher, of Schumacher Fur Co., do when the persistent protestors are ruining his holiday fur sales with their weekly demonstrations? What any corporate-minded shopkeeper would do, have a Protest Sale! Yes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and that is exactly what Schumacher did on the last day of 2005 when around 25 anti-fur activists arrived at his shop. Schumacher climbed into the display windows to hang giant signs inside the full-window store front that read, "50% OFF EVERYTHING, PROTEST SALE, (during protest only)." This act of desperation was met with grins and chuckles from seasoned activists who interpreted the "protest sale" as an incremental victory.

"Now every time he makes any sale while we are here," exclaimed one activist, "His profit margin is going to be massively undercut. We should stay out here even longer!"
Activist pose for a picture in front of
Activist pose for a picture in front of "protest sale" sign
protestors wait, wondering what antics Schumacher will come up with next
protestors wait, wondering what antics Schumacher will come up with next
And that, of course, is exactly what the protestors did, sticking around until after 3 PM, chanting, holding signs and educating passersby with literature about the cruelty of the fur industry. Many Portlanders were shocked to hear that Schumacher supports the Chinese fur industry, and that recent undercover investigations in China have revealed dogs and cats being used for fur, with video evidence of some being skinned while still alive!

Despite the dreary weather, spirits were high, with some protestors calling out to the public, jokingly encouraging them to attend the protest sale.

"It may be 50% off the price, but you'll still get 100% of the cruelty! Come on in! The choice is yours! Anal electrocution, gassing, clubbing, or neck-breaking... you get it how you want it at Schumacher Furs!"

These weekly demos will continue through the fur season, every Saturday, starting at 12:30 PM, at Schumacher Fur Co., 811 SW Morrison. If anyone wants to arrive early or stay late for the upcoming demos, please call IDA and let us know. That way we can extend our protest and extend Schumacher's money loosing protest sale!

homepage: homepage: http://www.furkills.org http://www.furisdead.org
phone: phone: 503 249 9996

Another picture 02.Jan.2006 18:42

A. Silver Fox

Here's another picture of the "Protest Sale" sign

Hell yeah! 02.Jan.2006 20:07

Old School PDX AR

I used to protest against Schumachers way back in the day when I lived in Portland. It's good to see y'all applying some pressure and it's even better that Mark made those signs! He should keep them around to save a buck when he needs a "Going out of business sale" sign or maybe even a "fire damage sale," sign.

All I can do is laugh at them and their silliness 03.Jan.2006 14:10

An admirer of the protests and the protesters

Does Schumacher Fur not know or just not care what asses they are making of themselves. The harder they try the deeper they dig their own hole. Keep up the protests as you are certainly having an effect on them and their blood business.

Correction: Demo lasted 4 hours, not 3! 03.Jan.2006 21:07

Matt Rossell

I was incorrect stating the demo lasted until 3 PM, I had to leave at 3 and I thought it was winding down, but I found out today that some activists stuck around until at least 4:30 PM and Schumacher ended up closing early!

Let's try to keep his profit-loosing sale going even longer in the upcoming weeks!

My account of the Schumacher rally 03.Jan.2006 22:15


Grr... I wrote an extremely long essay of how I got cited with tresspass while trying to film this event, but it got lost in the oh so horrible page cannot be displayed error.

Well, so basically I was followed up a parking lot building after someone in there had claimed I was wearing leather. I was followed by two clean and safe squadsmen. They detained me without giving me a warning, I got it all on tape. And, I was held there for about an hour listening to bullshit about how they don't need to give me a warning for tresspass and that they can do anything they want. So it looks as if Schumachers has advised the security around the area to fuck with fur protestors.

Lee finally came and played as if he was a good guy.. prick. There was a time when Schumachers called him for some reason or another. There was a scuffel among a citizen and a protestor, which later resulted in the citizen being informed and turned out being really awesome. Many people were shocked at what lengths the protestors would take to stop them from buying fur. They thought that they were just going to get boos from going inside, but they were mistaken when they were followed and the protestors tried to invoke conversation of the fur buyers wrong doings. There were also a steady amount of assholes who just went in there to piss people off. It is kind of funny that the most ignorant conservative people will say, we want to protect the freedom of speech, when all what they do is try to take it away. I mean why would any people beside the Schumacher clients be offended by us? It just doesnt make sense. I mean, do people think torturing animals and analy electrocuting them is a good thing, or are they just plainly ignorant?

Fliers were handed out all around the city as seperate affinity groups picked locations and handed out fliers. Most of the targets were in front of large businesses that sell fur trim, and even full fur coats.

For those still pondering about going to the next rally, let it be known, I had and I say this easily, the best vegan peanutbutter cups ever at that rally. A lot of people were impressed with the cooking of one fine individual, and if your lucky, there might be sweets next time. Hell, I'll even make treats if a larger crowd comes. For those who say we are not doing anything look at Schumachers antics, I mean 50% off everything during a protest, that is a sign of desperation. Another fun FUN reason why I come to these protests is because you never know what Schumachers will do next. Whether it be threatening a students life in front of their teacher, calling on an all pig riot, having a speaker war, or putting up specially made signs informing of a 50 percent off sale during protests. I mean, this is where all the action is. There are no spineless liberals here, just activists devoted to their cause and doing whatever is the most effective strategy, not the most fun. But, let me say this, you will find a warm excepting community at these protests, and if that isn't enough reason to go look at what good you are doing. Preventing animal cruelty and animal slaughter starts with you. Becoming vegetarian, or vegan, and taking a stand directly against businesses that are affected by your actions is much MUCH more affective than going to a large bush protest that no one will ever hear about.

So please, this is a rally where numbers matter. When we had 30 they became scared shitless, and shut down their store. When we stayed out extra long they shut down their business early. When we talked to individuals it prevented them from buying fur, and even influenced them to join us. We are making a difference here people! See next saturday in front of Schumachers (9th and Morrison) at 12.

thanks for the report Bash. 03.Jan.2006 23:08


I was there and I agree - Schumacher's is getting desperate, which only lets us know we're having an effect!

If people want to make even more of an impact, consider going on Sundays too. Consider going in shifts. What if they were protested the whole weekend? How long can they keep up this 50% off sale - they're so desperate to get people in through the protests, look at what they're willing to do. You can get fliers and signs through IDA. Go with a couple friends, or consider trying to organize something here.

Can protest pressure put this sadistic business...out of business?

Hell Month 04.Jan.2006 09:56


Back in the mid 90's when Schumachers was at it's old location we did a month long protest out front called "Hell Month." To be honest, it didn't really work out too well at that time period because:

1. Schumachers was at a far less visible location.
2. Fur was not in a resurgence then and we later found out that Schumachers was actually doing more business out of "fur season" than during- Most of their money at that time was coming from fur storage and cleaning.

But if Portland activists have the steam and the will to make it happen now I could see a new Hell Month really making an impact.

Time of Protest 04.Jan.2006 10:26


The protest usually are scheduled to start at 12:30. Will anyone be there with signs at noon? We usually bring the signs at 12:30 and will be there this Saturday as planned. Some of us will be there just after 1:00 because of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Protest at 11:30 to 1:00 at Kentucky Fried Chicken NE 7th and Weidler.

friday? 04.Jan.2006 13:27


I made a comment last time I was there that we should change the protest day at Schumachers to Friday so that it doesn't conflict with the KFC demos. Are we still doing that, or are we sticking to the regular schedule?

Sorry I missed the last Schumacher protest... I'll be there this weekend!

Phone numbers 05.Jan.2006 16:51


The number for Schumachers is 503- 222-4596.

Gregs number is 503 574 3626