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January 8th Benefit for Cascadia Forest Defenders

We're hosting a benefit at Sam Bond's Garage in Eugene, Sunday, January 8th.
Cascadia Forest Defenders will host a benefit evening at Sam Bond's Garage next Sunday, January 8th, beginning at 8 pm. The featured musicians are The Piss Artists, who describe their sound as a "whiskey-inspired mix of irish, old time, and blues with a touch of punk." The 'Ol Howl and Smash will also play. Tickets for this benefit will be on a sliding scale from $5 to $15. We would love to see you all show up. We're gearing up for summer campaigns and need plenty of funds, solidarity and energy.

Sam Bond's is located at 407 Blair Blvd in Eugene.

Cascadia Forest Defenders
PO Box 11122
Eugene, OR 97440
What are the sales CFD are focusing on? 03.Jan.2006 05:24


Havent been around Yogene in awhile, so just curious if some the sales I know are still on the blocks. Cheers