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FREE Permaculture/ Proactive Ecology Workshop in Portland January 15

Proactive Ecology and Urban Agriculture:
Topics include: Ecological ethics in the urban lifestyle;Finding land and resources to grow food; Building neighborhood networks; Permaculture and Garden design. Free tuition/donations accepted.
Led by Heather Coburn author f the Food Not Lawns book (Chelsea Green 06)
Hi folks

Please forward and post:

Cascadia Food Not Lawns presents

a free workshop

Proactive Ecology and Sustainable Urban Agriculture

led by Heather Coburn, author of "Food Not Lawns: How to Turn your Yard into a Garden and your Neighborhood into a Community."

Topic covered will include:

Ecological ethics in the urban lifestyle
Finding land and resources to grow food
Building neighborhood networks
Permaculture and Garden design
What we can do to make change now

The workshop will occur on Sunday, January 15, from 1-5 pm, in SE portland. Tuition will be free, with donation graciously accepted. This workshop will be an introductory version of a separate, four-week course on urban permaculture, to occur in February, with the goal of launching a local chapter of Food Not Lawns. Details will follow. Exact Location TBA. See www.foodnotlawns.com or contact heather(at)foodnotlawns.com

See you there

homepage: homepage: http://www.foodnotlawns.com

snitch 22.Jul.2006 14:07


heather is such a snitch..anyone who knows her knows she would do anything to save her own ass.