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Protest Tuesday in Orange County against Decision to Deputize Police for Immigration Duty

TUESDAY 5:00 PM--Protest against Costa Mesa's Decision to Deputize Police for Immigration Duty
Protest against Costa Mesa's Decision to Deputize Police Officers
TUESDAY 5:00 PM--Protest against Costa Mesa's Decision to Deputize Police for Immigration Duty
Protest against Costa Mesa's Decision to Deputize Police Officers

COSTA MESA- On Tuesday, January 03, concerned citizens forming a collective
called Tonantzin will converge upon the Costa Mesa City Council in protest
of the City Council's decision to train city police to enforce immigration
law. The measure was approved by the council on December 7, 2005. Costa
Mesa will be the first United States city to merge police and immigration

This measure raises concern amongst the Mexican Central and South American
community. How will officers distinguish between those who are legal and
illegal? Will all who come in contact with police be asked to validate
citizenship? people will be subject to racial profiling, based on
appearance and surname. The measure will also erode relations between
immigrants and police, as immigrants will fear reporting crimes.
Furthermore, vigilantism may increase, as residents may attack and harass
Hispanics they believe to be illegal.

Police officers are not border patrol agents! All are invited to demand
the repeal of the City Council's decision and prevent racial profiling and
unfair attacks on immigrants in Costa Mesa.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 03, 2005

TIME/WHERE: Protest begins at 5PM at the Costa Mesa City Council (77 Fair

Why: Tonantzin collective has 4 demands: 1) The re-opening of the day Labor
cite. 2). The withdrawal of the vote that will give power to certain police
officers to enforce immigration law. 3) The recall of those city council
official who voted for the closing of the day labor cite and the proposal
that will give power to police officers to enforce immigration laws. 4)
Respect, dignity and work for all people.

Press contact: Coyotl Tezcalipoca,  matlazinka@hotmail.com
Phone 714 299-8817


"Costa Mesa police will enforce immigration law." Overley, Jeff.
Orange County Register. Dec. 7, 2005.
Costa Mesa is WHIIIIITE 02.Jan.2006 10:14


It doesn't get any whiter in S. California than Orange County's Costa Mesa. Lots of skinheads everywhere, but the cops don't care. They're skinheads too. The shit could really hit the proverbial fan with this one. We're talking hundreds of thousands of people of Mexican & Latin descent. This is really bad. It's going to be Nazi Germany for those folks for real.

What are they afraid of? 04.Jan.2006 11:24


AS a daughter of latin american legal immigrants who became naturalized citizens over 40 years ago, I stand for the rule of law. IF you have nothing to hide, then who cares if you are asked for an identification? Obviously those who compain are doing so because they are illegal aliens themselves, and would not be able to provide any form of legal identification either because they don't have one or because they have fraudulent documents. I want to live in a community that enforces the law, and doesn't give special rights to those that chose to start their lives here illegally. No more sanctuary laws, it's a matter of public safety.

White Wash 27.Jan.2006 21:01


Well What are you afraid of? I think you need to rethink your background as well the history of this Not So great country... This country has been going on the wrong PATH for a long time..... Why is it that when we hear the word immigration the majority of people think MEXICO, I have worked with many types of ethnic groups and have found that many of them have used the CANADIAN and MEXICAN boarder to come into this country Asians, Middle Easterners, Europeans and the All working MEXICANS have used the two boarders... But, the ones that get asked for papers are yes LATINOS never the White LOOKING ones. The ones that have an education and could take the job of a 25 to 35 thousand dollar annual income come right in with no problem. Before I forget, let's look at history, Why did the Pilgrims come (they were technically the first immigrants)? There were natives here already NOT INDIANS and also MEXICANS, YES MEXICANS... So for all you WHITE WASHED LATINOS with Latino surnames and Latino features don't be offended when you are asked for an ID. Also, be prepared to pay $30 for a pack of strawberries, because American farmers use Illegal Immigrants to pick fruits for $10.00 dollars a day. Farm workers are lucky if they make $15 dollars a day for you to pay $4 for a pack of strawberries. One last point, Immigration as come to be about race issues not over the population situation in America and the RACE that gets all the shit are LATINOS which are Americans, Central and Southern Americans, YES AMERICANS.. MEXICO is PART of North America so Don't use THE Quote the US is for Americans, Check your geography MEXICO is in AMERCA. Being american is not a race or one ETHNICITY.. American is a label, The TRUE Americans were here before the Pilgrims and the Constitution of AMERICA. The one way that we can stop Immigration to america is if AMERICA stops making back room deals with MEXICO for it's resources.. The greatest country in the world and we depend on Immigrant works and foreign materials. Let's make sure that you know that LATINOS don't steal jobs, they just take jobs that are underpaid and jobs that Americans feel are beneath them... The people that employ and use the work force of Latinos are usually white..... I think I have said enough for know.. LEARN some history and you could solve many issues.