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9/11"truthseeker" Oscars 2005

Some missing awards for the 9/11 1/2-truth movement
...okay guys, please don't take it too serious
and happy new year :)

Ewing2001's 2005 9/11 "truthseeker" Oscars:

Hoaxer of the year:
Tom Flocco

Most annoying fake activist newcomer:
Jonathan Gold

Best research team:

Best female Visualist:
Rosalee Grable

Best male Visualist:
Marcus Icke

Biggest "political hope" 2005:
Morgan Reynolds

Biggest scam of the year:
Mike Ruppert's 25k campaign to promote his new video

Biggest political 9/11 truthling scammer:
Karl Schwarz

Best female analyst "newcomer":
Lynn Ertel (911InsideJobbers, other lists...)

Best male analyst "newcomer":
Ron Wynn (Planehuggers etc....)

Best research blog newcomer:

Best tabloid 9/11 blog:

Best 'outsider' 9/11 blog:

Best alternative news portal:

Best alternative 9/11 blog:

Biggest Newcomer 9/11 research blog:

Most interesting blog:

Best news analysis blog:

Biggest alternative warcriminal:

Biggest 'anti-war' war criminal:

Phoniest 9/11 truth activists:

9/11 activist group of the year:
London 9/11 Skeptics

Best analyst online group:
Planehuggers Yahoo

Deceptionist of the year:
Tom Heneghan/Stew Webb

Worst slogan of the year:
"Bring the troops home"

Best slogan of the year:
Fight the "truthlings"

Most annoying "daisy committee":
"LARED" (DemocraticUnderground.com)

Best business and history researcher (BUHI Award):

Best 9/11 'documentary' of the year:
Rick Siegel- 911EyeWitness(.com)

Best 9/11 'infotainment' video of the year:
Loose Change Crew- Loose Change II

Best 9/11 fictional movie:

Alltime 9/11 science award:
Jeff "Plaguepuppy" King

Brain of the year:
Gerard Holmgren

Clown of the year:
Christopher Young
 http://www.wheretovote.com (on FOX TV)

U-Turner of the year:
Professor Paul E. Jones

Idiot of the year:

Best political 9/11 campaign:

Best Pentagon researcher:

Propaganda Scam of the year:
Flu/Bird Flu/Weaponised Bird Flu

Biggest Female Gatekeeper of the year:
Sibel Edmonds

Biggest Male Gatekeeper of the year:
Curt Weldon

Cartoonist 9/11 truthseeker of the year:
Aaron McGruder (Boondocks)

9/11 'truthling' filmmaker sellout of the year:
Oliver Stone

Most ignored 9/11 researcher safety award:

Biggest 9/11 science saboteurs:
Scientific American, Popular Mechanics

Biggest 9/11 research hateword:

Flip-Flopper of the year:
Eric Hufschmid

Biggest non 9/11 science hope:
Richard C. Hoagland

Page 1 truthseeker hero award:
Imam Intikab Habib

Biggest hope of mainstream news portals:
Free Market News

Most obvious false flag operation of the year:
7/7 (london)

Conventional political voice of the year:
Abdurrahman Wahid
(former President of Indonesia from 1999 to 2001)

Most progressive TV/Radio show on the net:

"Planehugger" of the year:

Research Heroes of the year:
All 9/11- "TV Bluescreen fakery" researchers

Best 9/11 "truthling" PR Campaign team:
Jimmy Walter, William Rodriguez

Worst 9/11 "truthling" PR campaigner:
David Kubiak and truthemergency.us

Alternative media clown of the year:
George Noory

Most ignored 9/11 research:
Raytheon-Teradyne-Passenger research

Most overhyped 9/11 research:
"Controlled Demolition"

Biggest US fake politician of the year:
John Conyers, John Murtha

Phantom Fake "Al-Quaeda" Idiot of the year:
Al Zarquawi

Worst mainstream media Fake:
Bob Woodward

Worst alternative media deceptionists:
Air America

Worst Truthling Discussion Board Controller:
Skinner of DemocraticUnderground.com

Limited Hangout of the year:
"Bring the troops home"

Best 9/11 research 'wiki':

Best radio/video collection:

Biggest political scam of the year:
"Kidnappings" in Iraq

Biggest political deceptionist:
Richard Clarke

Female McCarthyist of the year:
Victoria Ashley

Male McCarthyist of the year:
"repost" etc... aka Mark Rabinowitz (portland.indymedia.org)

Danger Alert of the year:
Rudy Guiliani

Author of the year:
Webster Tarpley

Special Memorium Award:
Joe Vialls

9/11 was an "inside job" porn award:
Larry Flynt presents David Ray Griffin

Most dangerous private military contractor:

Biggest political 9/11 truthseeker distraction:
"Pakistan-9/11" connection

Biggest fake opposition:
Democratic Party and "Limousine Liberals"

"Howard Beale" Award of the year:
Greg Nixon (911Truth Action, 911InsideJobbers etc...)

Cointel-pro wannabee idiot of the year:
Art Bell

Ghostzone award of the year:
Daily911.info, "9/11 Truth Alliance"

Most unimportant gatekeeper project:

Sleeping Pill of the year:
Nafeez Ahmed

Biggest "truthling" u-turn sellout:
Paul Hellyer

Background Deceptionists of the year:
Club of Rome, Club of Rome tt30

Camera Truthseeker Workaholic teamsters of the year:
John Gannon, Hummux

Newcomer 9/11 'media' artists of the year:
Les Raphael

Watchdog of the year:
Angie d'Urso

Most ignored threat of the year:
World War IV/V

Most ignored individual threat of the year:
Paul Wolfowitz (World Bank)

Cultist of the year:
Les Jamieson (URANTIA, ny911truth.org)

Mainstream Media Whores of the year:
Judith Miller (NY Times), Ralph Peters (NY Post)

Most annoying media distractions:
Gannon affair, Equatorial Guinea/Thatcher + Co., Hillary Clinton,
"Downing Street memo"

Most annoying 9/11 "truthling" distraction:
Able Danger

Writer of the year:
Michel Chussodowski, Kurt Nimmo

Fake Democrats of the year:
National Endowment for Democracy

Fake Republicans of the year:
Every Chuck Hagel supporter

Biggest new individual political european threat:
Angela "Bilderberg" Merkel (Germany)

World Organisation Idiot of the year:
Kofi Annan

Red Herring of the year:
Able Danger

Sensationalist of the year:
Tom Flocco

Best mainstream 9/11 truthseeker product:
TATORT (Crime show)
German TV show depicts 9/11 as Inside Job plot

Biggest 9/11 truthling mainstream saboteurs:
Lee Hamilton, Tom Kean

Biggest 9/11 family 'truthling' deceptionist:
Kristin Breitweiser

Biggest 9/11 media deceptionist:
Scott Myers (NIST), Sep11th- 'cameraman"

Double Standard of the year:
"Controlled Demolition" vs. "9/11 TV Bluescreen Fakery"

Oddest Non-release of the year:
Matt Everett and Paul Thompson "terror drill" research, never added to Pt.2

Neocon Fascist of the year:
Douglas Feith, Stephen Cambone

Alltime NY 9/11 activist:
"Rabbi Philo", rabbiphilo.blogspot.com

Hang-in there activist of the year:
Carol Brouillet

Media Limes of the year:
Mark Morford, Sarah Ferguson

Weekly Paper of the year:
Boulder Weekly

9/11 propaganda media project of the year:
National Geographic Channel Program Series "Inside 9/11"

9/11 family truthling of the year:

Globalist Scums of the year:
Eliot Cohen, James Baker, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, John Bolton

Best alternative paper:
American Free Press

Best 9/11 activist group:

Best 9/11 tabloid graphic designer:

Best 9/11 truthling sound:
Les Visible

Fake Terror-Blog of the year:

Non-U.S. Terror scam countries of the year:
Indonesia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia,
Germany, Italy, France, China, Taiwan, Ukraine

Idiots of the year:
All "teletubbies"

Youngsters of the year:
Luke Rudkowski, 19
Presenter of Loose Change II in NYC
Will R. Huysman, 15

Almost wakeupper of the year:
Greg Szymanski

Alltime Database Genius Award:
"Dulce Decorum"

NSA "darling" of the year:
Jim Hoffman (MSRI), Dr. Jack Hoffman/June Armstrong, Neil Armstrong/Veridian

FBI "darling" of the year:
Michael Bloomberg

Homeland Security "darling" of the year:
Bernard Kerik

CIA "darling" of the year:
In-Q-Tel, Michael Griffith (NASA, ex-In Q-tel)

Cointel-pro "darling" of the year:
David Kubiak (911truth.org)

White House moron of the year:
Lewis Libby

Research workaholic of the year:
John Doe II (team8plus.org)

9/11 truthseeker medium of the year:

Spammer of the year:
truthout.org, Jon Carlson, bagl worm, Eli Pariser

Biggest activist protest scam:
9/11 anniversary 'protest' at United Nations, NYC

Biggest activist protest hope:
9/11 anniversary 'protest' at Ground Zero, NYC

Biggest newcomer research hope:

Biggest gatekeeper hope:

Favourite 9/11 truthling politician:
Craig Hill

9/11 truthling mainstream article of the year:
Setting the record straight on 9/11
Miami Herald

9/11 truthling hateword of the year:

Anti-Zionist Split Personality of the year:
Dick 'Ole' Eastman

Blindling news- "hang in there" darling of the year:
CLG News, Lori Price

Activist 9/11 truthling ignorant of the year:
Cindy Sheehan

9/11 truthling sellout party of the year:
National Green Party

Worst Gatekeeper News Portal:
Counterpunch, dailyKos

9/11 sleeping pill truthling projects:
911fraud.blogspot, question911.com

9/11 gatekeeper portal of the year:
summeroftruth.org, wanttoknow.info

Alltime 9/11 gatekeeper lemon award:
Michael Moore

Danger Shadows of the year:
Joseph Morrris, Andrew W. "Yoda" Marshall (both ManTech, NYC)
Lockheed (MTA contracts)
Taiwan's forthcoming fake Al-Quaeda terror cell
Karl Schwarz
Hillary Clinton
John Mc Cain
Google's NSA connection

9/11 footage hunter of the year:
Tim Canale (US), Ali G. (UK)

Biggest alltime distraction from 9/11 perps:
"White Vans", "Dancing Jews" and "arrested art students"

Backstabber of the year:
Fintan Dunne/Breakfornews.com

9/11 cover-up supporting artists of the year:
NRO, 911truth.org, Amy Goodman, Danny Schecter, Peter Lance,
Ray McGovern, ACLU, ANSWER, William Rivers Pitt, Gerhard Schroeder

Most sabotaged 9/11 truthling politician:
Cynthia McKinney

Red Herring revival of the year:

Alltime Most ignored 9/11 Smoking Gun:
Anthrax from Fort Detrick

Most unimportant heckler of the year:
Christopher Brodeur (also for running as NY Mayor)

Gatekeeper author of the year:
Paul Zarembka

Scandinavian 'Frozen Joghurt' Truthseeker Award:
Elias Davidson (Iceland, not scandinavia),
Peter Kofod (norway), K-robjoe (team8plus, finland), terrorize.dk (Denmark)

Disinfo portal of the year:
articbeacon.com (for every 3rd article)

Psycho Loner of the year:
Wolfram Grätz/Whoopee News

Netizen of the year:

Mailing List workaholic of the year:
Robert B. Thorne (New Jersey)

Drunken Poet Award:
Jolly "planehug" Roger :)

9/11 truthling book portal of the year:

Best Truthseeker alert action campaign:
Worldwide Wargame- and Terror Drill Watch (at team8plus.org)

Most innovative newsgroup:
Planehuggers Yahoo, Katrinagate Yahoo, Urantiagate Yahoo

"Nobody" of the year:
Harriet Miers, Ben Pritchard, Ron Rex,  HilarryClint0n@aol.com, "Sallie"

"Spook" of the year:
Karl Schwarz

Crime of the year:

Heckler of the year:
Nico Haupt aka ewing2001 -sorry guys :)

[ Edited ]

Someone has requested a clickable link to 911eyewitness.com 10.Jan.2006 16:28

so here it is:

> Best 9/11 'documentary' of the year:
> Rick Siegel- 911EyeWitness(.com)

Wow... 17.Jan.2006 16:40


Nico contributed a list. That's great... really... woohoo... a list...