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Jan20-22: Affecting Change: NW Youth Environmental & Social Justice Convergence

The conference, "Affecting Change: Tools for Your Generation" is to be held on Seattle University campus from January 20-22. The conference aims to bring together various movements to bring the connection that we're all here for the same struggle and to work towards solidarity in the Northwest & beyond.
"Affecting Change" aims to provide activists with the information, skills, and networking opportunities necessary to create change in their environment.

* Learn valuable activist skills
Developing Effective Campaigns, Building a Grassroots Organization, Preventing Activist Burnout, Self Defense, Developing Non-profits and more

* Explore the issues
Minority Rights, Forestry, Food & Farming, Labor, Water Privatization, Hunger & Homelessness, Women's Rights, Clean Energy, Queer Justice, Anti War & Globalization, AIDS Issues.

* Plug into hot campaigns
Forest Defense, Clean Energy, Countering Military Recruitment, Fair Trade/Labor Solidarity, Green Building, Sweat-Free Campus, Stop Killer Coke & much more.

Mark your calenders and spread the word!

REGISTER NOW!  http://www.seac.org/northwest/jan2006/register.shtml

homepage: homepage: http://www.seac.org/northwest/jan2006/
phone: phone: 206.554.1796