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New Site Options On pdx-indy!

There is now a new set of options for the newswire. At the top of the newswire, you can choose from Local, All, Photos, Audio, Other (mostly pdf's) and video.
Local option gives you the mix of portland and cascadia region pages.

All is what we are all used to

Photos lists all the articles with attached photos

Audio lists all the articles with attached audio

Other lists articles with all other attached files besides photos, audio, and video. Mostly these are PDF's

Video lists all the articles with attached video

Please post your comments to regarding these new options to this article. How is it working? Do you have any technical issues with it? If so what OS and browser are you using?

Also, do you like it?
I like it 01.Jan.2006 19:17


using Firefox browser, it gives a disconcerting little blank newswire column and pause now before going to an article. Besides, that I think it is a nice idea to feature Cascadian areas in a group more visibly, even though it could be done of course anyway from the left column.

Sorting by media type with those icons (instead of post type ("genre")) is new and that is a plus as well! I think it is good to have yet another mechanism to conduct searches thorugh the PIMC, I like it.

One suggestion:
I think the info could be associated with the other ways the wire can be sorted on the left. Put links there for it as well, on the left column, to associate it with genre, topics, etc.?

like this

media type

* photo
* audio
* pdf/misc
* video


* announcements
* commentary
* creative
* questions
* reporting
* reposts


* portland metro
* oregon & cascadia
* united states
* global


new stuff 01.Jan.2006 22:47

indy geek

the new newswire options only change the newswire, the rest of the page (features) is the same. In this way it is different from the region pages on the left navigation bar.