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Happy New Year, But

Hey, it is 2006. But the bush cabal seems to still have a strangle hold on reality. How can one say happy anything?
Bushco and the republicats with the tacit approval of the demicans, have siezed upon every institution that we learned in government owned and operated schools were sacred: The constitution? "It's just a god damned piece of paper!"-gw. The Supreme court? how can we buy any of their crap, once they acceded to the bushmachine, and appointed dickhead to be emperor? The military? Hell, they love war. Now, here on Indy, we still have supposedly edumacated folks who doubt that we are a police state.
Crappy new year, y'all. See you in the free speech zone. I will be the sheep with the little pink bow. You?
As Always 01.Jan.2006 15:25


I'll be the creature wearing lots of peace buttons on my baseball cap, and having a grim determined expression that we can make a difference.