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Bush is not satified just to use troops as props, now they will be ordered to spread propaganda!
January 1, 2006, 9:46 AM


I listened to the radio today and heard a disturbing voice telling a story of how the troops are upset about the peace movement because it damages the morale of the soldiers who are fighting for the freedom of Iraq. I was reminded of a rumor about the soldiers being ordered to contact the press back home and sing the praises of the war. This is not new and will not work in the long term; however, it will cause great pain to the families of the soldiers and the military.

One of the more promising things that has happened thus far in this war, we, as a nation have separated the decision to go to war from the military, who must fight what was determined by the Bush Administration. If the progressives are not on top of this new strategy, we will be seen by many Americans as anti-military. This is what happened in the late sixties and caused a major split in the public. The people who suffered most were the troops, their actions came under investigation and they became the bad guys---this should never happen again. The Bush criminals are using the troops as props and now using them to spread propaganda that serves only the administration. These criminals know no bounds when it comes to lying, cheating and killing the innocent, they must be run out of office.

We will see a flood of feel good stories from the MSM, (or STATE RUN NEWS) concerning the war in Iraq. Are you watching Mr. Democrat, get off your butt and move against this sinister move by Bush. I hope this madness will end soon; our nation is suffering from the action of this group of criminals.

In Peace,

Joe Walsh, (Lone Vet-Portland, OR.)

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Joe, Fly In The Ointment 01.Jan.2006 14:03

GreenPartyMike Minnesota ollamhfaery@earthlink.net

Thank you for the story and the heads up. There is one little, small problem with their plan though. A little fly in the ointment, so to speak. What if many of those troops do not send these letters of support for the war. While it is true that some will and yes, the corporate corrupted media (continuing to loose it's credibility)will probably run the ones they get, it must also be said that many of the troops are now opposed to the war. They, more than we do, understand that the war is and was wrong.

In fact is there not a Marine out there, running for Congress who is running as an anti-war candidate?

A deeper question though is, if people start to realize that the media can not be trusted, can they still be an effective tool for propoganda? Ask the people of the FORMER Soviet Union that question? Emphasis intended.

Minneapolis Minnesota