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One child of war

Medical help for one child, death for thousands of others. Is it good enough?
Baby Noor is a three month old Iraqi infant suffering with spina bifida who has been brought to the United States for surgery and care after being discovered by soldiers during a raid on her home. Apparently her grandmother, frightened by the arrival of the military forces, thrust the child toward them as if to tell them there were women and children in the home. One of the soldiers said, "It is gratifying" to help that child get medical attention. I am very glad for her as well. But I also wonder how many other children have been blown apart by military forces in Iraq? Thousands and thousands. The largest portion of civilian deaths in this war is composed of women and children. Everyone should be very grateful for the chance Baby Noor has been given, but why can we not give the same chance to every child.....EVERY child?
Propaganda 31.Dec.2005 18:32


Nothing more than that. The Pentagon needs some feel-good news and everyone loves babies. Of course they can't show you the charred bodies of children incenerated by HE77 or blown to bits by cluster bombs.

One child... it's so uninspiring it's not even funny. It's sad. Who in their right mind would point to a single child being helped and claim that this is proof that we are doing good deeds in Iraq when there are hundreds if not thousands of starving and wounded children as a direct result of US military action in Iraq?

How about spending some of that war chest cash on real food instead of handing malnurished children fucking Oreos?

How about helping more than one child?


right mind, indeed 31.Dec.2005 18:52


Right mind is the operative term here. Who the hell can say that anyone involved in this fiasco is in their right mind?
The military wizard who was in charge of seeing that young, rich, and possibly misguided Farid (the sixteen year old would be journalist from Fla, who found his way to Baghdad) found his way safely home yesterday, said something to the effect that "the army is not going to reward or praise stupidity." Is that not what they do everytime they sign a recruit on the dotted line? War is stupid. The military is stupid. WE are stupid, for allowing the charade to continue, and allowing the pimp that has taken over the White House to continue to dwell there unchallenged.

STUPID is the word 31.Dec.2005 19:48

reader 2


I hate it. But I can't stop saying it: "War is stupid!"

We get fucked over, babies get horribly mangled, soldiers get crippled -- for what?

For really stupid stuff. And maybe for really greedy stuff - but that's just worse!


Yep. 01.Jan.2006 03:24


Stupid... right, right.

That is why we should all vote third party in 06 and 08.

The only thing that matters now is defeating the corporate paradigm.

It is the only way that change can occure without resorting to violence.

Third party or death.

Third party or death.