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New Years Celebrations?

Is there going to be a big bash in Pioneer Courthouse Square tonight?
I heard there was one, I'm new to portland.
it'll probably be a corporate-sponsored, boring crowded party 31.Dec.2005 19:13


I couldn't find any info on Portland Citysearch or the Oregonian's website, it's a poorly-publicized party if there is one (maybe it's all over the idiot box, I mean TV).

The computer recycling non-profit and super-star of the DIY fun movement is having a party with several performers:
It is an anti-imperialism benefit, ten bucks. Just about everyone I know is gonna at least drop in.

If bland corporate-run entertainment is what you're after, several of the McMenamins (brewpub empire) establishments are hosting events:
New Year's Eve at The Geek
New Year's Eve at The Geek

yeah freegeek would be a good place to go 31.Dec.2005 19:48

i'll be there

However, people promoting freegeek events have a tendency to not give a good location (beyond the street address) so this should help:

"We're between SE Market and Mill on 10th Ave; that's two blocks south of Hawthorne and seven blocks north of Division."

There should be indymedia folks and freegeek folks there so it would be a good opportunity to meet people if those are the kind of people you're looking to meet.

Of course, there's lots of other stuff going on as well and you can't go too far without running into something tonight.

OHH, I didn't give directions 01.Jan.2006 03:11


Well, shee-iit, I didn't give directions to Free Geek. I think the reason probably is that the neighborhood is a straightforward grid. 1731 SE 10th... ya go to SE 10th, and go up or down the street until the numbers on buildings say seventeen-hundred-something. Then you're right in front. I assume people are at least this intelligent. Anyone reading my message would be at a computer, which they could easily use to bring up a map of the neighborhood, etc., etc.