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Attn Dumpster Divers- NE PDX

Dumpster to Dive at NE 16th and Knott
There's a great dumpster for diving right now at NE Knott and 16th in front of brick duplex. Just returned home with canning jars, cookware, fabric and other terrific finds. Highly recommended!
Awesome 01.Jan.2006 07:12


Sounds like you already got most of the good stuff, but I may take a crack at that one tonight. I like to "debag" trash and reuse the hefties that otherwise would wind up in a landfill. Makes for some darn good raingear given a handful of safety pins. I have gotten comnpliments on my two tone white kitchen bag / black hefty cinch sack hat many a time... and its nearly a half year old!
There is a good life left behind in places where people seldom look.

Dumpster Diving Sites 30.Jan.2006 20:31

AmaliaJoy mollyjcollins@hotmail.com

I'm just new to Portland, but have done my fair share of dumpster diving throughout other U.S. cities. What's the dl on dumpsters around the city? Anyluck with Trader Joe's? New Seasons? Wild Oats? Or do they compress or donate all their food? Other especially good finds or places to check?
Would LOVE your input if you have any info to offer.  mollyjcollins@hotmail.com

Making the world a better place one dumpster diver at a time.