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Kevin Tubbs' website

Look at photos of the real Kevin!
And get info about his case at www.supportkevintubbs.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportkevintubbs.org

not familiar with his case 31.Dec.2005 13:34


What is he charged with doing that earned him the "terrorist" label?

google it 31.Dec.2005 13:49

or search his name in indy media

it's all over the place and too much info for my typing skills

Why? 31.Dec.2005 22:05


Why should I? Who is he? What is the subject? What's the point?

one click away 01.Jan.2006 10:24

location of some info on Kevin

From the Prisoner Support topic page on Portland IMC:

On the 8th of December six activists were arrested across the US in a series of coordinated raids by federal marshals. These arrests are part of a nation-wide crackdown on radical activists in the US under new anti-terror legislation. All five activists are now facing life sentences if convicted. Those arrested include a Portland woman accused of taking part in the nation's only act of sabotage on the eve of the 2000 millennium celebration, the toppling of a high-voltage tower near Bend. The charges are in relation to a string of actions which took place between 1998 and 2001 that were claimed by the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. ELP news and the North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network have updates on the status and whereabouts of these people. [Initial Report]

At 7a.m. on the 22nd of December one of the indicted activists was found dead in his cell. The authorities claim it was a suicide. Bill Rodgers, 40, was a long-time community activist from Arizona where he ran the 'Catalyst Infoshop' bookstore out of his home. For more information or to see how you can support Bill's life work see: www.supportbill.org. [Audio Interview about Bill with his friend and supporter]

The others who were all arrested at the same time as Bill was, were all put on "Suicide Watch", which seems to be just another form of psychological torture. It appears that Police Informants have given information about some of the people currently in custody from this sweep, most notably, Jake the Snake.

  • Kevin Tubbs was arraigned on Dec 19th, is being charged with a "ridiculous multiplicity" of charges, related to the March 30th, 2001, arson at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene. He spent Christmas Weekend in 23 hour lockdown, on "suicide watch". Kevin is being charged separately for each of the 35 vehicles destroyed, and faces a mandatory minimum sentence for each vehicle of 5 years. In addition, he is being charged with an Enhancement for the use of an "incendiary bomb" which carries a mandatory minimum sentence under Oregon's Measure 11 sentencing rules of 30 years, and is being held in the Lane County Jail in Eugene, Oregon. Donations are needed for his legal defense, and letters of support, without any incriminating language, nicknames, etc. supportkevintubbs.org

federal or state charges? 01.Jan.2006 18:53


Are these federal or state charges?

These are... 02.Jan.2006 18:45

a friend

...Federal charges.

how do we send him money? 09.Jan.2006 16:28


I thought i saw a pay pal link on his support page, was/is there one? How do we send him money?

How to support Kevin 11.Jan.2006 22:16

his friends and family supportkevintubbs@gmail.com

Please check Kevin's website for updates on how to support him. He can use support in the form of books, letters and money. The letters are really keeping his spirits up and he tries his best to respond to each letter that he receives. His birthday is Wednesday, Jan 18th, so please send him a birthday greeting! He is out of reading material, but he is awaiting transport to the federal detention center in Sheridan and has asked us to hold off on sending him any more books until he has a new address, although we are not sure when that will be. We will post a reading wish-list for him soon. We will also post info to the website about how to add money directly into his commissary account when we have that information, but in the meantime, any donations of support or commissary funds can be sent to:

Kevin Tubbs' Support Fund
c/o PO Box 3025
Eugene, OR 97403

Checks and money orders can be made out to Kevin Tubbs. A contributory account has been set up at Oregon Community Credit Union and donations can also be deposited directly into the account that held in trust for him. Kevin has a large family of rescued cats and dogs and is very concerned about being unable to provide for their long-term care. Any donations of support are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Who is Kevin Tubbs? 20.Apr.2006 13:58


Who is Kevin Tubbs? I went to his website but didn't see much information. I'm just curious--where's he from, what did he do, what are his interests?