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Jake the Snake is FBI

Like many of us in Cascadia, my thoughts during the last month of 2005 turned constantly to those imprisoned for alleged Earth Liberation Front (ELF) arsons. Isolated, intimidated, ripped from everything they love, deprived of all but the minimum for survival, the question resounds: why? Why? WHY?

As the initial tumult subsides, the answer has become increasingly clear. The reason why many have been subpoenaed, six have been jailed, one of those jailed has taken his life and a community has been shaken to the core is this: Jacob Ferguson.
Jake the Snake is FBI

by Mongoose

Like many of us in Cascadia, my thoughts during the last month of 2005 turned constantly to those imprisoned for alleged Earth Liberation Front (ELF) arsons. Isolated, intimidated, ripped from everything they love, deprived of all but the minimum for survival, the question resounds: why? Why? WHY?

As the initial tumult subsides, the answer has become increasingly clear. The reason why many have been subpoenaed, six have been jailed, one of those jailed has taken his life and a community has been shaken to the core is this: Jacob Ferguson.

A man who has called himself "Jake the Snake" is working and has been working for the FBI.

The entire case against those still jailed seems to rest on the words, actions and credibility of this one man, a man we now learn has lived a double life. In a community where there is consensus distrust, even disgust for the federal government and especially its law enforcement operatives, Jake pretended he was one of us. He was and is one of them.

Let's look at a little of what we know of Jake from Eugene. It is perhaps most relevant to note that Jake is a heroin addict and has continued using throughout 2005. He is the father of a ten year-old that he has repeatedly failed to properly provide for. The mother was forced to take away visitation rights at times. Housemates even recently have had to care for his current partner's child while he was strung out.

While active ten years ago at Warner Creek, he is not known as a hard worker in the larger community of activists. He was less a part of the activist scene and more a part of the has-been junkie scene.

While living a life constantly outside the law, he seems to have been left largely alone by law enforcement.

According to court documents, Ferguson has been traveling around the country secretly taping private conversations, perhaps with people who thought they could trust him. The FBI has not yet revealed how long Jake has been posing this threat to everyone he knew. Jake was not the type for meetings and gatherings but we do know that Jake attended the environmental law conference (ELAW) in Eugene this year. What was the result of that fishing expedition?

We also know that Ferguson departed from past patterns and traveled to the Earth First! national gathering in the Mt. Hood National Forest this July. This was another opportunity to listen in on numerous conversations which had nothing to do with the supposed investigations. And all this time, his federal handlers could not fail to notice, if not facilitate his use of narcotics.

That might not be all the "help" he has been receiving from the feds. Days after his name was revealed in court documents and after Bill Rogers took his life, Ferguson was seen in Eugene driving around his old neighborhood in a new SUV!

How long has Jake been a federal narc? The reason this issue is critical turns on the fact that some of the alleged arsons may actually have been planned or implemented with federal law enforcement help. That could well constitute entrapment.

Right before Jeffrey "Free" Luers went on trial, 35 SUVs were burned in an action that claimed solidarity with Free but almost certainly had the opposite effect on Free's judge and jury. Might that have been the work of Jake and his handlers? Was he working for the feds even before this?

There has been much talk of a community coming together to support those in jail and under subpoena. All of their fortunes turn on the credibility of Jacob Ferguson. This is where members of the community can walk their talk and really affect the outcome.

The attorneys and private investigators working for those in jail need to hear every Jake story out there that could help free the accused. This includes law breaking, serious drug use, strange associates at the minimum. Error should be on the side of confiding, not on silence. This in one of those moments where remaining silent could literally cost someone the rest of their life.

Empathy for Jake is not inappropriate. His addiction obviously made him vulnerable to federal predators and junkie's often make terrible decisions. But let us save most of our hearts for the many people who Jake is trying to take down with him. They are either innocent people being manipulated by Jake and the feds or warriors for the Earth that have risked everything to wake up a nation working overtime to destroy a planet.

Jake has a guardian angle by the name of Uncle Sam. He'll be OK. The others have concrete, forced air, a thin blanket and a prayer. If you know anything that has any chance of helping them, please come forward now. The feds want to railroad these people fast and the defense needs to know the whole story like only this community can tell it.

Courage, please. And with love for the Earth and the Resistance.
watch yourself 29.Dec.2005 19:20


Though Jake the Snake most likely has confided in the FBI with any information he could sell, it still seems like people should use their brains in terms of what information, gossip, or speculation they come forward with. I agree that this snitch should be exposed for the sad creature he really is, desparate in his habit, lacidaisical in his responsibilities-- weak in his character and obviously in his commitment. Not someone who could be relied upon to tell the truth, but only to sell out his "friends" to the highest bidder. Just be strong and make sure you're talking about the snitch, and not inferring information about anyone else, because these are loaded times in which rumors constitute grounds for life sentances.

be careful 29.Dec.2005 19:51


the fbi likes to out activists as infiltrators...

information to lawyer 29.Dec.2005 21:37

Paul Brown

Paul Brown  paul_brown@fd.org link

I am an investigator for the Federal Public Defender in Eugene, OR. I work for Chelsea's lawyer, Craig Weinerman. Please respond to  chelsea_lawyer@fd.org if you have information you would like to convey to her lawyer.

Paul Brown

To Paul and Craig 30.Dec.2005 02:34

not a lawyer

Hi guys,

I just wanted to encourage you two to really put your best effort into defending Chelsea. I keep thinking of the other 'terrorist' prosecutions that are going on right now, and how all of them are turning out to be weak and unconvincing. Like the case of the 'dirty bomber' Jose Padilla.

The govornment obviously wants to win these prosecutions at all costs. Even if they have to fake evidence and manipulate the truth. They need to be stopped from doing this, IMO.

Please do not be intimidated by their size and power. Instead, maybe you could network with other attorneys like Lynn Smith who have fought with the power structure. Then maybe you can figure out the tricks that will stop the fed's from prosecuting this and other witch trials.

Thanks for your work so far, and please do be Courageous in your defense.

We are all put here for a reason and each of us has to decide whom or what we serve. I hope

extra info 30.Dec.2005 08:04

ang copp

"Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Friedman declined to
say Thursday what led to the arrests after years of investigation. The FBI and the Building Industry Association of Washington recently began offering $100,000 rewards for information in ecoterror cases."

That's a lot of money.

from Washington Post story by Gene Johnson

these defendants need private lawyers 30.Dec.2005 13:02


these defendants need PRIVATE lawyers who are truly committed to justice and who have experience defending these kinds of cases. sorry, but in my opinion, public defenders are often underprepared, undercommitted to work as hard as possible to defend their clients, and overeager to 'work with' the prosecution to achieve some sort of plea deal. bargaining from life in prison to 20 years without parale for burning some suvs is NOT justice.

not justice 30.Dec.2005 14:30


duh - thats not justice.

people become public defenders because they care about justice. people become private defense attorneys because they care about money. stop being so self righteous. chelsea's lawyer and his investigator have been constantly trying to get the community to provide them with information. they have shown the most interest in developing an activist perspective of all of the attorneys. public defenders are ridiculously overworked and they are paid less that 1/5 of what a private attorney will be paid. they do this because they care about poor people and people of color and often were and are activists themselves. all of the defendents need excellent lawyers. federal public defenders are often the best there is. all of the lawyers have tried their hardest to prevent detention orders, right now it seems that craig weinerman is doing a kick ass job of trying to help chelsea - i cannot believe an activist would write that the amount that someone is paid determines their worth.

This post is so fucking ridiculous I can't even write my response. Where's ChuckO when you need him to delete dumb shit.

emotional impacts and recovery from betrayal 31.Dec.2005 10:54

Ouch Jake!! that hurts!

I think it is extremely important not to overlook the tremendous emotional impact this whole thing is having on our communities. Jake was dearly loved and totally trusted by many dedicated activists. He betrayed a lot of people in some very fucked up ways, and some of us betrayed each other too. The line between fact and fiction gets ever blurrier and it seems like our whole movement got shot up somebody's arm...

So how can we heal from this? Are we just finished as pro-activists now, all of our energy put toward prisoner support, forever and ever...Or can we learn these lessons and build a real movement that can survive...

I propose an anonymous online support blog somewhere-- (my space?) where we can vent and connect emotionally WITHOUT giving out any personal or specific information about the past or other people. Is there support for this idea?

ALSO, why is no one coming forward to care for Kendall Harvey's jail support? Is anyonein contact with her family? I would take this on if no one is doing it.

federal public defenders don't suck 31.Dec.2005 11:36

a friend

We interviewed three of the best criminal defense attorneys in Oregon recently, in our search for legal support for one of these co-defendedants. I qualify "best" by saying we went to several activist attorneys and legal peeps and all fingers pointed to these individuals.

During the interviews, they questioned us as to what objective reason we had for not sticking with the public defender. On the federal level, they explained there is a much higher bar than public defenders on the state level. Also, to hire one of these top attorneys or even a mediocre one, could cost literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to try a case this huge. They said even wealthy people in this position can't afford such legal aid, and to ask someone to do a case like this pro bono is like asking them to give away a year or two of their lives. Even if someone would want to do that, who could afford to? One attorney required a half a million dollar retainer just to begin the case, and that was only for one of the charges!! This is not a little state court matter and puts a new perspective on the cliche "make a federal case out of it".

Also, even if we could hypothetically have all the bake sales necessary and family members were willing to bankrupt themselves (and they absolutely are!) to hire this legal team, what happens when the money runs out but the trial has not?

Believe me, at least in the case of one of these co-defendants, no stone has been left unturned to make sure we are on the right track with legal advice and representation.

"dearly loved and totally trusted" 31.Dec.2005 12:51


A junkie?

Love him if you must. Trust him only if you are a fool.

Assuming the accusation is true, and was known, nobody was betrayed by Jake... they betrayed themselves.

Kevin Tubbs site is up 31.Dec.2005 12:52

it's simple but informative supportkevintubbs@gmail.com

Check out www.supportkevintubbs.org

A junkie with money? 05.Jan.2006 06:50

David Ayers

Junkies never have the money they need. Help Jake. Make sure he has all the money he needs. This has to be a trying time and where can he turn for support?

comments 09.Jan.2006 16:01

blue moon

Jake does not need any further assistance in the financial realm. His soul is what is in dire straits if you know any one holy enough who feels like taking it on. Anyone whose seen Jake in the last year has most likely not failed to notice his extreme weight gain. Hes been off the junk for at least a year and is on methadone which is notorious for gaining a lot of weight.

Did Jake fall for the $100,000 13.Jan.2006 18:40

how could that be?

How can someone described as serial arsonist in the affadavits actually get paid by law enforcement? Any lawyers out there understand this?

Blue moon, do you know for a fact that Jake doesn't need money cuz he's got it?

just desserts 21.Jan.2006 10:45

eco hater dodgecars@excite.com

One down, five to go. Burn baby burn...

jake 27.Jan.2006 12:57


is this for real or are we falling into the divide and conquer tactic?!?!

who the hell is this mongoose guy a writer for the weekly world rag? 05.Feb.2006 18:54


if your such a lover of defense of motherearth why are you so quick to write such wild speculative bullshit.Where did you get your information from? sorry but i am not buying it. I think that our community is emploading on itself , playing us against one another. People like you are thriving on it. how can people try and throw so much shit on one individual especially when it is all such speculations perpetuated initially by some slimey lawyer to the media. All of this is really sad. It seems that initial actions in this instance were done by people wanting to make change and protect the earth. It goes to show it is time we reconsider our tactics of earth defense it seems....

Willamette Week reporter interested in issue of snitches 27.Feb.2006 17:38

Angela Valdez avaldez@wweek.com

I cover courts for Willamette Week and I'm looking into writing a story on snitches and would like to know more about Jake and how this has affected the activist community. I understand privacy is a serious concern and am willing to keep sources names confidential. Please email me or call me.


Stay true to your cause 03.Mar.2006 15:29


It is essential to stay the course and stay true to your group, always promoting peacefull activism, to further your cause.

timing is everything 05.Mar.2006 00:58


hear it is......this is the perfect reason for the land become a land of humans again while you all in act and discuss the possibilities of destruction, and all species do this thing when they feel they are in some sort of jeopardy, for the most part. But the message eye would like to stress is that there are some realistic key measures parts of the planet can take if it can get out of it's nationalistic mentality for a while and realize this is earth calling. Meaning that there is all the talk of cascadia in the NW, which in places is already happening like they are in Brazil using ethanol and ideas like this are existing on the west coast because of self sustainability through unity in community, we all know this shit quite literally so let fuckin get on with. I put out a call on those writers, artists, inventors, musicians, and the ones who can really get down to some basic transitional social engineering ideas like there are quite a few eye can come up with which means by numbers there are many more so it is time to ante up in this poker game of capitalism and call their bluff. Lift the Vail and take time in to our own hands. And remember do not give anyone your name because those of us are doing it only need to be doing one thing that is well you know and those who know will know the ones who know......

now eye just publishied this on the main indymedia but now would like to take it a step further, who gives flyin fuckin rats ass who is a narc who is the perpetuating the deal and who is in a plush jail waiting for arraignment there are thousnds that need us to be taking these measures plus many more to get on with it....we need to to break away and shift this ecomony so it does not rely on the federal bank, there are many in the world that would support this but the questoin is how!?